Final Election

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Final Election


Some people will find it difficult to choose the most appropriate path for each, but it is simple, start by choosing some of the techniques that attract you.

After trying several exercises, you will have a more approximate idea of what is going well and select the one you want to work with. Once chosen, don't change it for at least three months, even if it seems like something that will probably happen, difficult or unproductive. Don't change to find something easier, because there probably isn't one. The problems we have are not usually with exercise, but almost always the problem is the resistance that is in ourselves.


The difficulty of the exercises varies, some are recommended for absolute beginners, others for those who have some experience. Choose one that you find somewhat difficult, although not so difficult as to get discouraged and stop practicing. No one will give you more points for trying to do something you find too difficult. It is not a contest, although it is inevitably a review of self-knowledge and an opportunity for everyone to exercise their sense of what is best for them.

If, after reading this, you still have doubts about the technique that best suits you, decide it with a coin, heads or tails. It is not so important that you do exercise as the fact of practicing one, with constancy.

Any one of them will do you good and will benefit you infinitely more than if you do none. There is no bad technique, a technique is, at the very least, good, and for sure it is the best for the moment. None will be a waste of time.


Exercise: Sit down. Relax. Imagine a circular pond with water. Look at it with the eyes of your mind. Imagine that the pond is completely still, without a wave altering its surface. Imagine that any thought or distraction can cause ripples and try to keep the surface still. When you realize that you are thinking of something else, calm the surface of the water again.

To understand the article, please go to the previous post, this will be incredible for you .. !!

Feel free to comment, I always read, reply and upvote all of them ...!!!

A lot of Hugs ...



Relajarse y mantener los pensamientos calmados es algo dificil para muchas personas, por lo menos para mi lo es. Estoy en un taller de oración y vida, y es necesario poder estar en ese estado y nos han enseñado dos o tres ejercicios para lograr esa concentración, claro obviamente orientado a poder realizar la oración personal diaria y/o comunitaria.

Saludos, te envio un abrazo.

Gracias @isgledysduarte por tu valioso mensaje..!!!

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you are exceptional in your work and need to do this on regular basis to enhance your community, At least 4 post a day at different time. so, you can create active and unique community through out the world rapidly.

Hello @sems42

Thank you for your kind comment, I will try my best in my busy life...!!!

Regularly I post just once a week, but I will keep your suggestion ... Thank you so much ...!!

Because of my health condition is better for me if I'm calm and relaxed but that is very hard these days with so much going on. I've been trying to learn the right way of meditation for a long time now, but with so much stress is very hard for me to calm myself. Searching for inner peace can take quite some time :) But I'm trying and learning, so thank you for that. Great article.

Hello it's a pleasure to hear from you @tinabrezpike,

I'm sorry to know that your health is not good at the moment, but do not think negatively, the mind is wise and puts itself in a negative position if we ourselves want that to happen. We know that it can be difficult to think positive because of the things that are happening around us...

A simple recommendation, try the exercise I share, I'm sure it will work very well for you in your daily life.

thank you for this kind words...dealing with epilepsy and crohn's is not easy and I was meditating and doing yoga but with time I lost control over my body, I was just too weak... but Im not giving up, and descovering new ways of natural healing helps a lot... you have great and helpful way how to do it, so time to try again 🤗

You impressed me with your amazing comment, I´m glad that I´m helping you with my publication and content. I have in my hands one for option for you if you want to try something different to help with your health problems... just send me an email [email protected] and I will give you the full information, this is very important and I´m pretty sure that this new option can help you...!!

Thank you so much for that 🤗 I alredy send you an email 😁

Simples ejercicios que nos llena de satisfacciones y nos garantiza una vida sana. Saludos, excelente recomendaciones @edgarare1

Hola @belkisa758 es un gusto saber de ti...

Gracias por comentar. Por supuesto como tu lo dices todo debe ser simple en nuestras vidas, si nosotros atraemos cosas buenas para nuestra vida, es lo que sucederá .. Todo debe ser fácil ...

Satisfacción en nuestra vida diaria es lo que necesitamos para estar en un mejor balance...

Great post as always, your post keep me inspiring.

Hello @manojbhatt thank you for your comment...

I´m glad to hear that my publications are working for you, That´s the big reason I´m trying to do my best in each publication...

yes you are trying your best.👨🏾‍💻✌

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I know this is silly and I just need to do something, but I worry about getting positions correct. I have a great beginners yoga program. I've used it a few times and love it. It all boils down to time. I know even 1 day a week is better than nothing. I just need to do it.

The exercise is awesome. I have had a horrible time trying to sleep tonight. I have done a guided meditation and breathing after 2 hrs I gave up and got up. Lesson learned from years of sleeplessness is you can't force sleep, get up do something to occupy your mind and get your mind off of not sleeping then go back to bed and it should be easier. With this exercise it's perfect timing to come across it.

Hello my dear friend @tryskele Love your comment ...!!!

There are no correct positions, if we think there is then we can't do it. We can just think that it's easy, what practice teaches us, we can't beat it. What is difficult is what brings us wisdom.. We don't need to prove it to anyone. Please don't do that.

Such a simple exercise can help us keep our balance. And of course you can. And please don't think of something perfect. I just want to say leave your cell phone somewhere, go for a walk without it for a day, forget about it. Your body will be relaxed. Lie down on the grass and watch the sky for a moment, forget the technology for a moment and this will make you forget everything else. Your mind and body will be in complete balance.

I really need to do all of the above. I just need to do it and stop overthinking. Perfectionism is a side effect from constantly being told 'not good enough' It's been a work in progress, but I'm getting there. Afterall, if my hubby can't handle seeing me trying then he can close his eyes LOL and the dogs just want to participate. If I close the door they whine. Just have to love them though.

Just today you teach me a great metaphor, by saying you don't do it well enough, it means that you are practicing more to do it perfectly well. Now, it's not about showing it to someone else. It's a job for yourself...!! Excellent...


The eliction here in philippines is near I hope the people who win will be good

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