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Florida Steem Meetup Group shot cropped.jpg

22 of us met yesterday to celebrate Steem in Sarasota, Florida! We made pictures and videos to share the event here! Our video shows our introductions and answers basic questions about Steem!

Who attended and where are more posts about the event?

Our event started off fairly awkward for me because I picked up the food and drove from Saint Petersburg, Florida which is about an hour away. Upon my twenty minute late arrival in a new building where @robertgenito has his office, I was afraid that no one was going to show up as happened with a few of my previous events in 2013. After about ten minutes of thinking no one was there for the Steem meetup, I realized everyone sitting around the table was there in fact for the Steem meet up and then we got started!

steem meetup table.JPG

Thank you to @caveproject for bringing the whole family!

Max and Jerry Florida Steem meetup.JPG

caveproject family steem meetup zoomed.jpg

With @josephmcconnell!

Joseph McConnell Jerry Banfield Steem Florida Meetup.JPG

@ginacarr and @SirJohn

Terry Brock and Gina Carr Florida Steem Meetup.jpg

With @caveproject and @cheshire-wolf

caveproject and cheshire-wolf Florida Steem meetup.jpg

With @tbnfl4sun!


Meeting @cheshire-wolf



With Jackie Simmons!


With @lindsayimwold (left) and @lulita (right).


If we missed you on the signup sheet or have additional photos, would you please share them in the comments because then I will add them to the post? Thank you each for coming! I had a great time and am planning to do more events in Saint Petersburg, Florida and Orlando, Florida!

Florida's First Steem Meetup!


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This is great Jerry! So many meet ups are just popping up around the world. What a great way to make the community stronger on the personal level. This is the way to go to bring steemit mainstream and to the mass adoption. I want my own meet up:) Resteeming for others to see what a great patform we are all sharing.... Tomas


Yeah you are right. I'm from Pakistan and I hope we will soon have a meet-up of steam community based here.


A Pakistan Meet-up would be pretty cool.


@czechglobalhosts thank you very much for resteeming and joining us in celebrating here!

That's great; I live in Chicago, but I would definitely visit Florida for such a specific reason. Life is awesome!!!


I live in Chicago as well @cryptoeera Have you seen my introduction post? :D



I also live in Chicagoland area and tried to look for a meetup like that but couldn't find anything.
Please let me know if you know about one.
Thank you.


@cryptoeera we definitely have enough users already in Chicago to host a meetup! @joeparys is in Chicago and I bet at least 10 to 20 people would come to one hosted there!


Make it so, Number One!

Thanks for sharing

Congrats @jerrybanfield, really good to see Steemians together and getting to know each other a little bit better. Nice pics too, Steemit is surely a great place to be and we will keep on becoming better and bigger. Cheers


@zeidlitwhips thank you for joining the celebration here and commenting!


Your welcome @jerrybanfield, thanks for replying and all the helpful posts and you tube videos you always share with us. Enjoy your weekend 👍

I was their with you too,It was great!I guess i did not put my name down I was checking out those munchies you laid out!I was in the black Kick start shirt.


Thank you Tony I am adding you now!


Thank you @jerrybanfield for getting us all together I can't wait untill the next one it was worth taking the day off work to be around such great people!

This is awesome Jerry and what makes Steemit so unique and special, "the community!"

I've always felt like the "idea" of Steemit will bring people in, as it did with me, but the "community" will get people to stay. Steemit is now where I spend most of my time on the internet now and I see this continuing as Steemit grows communities and organically grows to what it will become.

The only thing I feel we have to get fixed is this issue with exchanging essentially choking the life from Steem by disabling the ability to make transactions. It's bad enough with Polo but when Bittrex joins in the fray the downward pressure on Steem is quite substantial and hurts the communities ability to grow.

Wow what a great meetup, I'm wondering if there is enough STEEMIANS in Vegas that I can do one!

