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Ziliqa has solved one of major issue faced by crypto economy is SCALABILITY. It can perform thousand of blockchain in a single second.

IN THE MARKET SINCE :- 2018-01-26
ATH :- $0.2315 USD
MARKET CAP :- $508,027,293 USD
Total Supply: 12,600,000,000 ZIL
Circulating Supply: 7,355,568,444 ZIL
Current price: $0.067058 USD
TPS: more than 2000 tps


PCHAIN is a better project then Ziliqa which allowed for a scalability and transaction speed much better.

IN THE MARKET SINCE :- 2018-06-04
ATH :- $0.2131 USD
Total Supply :-2,100,000,000 PAI
Current price :-$0.081885 USD

  1. Quarkchain

Another similar project which provide peer 2 peer transaction with high scalability capable of handling millions of transactions per second.

IN THE MARKET SINCE :- 2018-06-04
ATH :- $0.3415 USD
MARKET CAP :- $38,875,705 USD
Total Supply :- 10,000,000,000 QKC
Circulating Supply :- 357,431,729 QKC
Current price :- $0.108764 USD
TPS :- 2000 tps


HPB platform is created to solve problem of low transaction per second and good for those who need high-frequency needs and offers solution.

IN THE MARKET SINCE :- 2018-01-09
ATH :- $13.15 USD
MARKET CAP :- $55,122,441 USD
Total Supply :- 100,000,000 HPB
Circulating Supply :- 29,702,632 HPB
Current price :- $1.86 USD
TPS target :-1 million tps

  1. EOS

EOS is the platform similar to Ethereum which is a platform for the development of decentralised applications.

IN THE MARKET SINCE :- 2017-07-02
ATH :- $22,06 USD
MARKET CAP :- $7,191,958,134 USD
Total Supply :- 900,000,000 EOS
Circulating Supply :- 896,149,492 EOS
Current price :- $8.03 USD
TPS target :-1000-6000 tps


Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.

What does it mean?
according to my post?

ZILLIQA is my all time favorate and also got many profite when ZIL has pumped.

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📈 24h📉 7d
HPBHigh Performance Blockchain1.861$-2.3%-26.64%

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Nice information

Which coin you will buy???

I think ziliqa is best coin for future

PCHAIN is now having very low market cap
it can give you huge returns as well.

eos is a 100x coin

EOS is already at its all time high
but I think PCHAIN can do much better

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I Think people are happy with my work.

Really informative good work 👍

Nice information

THANKs which coin you will buy from it.

They are really good coins but some coins hold more potential than it

Hope you are holding some of them.

zilliqa and eos are the one i trust!

@jatinkkalra High performance blockchain is also good one bro

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