Israeli PM Netanyahu Makes Panicked Visit To Russia And Begs For Help From Putin

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Please read this article by Shoebat. Should this be any surprise that Israel and Saudi Arabia are falling apart with the rise of Ottoman Turkey?

Highlights from the article.
From what is described about him is"Netanyahu is all about perpetuating and exacerbating the conflict, not about managing it, let alone resolving it…"
Palestinian state isn't going to be resolved, all for a plan for a greater Israel.

Netanyahu should be scared not only he's a Satanist and he's part with the engineered migration into Europe, funding ISIS, PetroDollar, Bankers, Rape, Breaking down Family Unit, Subjecting Children with Drugs Israel's corruption of CPS, Satanic rituals, torture, support of Homosexuality, no First Amendment rights for Israeli citizens, more are kidnapped and are locked up, and corrupt system worse than the US. The people in Israel are sick and tired of the corruption and slavery that the Media fails to report, riots and protests go on every week. He's afraid of losing Zionist control of Israel to Palestine and Jordan, from what the article and things are going. Zionist Israel is seeking an alliance with Russia to keep the status quo going, real question is will Russia accept them as ally or reject them?

Over a hundred years ago, Turkey was called "Sick man of Europe." Following the fall of the Ottoman Empire after WWI.
Saudi Arabia is described as a "sick man of the Middle East." Why is not only that Saudi Arabia does not have their army, since the United States are their army, fighting their wars. The Saudi's don't have the same support as before, losing ground.
The deal the Americans made with the Saudi's is Americans get cheap foreign oil (PetroDollar) from them and the Saudi's get cheap food from the USA.

Best described that "Saudi Arabia today is much like France of the 17th century." The ruling class are about them increasing their wealth and power. Could care less about their people even when they are poor, starving, forced to live under the strict law of Islamic law or face severe punishments

Iran is growing in powers and developed political and economic ties with Saudi Arabia's neighbors "Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, Syria, Jordan, and even her other historical nemesis, Turkey." Iran and Turkey are becoming allies along with Qatar looking to do a resurrection of the Ottoman Empire.

Brings up that ultimately with the USA in this conflict will go with anyone as long as they obtain cheap foreign oil. Could care less who dies or what's destroyed since they raped countries for personal resources such as the PetroDollar, Minerals, Poppy Fields for Big Pharma, Uranium, etc. They won't attack Iran, just as long they are backed up by Russia. They will remain allies with Turkey, whose allied with Germany. How the US, Israel, Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and other countries supporting ISIS? So far Syria backed up by Iran and Russia are the only ones destroying ISIS.

Brings up how Israel is US ally and influential in forming US policy in the Middle East, including being allies with Saudi Arabia, of which the majority of the 9/11 hijackers were from yet US went to Iraq instead because they said no to the PetroDollar. Don't forget the Israel helped fund ISIS and with destabilizing Iraq and Syria of the same geopolitical conflict with Russia and other regional powers too.

Problem with Israel now is their business in Syria has ended and losing ground. The US backed forces of ISIS are essentially defeated "because the goal of destabilizing the Middle East to cause the manufactured “refugee crisis” to lead to the rise of nationalism has been accomplished. Turkey has emerged stronger than ever and closer to her German ally, which as we have documented both are using the manufactured “crisis” to bolster their own political and social positions."

Russia is stronger ally and power of Syria in that region. Russia are enemies of Turkey, and don't want to interfere with Iran's affairs because they can't both Iran and Turkey at the same time. The USA can reallocate their resources, restructure its alliances, continue and move on from there.

Brings up the real losers are Israel and Saudi Arabia. Since Saudi Arabia is in decline and Israel is more isolate than ever with no place to go to. Then, brought up other countries that would end up destroying Israel such as Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Egypt. Then, brought up the only other major ally is Russia, some similarities and differences that could put Israel into weakness. Let's see what happens.

Shoebat brought up this point and the allies formed after WWII are dissolving. Thus the same players in each of the World Wars are forming on a grander scale, plus as follows:
" The idea of a pan-Eurasianism, based on a Turco-Teutonic alliance between the Aryan nations of Germany and Iran with the Turkic nations of Turkey and Japan, is once again becoming popular as shown through the rise of ethnonationalism and the manufactured “crises” in the West and abroad with the purpose of manipulating popular opinion to support militarization and economic expansionism."

Israel has an 8 million army with "advanced technological base, nuclear weapons, and a history of fighting and winning against her neighbors." Turkey has an 80 million army with the largest army in the region, becoming more powerful, "currently in possession and producing of nuclear weapons, who has become uncomfortably close to her neighbors."

Zionist Israel is viewed as an “imperialist” "nation by her neighbors, and Israel is also viewed as being very “decadent” and immoral such as with her support of the largest LGBT parade in the Middle East and in the world."

Homosexuality is one of the four grace sins in the Bible that the heavens cry out for vengeance.

History lesson on who was running Israel by foreign powers 80% of the time. Over 400 years was by the Ottoman Empire in Jerusalem from 1517 to 1917. Afterwards, the British ruled Jerusalem for 30 years. Israel nation just turned 70. For the past 500 years Israel was in control of the region 20% of the time. Of course the powers that shouldn't be allowed for all of this to happen since it was all by design. The Bankers, Federal Reserve, Trilateral Commission, Media, etc. are run by Zionist Kabbalah Jews such as the Rothschild's, Rocketfellers, Soros, 13 Illuminati blood families, etc. These videos will explain to you why, please watch them at your convenience.