A great list of people to follow! 💖


It might sound wild but you could look for people at Legends Room Gentleman's Club lol - They have their own cryptocurrency token that's used to make purchases inside the club... It's actually trading on Bittrex already as $LGD - and last time I checked was up some ridiculous percent lol...
The owners of the club even posted on Twitter reaching out to the crypto community around the world :) They're calling it the "Club That Crypto Built" room


Seriously lol... you buy some first 😂


I did lol 😂😁


Charles we definitely have enough of us to have a meet up in Las Vegas and I would be happy to help promote it for whoever got it organized!

Jerry I have been following you on social media and I have actually learned a lot about advertising from you facebook and youtube videos. If anyone here in the Steem Community is having problems with paid advertisement, I would suggest to watch his videos which are available for free on Youtube and his FB page and he has paid courses too.
Moreover its great to see the meet-up of steem community members, I hope there would be more meet-ups in the days, months and years to come. Stay blessed everyone.

So Awesome! Im glad this was able to be done!

Jerry I had a great time meeting you and enjoyed our conversation! This was a seminal event for Steemians here in Florida. Below is a link to one of my father's speeches he did a while back. I think you will enjoy it and find out a little about where the term "Think Out Of The Box" came from. Look forward to seeing you again!

It was great to be there with you and the rest of the folks, Jerry. Thank you for making it happen.

Now we are looking forward to the next Florida Steemit Meet-Up to be held in Orlando! Let's talk and work out the details. I look forward to hearing from you!



Heyy, I'm in Orlando and I can help! :) :) Found you on YouTube - first through @stellabelle - she's awesome! :)


Welcome, itsmee.bosslady. Glad to have you on board. @stellabelle is very knowledgable about Steemit and shares a great deal to help us.

Thankyou for stopping by. Let's stay in touch. Watch for a potential Orlando area Steemit Meet-Up coming soon.


Will do 😁😎

vance refrigeration

I'm SO sorry I missed this :( I am on the opposite coast, near Melbourne, but would have traveled there in a heartbeat!

It looks like you all had a great time and Florida was well represented :D Wow...what an opportunity I missed!!!! I would love to have met you JerryB and all the others as well LOL

Steem on everybody! I'll hit the Orlando meetup!


<3 Awww!! I love your great big googly eyes and your torch of hair <3


Hope to see you there! :)

Great job Jerry, getting everyone together!

Awesome! First Steemit meeting in the US. Well done Jerry Banfield.
It looked like a fun event and I'm sure they all learnt some great Steemit tips from you!

I had a great time!
Thanks again @jerrybandfiel.
I hope to see you soon at the next meet up and keep learning from you!
Comment signature.gif

Glad to see that it all went well. I'm heading to one in Wisconsin next week.

Thanks Jerry. Lindsay and I had a great time and it was nice getting to know you in person. I'm glad that you had a laugh from my captions. Hope to work with you again soon. My video editing services are at your disposal.

Got it !!! 22 and i know they could be more in south Florida.
Just need to get together a spread steemit.
Good job @jerrybanfield
It was a success !!

wow, this is a great steemit meeting and I wish that I jined you guys...good one Jerry, upped.
In addition to my comment, and in support of your fight against spam here, I posted about the issue . Feel free to check it out..wish you a blessed weekend

Looks like a lot of fun @jerrybanfield ! , nice to follow you!

I wish I had had more time to focus on Steemit the past few weeks.. Would've loved to have come! I live in Brandon/Tampa/St. Pete, which isn't far!

But now, I move to AL, but only 45 mins from Pensacola. Maybe I can still make the next one! :) Glad to see the community bonding! Not only digitally too!

So awesome, a big steemit family!

It's great to see all the steemians in steemit meetup. You're looking good sir @jerrybanfield. I wish I could have attended this meetup but I am sure, I'll be there in the next meet up.

Great event and post. Getting to know one another even from afar.


A great meeting! Such meetings are good and useful event. It is wonderful to meet face-to-face with friends steemians. We need to spread this around. You have very well managed to do it. I wish You continued success.


