MeetUp #19 - Buffet at Naughty Nuri, Atria Mall with Steemians

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Sunday 18th March, I have a lunch date with @zord189, @joannewong, @elizacheng, and @khimgoh at Naughty Nuri, Atria Mall right after my tōge session with my friends.

What's Naughty Nuri?

Naughty Nuri was founded in Ubud, Bali since 1995 by Isnuri "Nuri" Suryatmi and her husband Brian Kenney Aldinger who came from New York. It's well known main dishes are barbecued pork, ribs and martinis.

Currently, the franchise has​ established in many countries which include​, Jakarta, Melbourne, Macau, Phuket and Malaysia. Malaysia itself has four branches which located in Desa Sri Hartamas, Subang SS15, KL Downtown and Damansara Jaya.

All these four branches served Ala Carte dishes, but only three branches which are Subang SS15, KL Downtown and Damansara Jaya serve​ their Sunday " Snout to Tails" Lunch Buffet from 11 AM until 3 PM.

How did they come out with that name?

Well,​ the name was chosen to the founder "Nuri" and her husband Brian Kenney Aldinger was "Naughty", hence Naughty Nuri was then born from a small warung which started to be just selling drinks and few simple dishes.

Sunday "Snout To Tails" Lunch Buffet

Make sure book your seats before coming to avoid disappointment especially during school hours; you can either call them or book through online according to​ which branch you are heading.

The menu for a la​ carte and lunch can be found here but the buffet menu is missing​ out from there. Hence, here's the buffet menu for your reference

Everything was free flow except for the Star Items and drinks is order separately​

Naughty Nuri's rib is da bomb and must try if you haven't tried​ it yet because of​ the meat is so tender and the signature BBQ sauces combo making it fantastic​. I didn't manage to take the food photos as I'm late to arrived hence I record them down.

Showcase of Food

Flamed Glazed Iberico

We ordered another Flamed Glazed Iberico after finishing the first plate merely less than 30 seconds, this time I filmed in slow-mo​ to showcase the fire, hope you enjoy the video below 😉

Flamed Glazed Iberico in Super Slow Mo 240FPS

Lastly, a group photo is compulsory​ as everything is content and reward right, who doesn't want that? We manage to finish everything that we ordered hence there isn't any penalty for waste, our stomach is super full by the end of the buffet but there's always room for dessert, ice kacang.

All the ingredients​ inside is self-service on the desserts bar

Group Photo, the staff is just friendly until photobomb us 😂

Price For Buffet

Okay! After all the foodie ​is time to know the price for all these amazing deal. Price starts at RM 49.90++ for adult/pax, RM 32.50++ for senior citizen/pax and RM 1.00++ for children/pax.

Another wefie together with Naughty Nuri's Mascot

For more food photos, you can check out @zord189's post to get yourself hungry for PORK! Don't worry if you missed out this meetup, there will always be another meetup on this 😉

  • Address:
    G25, Atria Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS 22/23, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya.
  • Phone: 012-446 6679
  • Facebook Page: Naughty Nuri's Atria
  • Online Reservation: Click Here to Book Now!

Contact me at Discord:

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Thanks for sharing this. Food looks great and pricing is reasonable too!


Yea, indeed reasonable. The ribs can cost as much as RM 100+ for ala-carte, so it's better to go for buffet 😂

  ·  last year (edited)

This is so mouthwatering I see it often but never really ate there. AFTER this post I will come very soon and try their food :)


You should definitely try it and ask @chuazm to organize 1 for Mindvalley Steemians 😉

Long time didn't go there already, now they have buffet, not bad.


Haha you definitely need to revisit again 😎

nice! a lot of memory. JB sutera have one outlet too! have not tried..

Buffet also have the pork ribs?:D


You should try! Yes pork ribs is available free flow 😉


Yes must a day to go !

Amazing place. Everything looks delicious. I hope I can visit that place someday! Thank you for sharing this experience! :)


Your welcome @gabymusica, I'm sure you can try it one day when you're travelling over South East Asia 😆

Thanks for dropping by here!


Hahaha, well I love getting to know new places. When I go there, will you be my tour guide? 😄❤

I send you a hug! 😊


Haha sure, we always bring International Steemians around whenever they in KL 😆 or at least a meetup

Reading this again makes me wanna go there makan again...


Wah @elizacheng! Your gif avatar looks very scary leh....😬


haha... hungry "man"/"woman" is very scary... therefore must feed those who are hungry... LOL


Haha that GIF 😂



Wah! The videos sure looks damn tempting and good. How lar, if I want to diet?


Eat first, think later, diet maybe 🤣


😄 This advice only applicable for you lar.For us is diet, think before we eat

Very nice! Love seeing more and more steemians meeting up together :)


When you're all up for a meetup? 😂

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