Easy tips and tricks to grow on steemit for new comers: part 1

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Friends do you think that writing powerful blogs and content is the only way to grow on steemit. I say

Yes my friends there are many ways after giving a little concentration upon you can be strong in significant manner.

There are some terms in steemit . Reputation is one of them. In this part we will discuss some easy, practical and real time useful tricks.

In its welcome note steemit describes 'Reputation' as
A reputation score is one way Steemit measures the amount of value you have brought to the community.

The higher the number, the more weighted votes an account has earned.

All new users start at 25.

Your reputation will go up as you earn upvotes for your posts and comments, but it can come down if they are flagged.

So friends this post goes further as -

In beginning days you choose atleast 10 to 15 minimum post with very good reputation. Check what their 2 or 3 previous blog are earning and what their steem power is . Now you have to comment on all them as soon as blog is posted. Bcoz big reputation people often welcome the firstcoming comments. And there are chances they hit an upvote and reply to your comment. Bcoz of their huge steem power your reputation will grow and you will earn some cents also. To get upvote,your comment must be genuine and content related. there are some generous steemians who will generally upvote and appreciate your comments as @broncnutz. By doing this your reputation will easily grow up to 40 in 5 to 10 days depending on your comments .

And second way is a kind of trick. An airdrop of BYTEBALL is in trend on steemit now a days. A friend on mine on steemit, @gaurav9971 was having 25 reputation. He commented in a ByteBall airdrop post as "my reputation is below 30. I also want to take part. How can I do that ?". In no time blogger of the post upvoted on his comment with pretty good percentage and his reputation just jumped to 38 and 3 doller earning on his comment. So this is also a way to grow your reputation very quickly . You can choose one good of them.

So friends specially new steemit users, these are some of my thoughts I wanted to share with you. If you have some pls share.

In next part we will discuss about steem power, curation rewards and more.
Thank you.

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The best way to increase our reputation is comments on higher reputated person blog . I am used of this formula before few days it's work but sir today I join byteball platform but I don't know how to use ...


Comment on any airdrop post and ask them to help you to grow your reputation by upvoting ur comment

Yeah bro I am doing this now to increase my reputation I have started from today only and it's working..One can do this easily by looking at the new post it is the only possible way to comment on whales post as early as possible and they will surely up vote you...
Thanks saurabh for sharing this article, waiting for more to come😜

@panditsaurabh my friend I follow some of these step mentioned in your blog my reputation increase 25 to 35 in 10 days now it's harder when it's 36 to 42 it's takes more then 23 days I think when we increase in reputation no
.it's harder to achieve it ? what you say.


No problem brother. Just do your work. one more thing the strongness of reputation is in logarithmic manner.so you are getting more stronger.

For example 40 is 10 times stronger then 30. But 50 is 100 times and so on means 60 is 1000 times stronger. So as you procede on top it will be little harder but keep doing you work. It's a long term process.
Good luck


@panditsaurabh thankyou so much you advice give me more motivation are you on steemit.chat?


No brother. I'm not using that.

Most easiest way to grow your reputation in steem is write comments on the other posts so whey they upvote your comment your rep will increase...daily 4-5 comments on higher rep blogs

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hello, me steemit pe new hu. i am also indian. muje bhi apni reputation increase krni hai. maine aapke article me BYTEBALL ke bare me padha. lekin uski detail nahi di hai. BYTEBALL kya hai. please detail me bataye. thank you .


Apni kisi post me tag me byteball type kro, usme byteball k post honge unme participate kr skti ho. Un post me sari detail hoti h

Or is link pe aap participate kr skte ho

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