@jerrybanfield Jerry! Nice job bringing people together. Your journey is inspiring! Keep going!! :)

seems like it went pretty well, i am also thinking of doing a Steemit meetup in Kanpur, India.. any tips?

How wonderful!! What a GREAT group of Steemit Friends :) I think it is great that you all were able to meet face to face .. just AWESOME!!! SUNSHINE247

In Toronto if anybody wants to do a meet up here with me?!


Heyy, some of the biggest bitcoin/crypto meetups are in Canada :) Check this one out in your area on Monday August 14, 2017 - -
I just saw Tickets for this event are actually sold out, but I'm coordinating a livestream and will be sharing content from behind the scenes...
Sunny Ray with UnoCoin, Antoine De Vuyst, and Kyle Kemper are some of the organizers I'm familiar with - I'm sure they would love to hear from you! :)


This is great! Thanks so much for letting me know. I look forward to the stream and am following you now. If there is anything you ever need help with please let me know!


You got it! Heres the link to the livestream!

Shout out to the World Crypto Network for making it possible. 👍

Looks like your first meetup event was a success! @jerrybanfield . I'm sure they'll only get more popular in the future! Way to bring Steemians together.

I just watched a video on YT from the meetup. It was great. I hope we'll have one like this in Chicagoland area some day.
You have a wonderful weekend all.

Great job Jerry, I see some are just here to make money and some are here to add value to steemit, I see you one of those who add value to steemit. Thanks

After about ten minutes of thinking no one was there for the Steem meetup, I realized everyone sitting around the table was there in fact for the Steem meet up and then we got started!

XD LOL It would be great to have one in my city... it would be like... only me... all the food for me!!!

You guys had a fantastic time. I loved to see u meeting and have good conversations on steemit. That was amazing :) Thank you for sharing :)

Great idea to acclerate the family of steemit user i am also inspire with your event after some time i will meet the steem family

Looks amazing!!

The family grew

steemit by day its growing ...feeling awesome be here....nice pic

Anyone from Fort Myers/Naples area make it up there? I just joined today :-(

Hopefully there will be worldwide meetups soon!

nice pics...
i really like your work
upvoted you and following you now..
follow back and upvote :) :)

It is nice to see that such meetings are being held. It looks like a very enjoyable meeting.

Looks like it was an awesome "Steem up" @jerrybanfield - I am going green here!!!! - just WISHING I could be there to meet all of you!!! - but, will look forward to the next Cape Town meet up!!!

It actually gives me goosebumps at how this one place and space is bringing people together to empower one another in so many ways, shapes and forms! It is just phenomenal!!!!

eeeeeeek!!! LOVE IT!!!!

There really is nothing like Steemit! I feel exactly the same about writing here. I said to my partner the other night, I just cannot find the words to explain how much I am loving writing here. I mean, I have always enjoyed writing, but it suddenly seems to have purpose because people are genuinely responding to it - and it means something to them.... which is the entire reason I do it in the first place!!!

Thought I would share today's post with you, which was kind of a follow up on yesterdays... hope you enjoy :)

You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideas and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings - Learn to use them and fly! - Rumi

Very, VERY exciting times!

So glad your meet up was such a success! Who knows... perhaps one day I will be able to whizz off to the USA and join you guys. :)

That would be AWESOME!

Its good that Steemit growing so fast..

Very cool :) and when the next come ? :)

Its great to see the steem community growing and beong together!

Fun idea. Did you do a steemit scavenger hunt where everyone had to read the post and find the author and resteem it? I'm guessing the prize would be Steem Dollars.

It was nice to meeting you all! Let's not loose connection, I started group on
Until steemit will come up with it's own version of group community I thought that we might communicate through that group. Hope to see you all there.


This is so great as i missed the meeting...hoping to go to the one in Orlando....
I have followed all of you fellow floridians who were there! requested membership to the Florida Facebook waiting for a reply!


Hi Melissa! Glad you joined! And will see you on the next meeting!


Oh great, I will check facebook now ..yippee!
Thank you so much!

