20 Minute Vedic Meditation On Soundcloud With Waterfall Sounds

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Sound only - If you can't make group meditation join me here on your schedule.

Meditators here is a 20 minute meditation where I bring you in and after 20 minutes bring you out plus 2 mins cool down at the end. For Vedic Meditators that 2 minutes at the end is very important because you go so deep, never miss it.  This is audio only and was created for Vedic Meditators however anyone who wants to meditate for 20 minutes can use it.

Vedic Meditators you'll remember in your course you were taught not to rely on external devices/things/spaces like ear plugs etc.  If you don't have that thing with you or are not in that space you may put your meditation off and it will likely get missed. We don't want to miss a meditation.

So with that in mind, with Vedic Meditation, it is always recommended that you be as independent as possible (except for a clock). However, many people have asked me to do this so here it is.  There will be shorter versions for those emergency times when you don't have 20 and there will also be versions released without the background waterfall sounds.  With Vedic Meditation we can meditate through anything. But sometimes people like white noise in the background when they meditate. Again don't be reliant on it.  Having said that, try meditating when the dishwasher is going just once.

Learn an effortless practice with Peter Vroom of The Resolute Mind. Vedic Meditation is probably the best meditation practice in the world: The Resolute Mind


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