Scientists Are Now Making Human Embryos In A Lab Just To Do Experiments On Them

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I finished reading this very in depth article by Theodore Shoebat. Goes to show you are who your friends are with connections and ties as further explained. The so-called gene editing, designer babies, chance to live longer without diseases, no genetic defects, etc. All of this are another Eugenics push in different ways in clinical settings making false promises of healthier, super human, higher intelligence is perfect genes is greater success. What the scientists and experts don't tell you they ultimately kill the child and keep the most promising healthier one, so called perfecting genes. Down the line, when the designer babies has children of their own, does not correct the genes passed on, they are inherited. When you try to solve one problem, you create 10 or more problems associated with the original problem. What they are doing is playing God, feel they can dictate who lives and who dies. That's how the powers that shouldn't be market Social Darwinist Eugenicists ideals for depopulation Agenda thus creating a dominant one race, religion, NWO Agenda. They believe they can live forever with transhumanism, technocracy, heresy, paganism, homosexuality, and eugenics .

From this article "For the first known time in US history, scientists have now experimented on human embryos to edit their DNA. Nothing came out of the experiment, and the babies were simply dumped in the bin. This is something that the eugenists in America have been trying to do as they have envied the license in which scientists in China have been allowed to carry out this transhumanist evil. The experiment was done in Portland, Oregon, and it was led by an Uyghur Turk scientist from Kazakhstan named Shoukhrat Mitalipov of Oregon Health and Science University."

Shoukhrat Mitalipov did the CRISPR (Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats). Other words, creating Designer Babies and correct these genetic defeats that were done in China are brought in the United States and other countries.

Brought up the Transhumanist ideology is part of the AntiChrist System. They hate Christ, who defeated death on the Cross. "By being antichrists, they are anti-human, saying with their father the devil, “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God” (Isaiah 14:13). And do not forget the words of the wise Solomon: “all they that hate me love death.” (Proverbs 8:36)"

"Germline engineering” human experiment was recently done to demonstrate that an embryo can have superior genes and believe they can pass those same genes with procreation. That is the Social Darwinist thinking deciding who has the good genes to live and bad genes to die. Repackaged of Nazism. Talked about Nazi Eugenicist Übermensch of Nietzsche or Frederich Nietzche, The Young Turks, etc.
St. John in revelation 18 described the Anti-Christ system of Sodom and Egypt being promoted by Homosexuals, increasing in violence, rise of homosexuality and paganism.

Milo Yiannopolous, is one of the sodomites promoting Eugenics, feels gay men are smarter with higher intelligence than "heterosexual counterparts." He promotes normalization and acceptance of pedophilia. Milo was invited to speak at the Horowitz Freedom Center, by David Horowitz who believes in the antichrist system too and are working together for same goal.

"David Horowitz, the founder of FrontPage Magazine and the Horowitz Freedom Center, has a son named Ben Horowitz, a major American industrialist and blogger, who resides in Silicon Valley. Ben Horowitz founded the venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, co-founded by fellow Silicon Valley investor, Marc Andreessen."

Andreessen Horowitz promotes Parabiosis, a vampirism form of taking the blood from the youth and donating to the old, thus creating fountain of youth. Just as they did back in the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca days. "On February of 2017, Ben Horowitz’s firm interviewed Yuval Harari who — like Milo — is an Israeli eugenist and homosexual who is a major advocate for transhumanism." Harari believes in transhumanism, eugenics, and more. He responded to Sonal Chokshi, who works for Andreessen Horowitz's question on religion and brave new world. Another person who Andreessen Horowitz's specifically Ben Horowitz named Kyle Russell believes we have to sacrifice our lives to machines and become gods, an Eugenicist too.

Russell is a supporter of the Silicon Valley funded company called Counsyl that screens pregnant women seeking any abnormalities and deformities. They do in vitro fertilization (IVF), along with gene editing, another company seeking to create perfect designer baby, under the AntiChrist System.

Did you know? Should this be any surprise?
"What Counsyl is doing in this case has been guised under the sophistical title of “selective pregnancy reduction,” or the selection of one embryo over the others for its desirable genetic makeup. Counsyl is financed by Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners and Goldman Sachs Asset Management, which is telling because Goldman Sachs also finances Planned Parenthood, which is not so surprising since both are eugenist establishments. In fact, in May of this year, Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz’s partner, shared a platform with the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards. "

The Silicon Valley are next generation of Nazis promoting Social Darwinism Eugenics in Clinics and firms murdering babies for purposes of extending ones life. It's downright evil.
Jared Taylor, one of the pioneers of the so-called Alt-Right, promotes Eugenics and calls it “embryo selection.” Another neo-nazi in the same club as the elites for the same goal, same end.