This is so cool!! I hope we do a meet up in London soon.

I would like to attend your meetup in USA
I'm from India in future i will try to attend
I'm watching your steemit course videos daily
Its so helpful to me and everyone.
Sir you are great person hatsoff to your hardwork i will always remember you as my cryptoguru. Thank you so much @jerrybanfield

Awesome Jerry! Great way to bring the community together.

Now I watched the whole video, And there's one thing I've always thought of too.
It is enough for just one big millionaire to come in, and that price is go flying .
I do not want say that I know everything, but I also see that.

Great to see you out @jerrybanfield from you home office.

Jerry, thank you for organizing this for us and making it all happen. I had fun meeting everyone and I am looking forward to another Steem meet up in the future.

You are doing a great job on steem ecosystem @jerrybanfield . Well done man!

Amazing friends, good togetherness in steemit. We at #Aceh should also be like you guys in there, i like to be together. Greetings from me for the whole steemit family there, I am very inspired

Great post :)

Looks like an awesome meet-up!

thanks so much. I'm learning a lot from your video, so much stuff to learn.

Ah man, wish I had known about this. Me and a couple other FL steemians would have been there for sure.

cool meetup video... informational

wow!! glad to see you all in one frame! 😊😊

This is informative .

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so great! I wish I was there...
I followed all Floridian here! I hope I can join next time.

Heyy I'm watching your presentation on @terrybrock YouTube channel right now lol.... I'm sorry I missed this one - but I'm in Orlando, and I host meetups all the time! Hope to connect with everyone there and keep the momentum going :)


Hello friends thanks for this beautiful post I like it

Jerry , you are Steem embodied! Thanks for all the amazing effort you are putting into Steem! Seemed like an amazing meet up. I wish I had more voting power to vote you up some more. You deserve every penny! I love how motivated you are! Keep steeming my friend!

So glad you video recorded the event. I Hope to make the next Florida Steemit meeting.

Great meetup Jerry are you going to keep doing these? I would expect them to continue to get larger and larger

@jerrybanfield - wow! that's great. Steemians meetup in real life. I would love to do it here in DMV area!

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Hi Jerry,

what a great idea to start a meetup with so many different people, intentions, backgrounds and see how diversified the Steemit community is. Your reminders were very helpful and how you speak of your failures and what you've learned from, especially the following points for me:

  • always think what Google is looking for (long informative content, videos)
  • don't upvote myself, upvote others to have a much greater impact
  • invest in STEEM POWER
  • always thinking of help out others
  • be persistant also if you're discouraged by winning-posts, like my robots and AI ;)
  • schedule with Streemian to maintain the flow of posts e. g. if you're on vacation (i forgot i'd already a login, now i dig through because i wanna use that service)
  • always comment others to build relationships
  • hold your voting power between 70-95%
  • use resteeming with a grain of salt (thought about that now i know focus on other fields like commenting)
  • think of an long term investment not for short term speculation
  • consistency and transparency from showing you as person (username, profile pic).. too late for my username :)
  • addictive nature of Steem! hehe i'm just 21 days here and know what you're meaning and for that reason i wrote a post about the EXCITEMENT
  • be aware that nothing is 100% save, as always just invest as much as you can loose without destroying your life

Big Thanks to all who participated!

You said it may consumes FB or Youtube. I made a funny guess on that in my post

What happens if you shut down the blinds today and wake up in 10 years from now?

There should also be meetups which host talks between corporate giants and people like you Jerry. Great going here!

Loved watching the video Jerry, thankyou for posting was very informative:)

Its great to see all top steemitians under one roof. Great blog.

I So wish I had come now, I got overwhelmed thinking there would be hundreds of folks there based on the responses. I will follow all of the blogs listed here so I do not miss out on the next so glad you had a great time!
Happy Day!
Melissa in Okeechobee :)

Steemit meetups will make steemit more popular which is a good thing. More power to the people

Steemit keeps getting more success daily

I like the prayer shirt. I guess that means your prayers are online or connected to Heaven service provider