Vaccination (immunization) Can Save Lifes

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Child vaccination or immunization plays a crucial role in maintaining and ensuring child health at birth. It is designed to prevent the child from some of the most serious existing illnesses for which there is still no cure or which could be life threatening. Many parents are poorly informed about immunization and involuntarily and unconsciously threatening the lives of children!

Why do children need immunization?

The child is born with immunity to many diseases that he take protection of the mother. However, immunity passed from mother to fetus or baby through breastfeeding does not last long term, but only 1 year. After this age, the child is again prone to a lot of serious conditions:


Hepatitis A, B;

Human papillomavirus;

Haemophilus influenzae;






flu etc.

I wrote few time ago a post about measles and what happens if the child is not vaccinated. 


The immune system responsible for producing antibodies that fight against this terrible disease needed has often need help to cope with them. This is where action vaccines.

Some vaccines are designed to protect life against deadly diseases (rubella, polio etc), others help reduce the frequency of disease or improvement of symptoms (eg influenza).

From what age to start immunizing children?

Children begin to be immunized at birth and even in adulthood can make various vaccines. Throughout childhood the kid will do for the first time or repeat various immunizations already made a date when they were babies.

Thus, in the first days of life, maternity child begins to be immunized against diseases that might potentially life-threatening at the time.

Immunizations are done according to a predetermined plan and doctor will give you a diagram of data and types of vaccine they will undertake little.

How to make vaccination?

In general, vaccines are in the form of injection, particularly in the upper arms. Some of them are in the foot;  others are taken orally.

How does the vaccine works?

By placing the child's body activated or not activated a fragment of germ challenging disease. It stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies that role was to recognize and destroy the germ of the disease, whether the child is contaminated with it and not letting it to activate and give birth to disease.

Some vaccines are not 100% effective, but even so, they obviously diminished the risks and reduce the severity of illness when the child makes.

Immunizing longer if the disease has already been done?

Some family members or even children who do the disease are not going to make  vaccine for immunization. Thus, they become carriers of the germ of a disease once contracted they can transmit forward. In this way endanger the unvaccinated children, and other mature people immunized. It is a responsible act to immunize you against serious disease and protect all people who come into contact with.

Even if little beyond the recommended age for making a vaccine, there is the possibility to make it. You just need to talk to a doctor about this.

How do you know that the vaccine is safe?

For this worrying researchers and clinicians to receive notice before the vaccine to be used. Vaccines are considered the safest treatments in the world. They pass through many stages of testing and are tested extensively before being approved and endorsed.

Regarding safety, the only risks that occur are a few minor side effects which do not endanger the child's health and passing quickly.

How will my child feel after vaccination?

Vaccines are generally tolerated well by the body. At most, they will feel a little discomfort at the injection site: redness and a slight swelling.

In some cases there may be some side effects ranging in severity from child to child, but do not put health problems. Some of them are:

pain (which can be cut by means of painkillers);

mild fever (usually up to 38 degrees Celsius);

irritability or restlessness (especially immediately after injection);

decreased appetite;


mild rash etc.

How to treat a fever?

Generally fever is a reaction that can occur following the administration of a vaccine. Although in most cases it does not exceed 38 degrees Celsius, the possibility exists that this will grow to 40, although the situations are rare.

If you notice that the baby redden is drooping and burn, take his temperature with a thermometer. If it exceeds 38 degrees Celsius when necessary to take measures to lower the temperature.

Talk to your doctor recommends medication to reduce fever but never apply to aspirin. Aspirin endanger the health of children.    There is a post about this here :

Rather appeals to slightly warm water compresses or baths with cool water (not cold). If the temperature does not drop then take him to the doctor.

No reason why my child should not be immunized?

There are some particular situations where children are not immunized, for a certain period of time:

  1. if they have compromised immune systems (eg suffering from cancer);
  2. suffering from diseases of the immune system;
  3. allergic to eggs (severe allergies);
  4. have a history about previous vaccination have responded aggressively (had an allergic reaction);
  5. under the influence of their treatment;
  6. shows seizures.

Invalid contraindications to vaccination

Some medical providers erroneously believe that certain conditions or circumstances precautions are contraindicated in vaccination. Such conditions or circumstances are known as invalid contraindications; This results opportunities cancellation dispense vaccines.

Some of the most common invalid contraindications are mild disease, disorders associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding, allergies that are not anaphylactic nature and certain aspects of the medical history of the patient's family

Source: "Immunity Types". Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Melinda Wharton. "National Vaccine Advisory committee U.S.A. national vaccine plan

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Basically this is Rx propaganda designed to benefit pharmaceutical companies and harm human health. Some facts presented are based on CDC coverups and manipulations supported largely by kickbacks (pay offs from the pharmaceutical industry). Yes we can prove it. Many people are getting injured. This is very serious.

There is plenty of evidence leading us to believe this article is really rich in pharmaceutical propaganda designed to promote the profits of a corporation at the expense of the public's health. Author is not addressing concerns in the comments thus far. If people are to be informed and make the best decisions they are going to need good information and a health scientific discussion.

