1st Steem Meetup in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on 23 May 2018 ! Join us !

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Oyé Oyé, Meetup Steem in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg! Join us!

A Presentation of Steemit/Busy/Utopian (+other Dapps as Dtube/Dlive)

In a few days, I will have the chance to present Steem (and more precisely Steemit/Busy and of course Utopian) in Luxembourg. I will not be alone for that, Olivier will be present to answer more technical questions.

I will have to talk :
First, I'm in charge of the blogging part, personal feedback from a full time Steem user from scratch
Second, I will present of course, the Utopian Platform.

We are lucky to be invited by @sorin.cristescu who recently launched his witness.

Because of this new responsibility and involvement in the Steem blockchain, he has decided to organize the first Steem Meetup in order to make the Luxembourg population discover Steem.

I've met @sorin.cristescu few month back when he participated in my Steem's first official presentation in Brussels.

You can find the live on Dlive, unfortunately the sound is not played, except at the end of the conference!

If you live in Belgium, France, Germany or Luxembourg, join us!

If you're around, don't hesitate to stop by. The more the merrier. But above all, we show a warm community.

Meetup Content

  • Introduction to the Steem blockchain
  • Steemit/Busy presentation (back on my experience as a full time Steem blogger)
  • Presentation of Fundition
  • Presentation of Utopian (because the majority of the audience comes from the IT world)
  • Social time with drinks :)

Useful informations

When: May 23, 2018
Address: 10-12 rue Heinrich Heine, 1720 Luxembourg,
Starts at: 19h00 - Doors open 18h30.

See you in Luxembourg?

Join me on my profil @roxane to have more information about How to share quality content on Steem and others tips. If you speak french you can have a look at Comprendre-steem.fr!
You will find everything you need to start on Steem the FAQ, videos, tutos, tools etc.

👍 If you like my work and want to support me, this is my BTC adress : 1H4faCE3f37JDi8bQqADXn4V1nQutr13oj

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I am sure this will be an amazing event. Voted for sure. :)

Wow it sounds very very good!
with Sorin and you there.

Good luck.


Hey my friend @jga !
How are you ?
Do you know Sorin ? HOW ??? :D

I sure wish you all the best in this new venture out this way. It makes me drool as I sure would love to meet you all out there... Have a great time, it promises to be unforgettable. With such a crew behind it, what else could happen!?!

Upvoted a full 100% and resteemed.

Namaste :)


Hello Dear @eric-boucher !
I am really to see you back on Steem (and receiving a comment from you 😘 )
The meetup was pretty great ! I hope you can join us sometimes if you travel to Europe !

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That'd be great to be able to have a pit-stop out in the area either on my way to Greece or heading back out here to the West Coast of Canada. I'd really enjoy meeting you all in person, hang out and share notes, as we say!

Namaste :)


wow so generous of you sir

Hello, Ça se joue à la maison. Je serais là


Heureuse de te compter parmi les participant @elmetro 😍

Nice!! Can't join you but have an amazing time, hope to see you again soon <3

Very cool, enjoy!! :)

Damn! Got other plans then... I guess you will do more meetups in future in Luxembourg?


Yeah! Hello Belgian Steemian @sdl1987 🇧🇪 🇧🇪 🇧🇪 😎 😎 😎
I don't know about Luxembourg, but Brussels for sure !


Goeiendag, bonjour! :D
Luxemburg is beter voor mij omdat ik hier in de buurt woon! Leuk initiatief zo een meetup!
Luxembourg est mieux pour moi parce que j'habite dans l'environ! Belle initiative cette meetup!


Daag! Bonjour ! @sdl1987
See you somewhere in our little country someday 😎

Yeeaaah common Luxembourg!!!

Why does this happen right now?! Couldn't it be a month earlier so that I could support Luxembourg?! 😅 (I'm from Luxembourg)


Oh @mvd ! We will come back I am sure ! :D
Good to find you ! there are many Steemian from Luxembourg! I don't know if you have already found the community or not 😆 See you soon !

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Really?! Where are they? :) I just found one! :p but she lives in Panama and I'm in Australia ;)


Oh @mvd ! We will come back I am sure ! :D
Good to find you ! there are many Steemian from Luxembourg! I don't know if you have already found the community or not 😆 See you soon !

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This is a good one and wonderful idea that is welcome. Please share the steemit news and let the world know how important it is to be part of this wonderful community.

Thanks for sharing this info.

I am me @brightfame

Good luck with the event :)


Thank you @firepower !
I am a bit stressed but everything should be okay 😎🙏

wow any part of the world, either its asia, africa and europe Steemit is really becaming a hit! Congratulations hoping a lot willl participate in meet and greet


Steem is a hit YES @zam398 !

I suggest to all of friends who were in Luxembourg on May 23rd, please attend to this important meetup. Thankyou @roxane for the information ☝️

Ilike your cover photo ,very nice!

wow,really nice meet up.See you in Luxembourg.