THE DEEP STATE - 50 Year Old Recording Explains Why The World Is Going Crazy
(Please watch this documentary explains origins and everything else that leads to today)

Demons: Occult Rituals Caught on Camera

Video around 5 min. mark through the 11 min. mark. Main Source Literature for the Modern Orthodox Jew is the Talmud, a collection of writings that were originally sent down orally. Theology of Orthodox Judaism comes from not only the Talmud but also Maimonidean Rationalism, Kabbalistic Mysticism, and Chassidic Philosophy.

Kabbalah is a mystical and cult form of Jewish thought and is the source of influence for many occult Practioners from Freemasons to the New Age Movement. Central literature found in the book called “The Zohar.”

According to Magic and Practices Volume 2, the 6-pointed star is called the Talisman of Saturn, also referred to as the Seal of Solomon. Solomon’s ring legend was made out of partly brass and iron. Brass part signed written good commandments to the good Genii and the Iron part his commandments the evil Genii or Devils. Solomon received 4 jewels from 4 different angels and set them in one ring, so he could control the four elements, which became known as the “Solomon seal” to the six-pointed star-like figure. Ten Sephirot or spheres and arranging it and placing on amulets.

Ezekiel 13:20 ISV states God’s warning on using Amulets. “Therefore, this is what the Lord God says, “Watch Out! I’m opposing your amulets with which you hunt souls as one would swat at a flying insect. I’ll tear them off your arms and then deliver those people, whom you’ve hunted like birds.”

Isaiah 47:12 NET states “Persist in trusting your amulets and your many incantations, which you have faithfully recited since your youth! Maybe you will be successful –maybe you will scare away disaster.”
Modern Zionists movement started by Rothschild family. Rothschilds (means red shield) former name was Bauer.
Rothschild received the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

The last 20 mins. of the video is a testimony of a former Muslim imprisoned, later was saved by Jesus Christ and accepted him as Lord and Savior of mankind. Very emotional testimony and preaches God's Word. By the way, I watched both of these videos months ago, I know what I'm talking about. I do take the time to go over the information, hope you do the same.

Back to the article, Turkey is seeking to resurrect the Ottoman Empire. They want to take some of Israel's lands as part of their former territory and want it back under their rule. Shoebat brings up these points, "Iran is of no threat to them, since the holy sites of Shiite Islam are primarily in Iraq and Iran. Iran would have no problem with Turkey seeking to become, as it was for centuries, the “custodian” of Islamic sacred sites in Israel (such as the Al-Aqsa mosque) and certainly as well as the cities of Medina and Mecca in Saudi Arabia. And America will still be in the region, doing what is always does, looking for its next hit of cheap crude oil."

Again Israel is seeking alliance with Russia to keep the Turks off their back, since it's all about the Ottoman Empire.

Did you know that the Star of Remphan is Saturn’s Satanic symbolism dates back with the Anunnaki?
Is it any wonder what the powers that shouldn't be really represent?

5 Reasons Vatican run by Reptilians

5 Confessions by Malachi Martin NWO

Very important to pay attention as to what's going on and applying common sense with discernment. It really goes to show you with the same player with Germany, Turkey, and Japan working together just with both World Wars. Turkey and Iran are allies and have their own allies too. Same players, same horrible wars. You have to really look into who finances these wars, who gains from destruction? The powers that shouldn't be a.k.a. Illuminati that run the Federal Reserve. Every war is a Bankers War, doesn't matter which side wins or loses. It's all about raping countries of resources, every country having a Rothschild Central Bank, PetroDollar, political and personal gain.

Just know that the manufactured migrant invasion was all designed for the Nationalism to rise as Hegelian Dialectic, as creating the problem (migrants, Muslims), reaction from people (violence, rape, civil wars, uprisings, populists paganist movements), and the solution by the same people who manufactured the crisis. The presented solution is #NationalSocialism which back to the days before and during WWII, are #SocialDarwinism and Eugenics along with Paganism Populist groups in league with elites to promote Nationalism by implementing Eugenics on those deemed inferior, unintelligent, weak, defects, etc. Another form of Arianism creating a superior race that is going on today with companies doing gene editing, creating "designer babies" for the perfect child, while destroying the rest of the embryos not meant to live. That's called playing god, and these groups are all tied in with Peter Thiel, Soros, Planned Parenthood, David Horowitz of FrontPage Magazine, Marc Andreessen, of Andreessen Horowitz with David's son Benjamin Horowitz, and plenty more there.
Best to look into the matter and find out who are each of them are associated with proves they are in the same club just with the so-called two party system. Both political parties are the same coin. All by Design, World's A Stage.

Please read my previous posts and look up Shoebat for yourself.

Please read up on Richard Bruce too.

RT NEWS REPTILIANS! (Russian News March 2013)

Be aware of your surroundings, signs, symbols that they do. No much we can do to change the inevitable. Do what each of us can to awake people up. Most would not hear what I have to say because they think I'm mental, despite my challenges physically, lucky to be able to talk with previous speech problems, but sound always congested. Most on this site and on Gab only give a quick like and barely read or watch the videos I've shared from others. Very depressing that is. If that keeps up, I might as well not be here. What's the point when no one cares? I try to the best I can, since some won't bother just like my family who aren't awake and refuse to believe. That's what's hard. I would appreciate more would resteem and read, watch the videos, etc. Some on here just do so for clickbait and I'm not like that, I give it to you straight. Certainly am not going to post every little thing out there, because I have things going on too such as caregiving for a parent with blood cancer and limited mobility for decades. Those who haven't been through have no clue unless you've been through it and everything's constant. Would appreciate the consideration is that so hard to ask?