I work in a laboratory. Last year three doctors died because of a flu. I have an example from this year about immunization

Are you willing to consider some of the information presented in the comment of this post? Just consider it, you don't have to believe it. You might find some real value in joining #vaccines on Let's be professional and explore this stuff in small doses over time. If you say you already considered it then I suggest you might want to explore the evidence or conclusions you have formed for a moment. See where it leads..

I dig deep and tell myself to be confident when I confronted crazy information I am uncomfortable with. I remind myself I always have the ability to make up my own view points. It helps me accept new information at least temporarily so that I may change or not change my view points but at least strengthen my experiences. If it is all wrong no harm done I simply use my original ideas. If it is better information than before I benefit greatly and poses something more valuable. I have nothing to lose by learning something new. If you can do this I'm I would like to support your efforts with good votes even if I don't agree. Let's just get in the same ball-park on the topic so we are not so far apart.

Seems every time I do any digging into this subject it always comes up the same. Vaccines are relatively safe and the anti-vaccine people are usually relying on the latest in bad science. I haven't ever come across a single valid criticism that would lead a normal person to not get vaccinated.

Anecdotally, I've found that most of the anti-vaccine people out there are uneducated yokels that tend to believe in other unfounded conspiracy theories. It's gotten to the point where "digging deep" on this issue is a waste of time.

I'm not trying to insult, I'm just calling it how I see it.

Well, thank you for putting in the effort I know there is a lot to sift though. Try Vaxxed it is pretty new.

I just watched this the other night. Always good to hear from both sides, for sure and I find it to be a genuinely fascinating subject. I guess it's a simpler matter for me because I just look at it the same way I look at circumcision: Whether there are benefits or not, I have no right to cut or stab people without their consent. That would be assault. If my kids grow up and want vaccines for themselves, so be it (same goes with any other drugs) but I certainly won't force them.

I see vaccine injuries first hand. At someone one just needs to open their eyes. Keep in mind the profit makers have money to fund this kind of debunked reports. So, I recommend to follow the money when you see the debunk reports.

Have you ever bothered to do some digging into that movie? Do you routinely type 'debunked' when searching these topics? I've found appending 'debunked' to your google search queries can be very enlightening.

When I search for 'vaxxed debunked' I find a whole variety of highly reputable sources citing experts that have thoroughly debunked the film. Am I to believe this is a massive conspiracy? I differ to my previous comment now.

Have you ever bothered...

I'm not using this tone with you..

In response to what you said @contentjunkie. First thank you very much to take the time to ask clarification on this important subject. You said:

It would appear though that there is a link if one is the tell tale symptom of the other. Is that what you are showing now? That there is a link between the two?

I'm not showing that there is a link between the two. I'm showing the facts. I'm not implying any facts. I've just put down the facts. I even quoted the exact words from the sources and provided all the sources to the facts.

I'm showing the facts.

Now the facts beg one question important question that hasn't been answered: how is it possible if vaccines can cause death through encephalitis that it couldn't cause autism which is less that death?

(in response to this comment)

Haha I still really don't like the structure of that question but I'll upvote it for the time you're taking and nice formatting.

I couldn't answer the question you ask above there. He is your question:

Why are you connecting encephalitis with autism? Is there a link between these two conditions? Does one lead to the other?

My answer is in this comment I made above. Not above the question you asked but a new comment I just made. The link to the comment is a the bottom of this comment.

I'm not linking the two. I didn't link the two. I provided link from the leading vaccine manufacturer which state vaccine cause some encephalitis and then provided a link to a study done by the John Hopkins University which said brain inflammation is a hallmark of autism.

John Hopkins University is one of the leading university in medicine.

Encephalitis is most often referred to as brain inflammation.

Thank you very much for your interest and respectful question.

Okay, but if you aren't linking the two then the question doesn't make much sense. That's why I think he isn't answering it. Why would you bring up autism next to other if there is no link between the two?

@contentjunkie in a comment below you said :

Okay, but if you aren't linking the two then the question doesn't make much sense. That's why I think he isn't answering it. Why would you bring up autism next to other if there is no link between the two?

Because it seems like I didn't had to; the leading manufacturer of vaccines state on their website that vaccine cause encephalitis often referred to as brain inflammation and largest study so far of gene expression in autism (2014) concluded brain inflammation is a hallmark of autism.

I didn't link the two. I just stated the facts.

"How is it possible if vaccine can cause death through encephalitis that it couldn't cause autism which is less that death?"

I'm referring to this question that was bold and caught my eye. I don't think specific question makes sense if there is no link between the two. I mean you could insert anything less than death instead of autism and it would make just as much sense.

How is it possible if vaccine can cause death through encephalitis that it couldn't cause toe fungus which is less that death?

That question is an absurd example of what I'm talking about. It would appear though that there is a link if one is the tell tale symptom of the other. Is that what you are showing now? That there is a link between the two?

