Milestone Post #1: The customary "YAY! I reached 100 followers" shout-out. Or maybe not.

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When I joined this community, I had been too busy researching its ins and outs that I'd neglected to do the leg work most of my Steemian contemporaries had so eagerly jumped into. Fast forward to now and I can say I've seen so many more milestone follower posts from them than I can count. That or I'm really bad at counting and have to go back to learning it. In which case, I will turn a blind eye on it and go with my initial thought. So yes, so many milestone posts. Occasionally, I would think: huh, will I ever reach any milestone with the snail-pace I've been taking?

Then yesterday, I noticed. Wait... did I just cross the 100-follower threshold?!

Oh, I did! Finally! Woohoo, time to celebrate and make my milestone post. Except, I joined a poetry contest on its last day instead. No, I'm not that lazy, I just discovered it late. But going back to the vein of this post, yes, milestones. I debated on whether to make one or not as Steemit has probably seen enough 100-follower milestones for awhile. However, we all know how that debate ended.

I stared at the monitor and couldn't come up with anything. I did every procrastination technique I could think of including buying ice cream. Hours later, with no post in sight, I knew I had to just get on with it. No, it's not a requirement but it is a good topic.

Finally! I've reached a hundred.

Even though I wrote a long-arse intro above, I'm not exactly great with writing standard posts and have been doing mostly poetry lately. So with that in mind, here's my real milestone post:

It's been an exciting journey
for a minnow like me
Finally reaching a hundred followers
it's a reason for glee!

But I couldn't entirely feel
the number I can see
"Oh, you ungrateful wretch"
you might think of me

Wait, let me say my side
perhaps you might even agree!
A hundred followers now
many can barely see

No, not in the profile listing
but rather in many a post
I've seen others with larger followings
with barely a dollar to their post

As my number increased
I felt more compelled to post
But with the payout day close
most of my followers were like a ghost

With no eyeballs to my work
I'd think: Oh, no! I must absolutely suck
But still, I kept posting
while hoping it was mostly bad luck

Yes, it might be my writing
but as I went through the list
With a heavy heart, I ate my ice cream
wallowing in this new twist

Most of my number came
from people who wanted me to follow
Using this tactic of "following to be followed" on me
my heart felt very hollow

Thus for this milestone post
it's not all about a gushing look-back
But a weird sort of confession
while I ate my delicious snack

But all the follow-to-follow aside
I do want to say a lot of "thank you"
to those few non-ghost people
who spent time to give my post a view

Thank you for the eyeball
Thank you for the vote
Thank you for the comment
My heart took note

I hope you stick around
And I hope I don't actually suck
I will try and improve my writing
So I won't have to mostly rely on luck

A toast to more adventures with you
in front of our computer screens
Cheers to us being in Steemit
May it grant all our dreams!

It's been an exciting journey - A hundred followers now. I felt more compelled to post as I went through the list. For this milestone post, I want to say thank you. A toast to more adventures with you.

For the first picture source, click on it. The second one is the snack I bought and ate while writing. No, I only ate a quarter. And if you're wondering why this is a numbered post, well! I plan to have more milestones in the future, of course. Hopefully, not the follow-to-follow and never seen again.

Thanks for reading this! :D On a side note, I really should get one of those kick-arse gif/pic signatures!

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Congrats! The lfn sent me over here, whispering in my ear that we share similar interests... ;)


Oh, I love the sound of that! Thank you for stopping by. I hope we can build something out of our similar interests in the near future :)


Yes :) Wonderful meeting you!

This was an awesome post and well worth more than my vote but you got it anyway! I must say though that the ice cream is not something you should be eating... not gonna lecture.

The Last Sage


Lol thanks. But it's the prednisone, I tell you!

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This is one of the greatest poems ever :-)

No Joke! Congratulations on reaching 100 followers and level 45! :-) Be a proud minnow and wave your minnow flag - you deserve it all! :D Cheers!

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Thank you! :) But as I said, they're mostly the ones following me in hopes of me following back and boosting their number. My real followers probably don't even cross the 10-mark lol. There's a minnow flag? O.O

I will drop by and join the next round of poetry dice. The recent one was really fun and got my imagination flowing. Thanks for the opportunity. (Sorry, life was trying to keep me away x.x)

Astig! Idol. :)

keep it up! congrats!


Wala pa sa sampu jan talaga yung dumadaan sa posts ko. Pero nagpost na din ng milestone para down the line, pag mejo tumaba taba na tayong isda, we can look back and say, ah dati ganito... hehe. Kelan kaya tayo tataba dito? kung pwede lang idonate yung taba ng katawan sa taba ng account xD


hahaha. kapit lang

Happy to be one of the first xx


I'm happy you're one of the first and one of the non-ghost people. Thank you! My heart took note :)

Exciting! I am new myself, cant wait to see more posts :)


Thank you! Welcome to Steemit :)

A toast to more adventures with you
in front of our computer screens
Cheers to us being in Steemit
May it grant all our dreams!

congratualations my friend..Love the poem.

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