byteball airdrop for steemit user

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hellow friends, i will tell you today a easy way to get some byteball coin worth of 10 -160 $ according to your reputation score .

how much byteball will you get


how ?

follow the process step by step

1 . download byteball wallet from this link according to your device

2 . install it go to receive and copy the wallet address and comment here with your wallet address or chat on discord . i will send you some byteball to you wallet .because fees will be needed for byteball airdrop

3.go to chat option . open chat then agreed .

then bot store and steem attestation bot


Screenshot_20180724-091041.png on Screenshot_20180801-143548.png then select insert my address then send . Screenshot_20180724-091200.png

5 . now it is needed to permit with with the link . here you have to put your posting key for connecting.



  1. click public or private option

  2. you will get a link and click on it .

now go to home and check you account balance . you can easily convert this coin from bittrex ,upbit or different exchange .

remember if you have multiple steemit account you should use different device for different account ..


very helpful post . keep it up .. majhe majhe offer gulo miss hoye jai karon amra jante pari na . post gulo amader sei somessa ta dur korte pare . tai to offer asle miss korben na post korte .. thank you ..

thank you so much . ei post karo upokare asle amar post dewa ta sarthok hoyeche .. asole onek offer e amra miss kore jai . ei dhoroner procur offer ache but amra segulo kivabe lufe nibo ta sohoje bujhte pari na . jar karone ami post korechi . echara eti ekti refferal programer aotadhin .

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post ti amader onek upokare aseche .. asa kopri aro ei dhoroner post die amader upokar korben .. free dollar pele new stemian ra onek upokar pai

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Can lost coins be recovered?

how did you lose your byteball ?if you uninstall the software without saving any document i think you can not recover it..


Hi man! Can you send me some byteballs,

check your balance

Cool man! Got one cent! Cheers!

All done! Byteballs in my pocket.

I WANT TO but I am close to 50 & Want to get a maximum possible reward.

hurry do ... byteball airdrop for certain time you download your wallet and send me your wallet address for byteball airdrop activation

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This is my bytbal address. pls send me coin

check your balance

you can get byteball coin only if your steem reputation is above 30 :((

Hayy Good airdrop

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I'm only 31 :(

you will get 5 $ ..

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