"The CEO of Counsyl is Ramji Srinivasan. On his Twitter account he supports the “Biotech” work of major Silicon Valley eugenist, Peter Thiel."

Refers to an article by Technical Eugenicists "Antonio Regalado, and advocates for the work of Austen Heinz" founder and CEO of "Cambrian Genomics" is funded by Peter Thiel. Another company in the business of creating Designer babies. Heinz believes that people will go to their labs for procreation, not the natural way, in their minds with creating the perfect superhuman child, when in reality they are playing God promoting evil at all costs.
Ted Shoebat makes a great point here:
"This is what the elite nazis at Silicon Valley want, a world where human life is exterminated simply over the whims of a hypergamous perception of what are desirable genetic traits. If the nazis of the past said, “Gott mit uns” (God with us), then the nazis of the future will declare “Gott ist uns” (God is us). The Nazis of old decried that humanity was not taking control of “natural selection,” and wanted to be the selectors of who lives and who dies. Now, parents can do the same exact thing, but this time in a nice clean building in their clean cut, White liberal environment in the Bay Area."

Refers to the correlation between FrontPage Magazine and Silicon Valley. Refer to articles written by a Norwegian Eugenicist named Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen, also known as Fjordman. David Horowitz had no problem with him because they both believe in the same ideals with Eugenics and everything else AntiChristian. Fjordman, along with Robert Spencer, Jamie Glazov, David Horowitz, rest of Front Page Magazine, rest of Neo-Nazis have no problem with his work. He wrote about how the German and Northern European races are the superior races, new meaning of Arianism.

Describes how Ted Shoebat dealt with the managing editor at Front Page named Jamie Glazov, who refused to publish Ted's writings because they have Christian messages. Front Page didn't want to call out the enemy for what it is and how Islam is Satanic. At the same time, they promote all things Social Darwinist and Eugenicist, which are Satanic/Demonic Anti-Christian committing Willful Murder.

In 1997, David Horowitz of FrontPage Magazine, praised Ron Unz, a Silicon Valley Millionaire "because he funded a ballot initiative for a program called “English for Children” that would teach the children of Mexican immigrants the English language." Ted Shoebat goes on to explain how these Eugenicists perceive as follows: "What Unz, and the rest of these modern eugenists do, is present eugenist arguments, express some doubt about them, and then affirm that the Darwinist arguments present good evidence that we can learn from."

Presents the argument on Social Darwinism as evil to be normalized, tolerated, and imposed. By expressing doubt is difficult to pin point one's beliefs is a strategy of deception that Eugenicists use to promote genocide just as with Ron Unz, a creepy version of Podesta.

Mentioned in one of Ron Unz's articles "introduces the work of eugenists Richard Lyne and Tatu Vanhanen (both of whose work is promoted by Robert Spencer’s partner, Sigurfrey Jonasson on whom we have written extensively), that some races are inherently superior in intelligence than others."
Unz continues to defend Lyne and Vanhanen, both in the same club of eugenicists and racists even when they are attacked by a Marxist named Charles Kenny, scolded Stephen Jay Gould for "his simple belief that races are equal."
Unz argues why China is so economically successful "because millions due to poverty and genocide done by the Japanese and Communists." Wrote an article titled “How Social Darwinism Made Modern China.” Promoted Social Darwinism and Eugenicists in his work and referred to “Malthusian” is the ideology of Thomas Malthus. Is how the Social Darwinism phrase of "Survival of the Fittest." Referenced the economist Gregory Clark, during the Industrial Revolution the wealthy were successful in everything and with providing for children, compared to the lower class not being able to provide, higher mortality rates, etc. those with the strongest "traits" or genes survived and felt this led to a better England.

In 2012, Unz" advocated for using infanticide with Planned Parenthood" thus exterminating those with "low IQ." Another article on Unz's website written by Charles Wood titled “New Prospects for Eugenics.” Promoted sick fantasies of banks the elite can go to get frozen embryos implanted in a womb.
Then brought up the Silicon Valley elites of Peter Thiel and Ben Horowitz process of embryo selection through "Genetic Engineering."

In Conclusion, Shoebat about the reality of Evil and about exposing it, no matter it's deception and propaganda. The left/right thinking are both sides of the same coin. Brings up the pure Catholicism inspired by the works and teachings during the "Renaissance or the Baroque era, or even the impactful words of great modern popes like Pope Pius XII." With the Catholic Theology is the importance of finding balance between justice and mercy. Nationalism pride is evil just as it was during the Protestantism and French Revolution. From that came the worshiping Nationalism Government as the primary religion in place over the Church as the Mediator between the Government and the People.

Goes to show you that Man cannot play God, period.

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