The highly contagious disease that primarily targets children has reappeared in Romania, where 3 have died as a result.

According to the Romanian Ministry of Health, a third measles casualty was recorded this week, following an unusually high number of measles cases registered in the country over the last 8 months.

"In the first eight months in Romania were recorded 675 confirmed cases of measles in 23 counties. Two children have died. A third death suspect of measles was recorded in last few days, but a final confirmation is awaited. As compared to 2015, the increase is more than alarming. Last year there were only 7 confirmed cases and no deaths from measles," a translated Ministry news release reads.

##According to authorities, the measles outbreak is the result of "irresponsible campaigns against [the] vaccination of children." These campaigns have attracted the support of many Romanians, as many insist the measles vaccine causes autism in young people. Despite the availability of safe and effective vaccines, measles remains one of the main causes of juvenile mortality. In 2014, approximately 114,900 people died from the disease globally, mostly children under 5. Measles is a highly contagious disease that transmits via bodily fluids. There is no specific treatment, and in most cases people recover within 2-3 weeks. However, the disease poses a threat to children who are malnourished or have weakened immune systems.

If the parents listen to you the children will die like here. I know that immunization is necessary if you know something in medicine. I do not support those who make big contracts vaccines but we need them.

We never really doubted you. The trouble is we have strong evidence of fraud in the official reports. Your experience certainly matters and I we should pursue solutions like vaccines. But if we get the mainstream media science and reports without questioning them we become vehicles of deception even if we are the most honest well intended people in the world (I see you being very genuine here).

On a lighter note.. I'm not saying anything about intent on your part. I casted a negative vote being sure to not affect your reputation (I have not been blogging with jamesc so because my rep is lower it will not affect the author's rep).. Fortunately your material has not been removed (would not have it any other way) .. but it is deceptive given the knowledge I have acquired and the evidence shows it is harmful and dangerously one-sided and to a disturbing degree not open to debate. I would not flag any healthy debate on the topic..

I welcome healthy productive debates..

Please consider removing the downvote.

Nope, fraud on the part of the CDC relating to the info in this post is not much of an opinion, I think it is pretty clear. It is fair, I did not affect the author's reputation.

There are highly contradicting studies about the safety of vaccines. I believe it's because the modern vaccines are not made for same reasons as they were 20 years ago.

Greed for money has corrupted many pharmaceutical companies and because of that many vaccines are made to give big profits for the companies without making sure that the vaccines are safe.

From my knowledge, i am only a student, any vaccine has side effects, but they are "small". There are several aspects. The new vaccines that have appeared have a higher rate of side effects. The problem is the vaccine stalker. In different populations / regions there are different strains. For example know that certain vaccines from northern European countries the percentage of side effects is higher, but the vaccine is cheaper.

highter rates from 0.2 to 0.4 !
But, imunisation in my opinion its absolutely necessary !

I'm find with you @doctor.mimaid quoting some stats but you need to sources your facts. Thank you.

" The risk of developing this complication varies depending on the vaccine strain and the manufacturer"

You said this.

highter rates from 0.2 to 0.4 !

You didn't give sources for this.

i will search for this the next days, when i will have more free time.

Is a one-year-old really prone to get Hepatitis B like you said? Do you know that it is a sexually transmitted disease? Or spread by intravenous drug users? How are most babies prone to that? In the USA, they give that vaccine on the first day of life.
You know, when I was a kid (I'm 47, living in Canada) we did not yet have the MMR Vaccine. Myself, my siblings, and most all the children I knew got chicken pox, rubella, mumps and measles and nobody seemed to think they were scary. How come you are calling them deadly?

because there are god damned other children living in improvised areas in under developed countries with no access to medicines and vaccines and felling sick to a minor illness and dying because their country had no money to buy. and ignorant people who think vaccines are evil.

Please try not to confuse trying to help people avoid illnesses with the nature of modern vaccines. Those are two different things.

how different are they? Aren't vaccines a mile dose of the virus itself and letting the body build immunity and then the immunity system fight a virus later on if it indeed meets the same one? @canadian-coconut's view is really coming from developed countries. How about undeveloped countries where complications can happen from a full blown virus without appropriate medical infrastructure and babies and children dying from them? I think @nelu.ceban is raising a valid strong point.

On other hand, can you please explain your claim with evidence and proof? By evidence, i mean a solid scientific and medical claim. Please see logic's reply to this post.

Please consider removing your downvote. It does not look civilized from outside of steemit.

Re steeming this post

On other hand, can you please explain your claim with evidence and proof?

Sure .. It has not gone to jury trial yet. The movie below presents evidence of the CDC committed fraud in covering up the link between the MMR and Autism. Specifically the vaccine given between 12 and 14 months of age especially in African American males. When immunizations are done as recommended "done according to a predetermined plan" (as mentioned in the post above) the study shows a statistical correlation between the MMR and Autism .. Because they attempted to destroy this evidence and this risk is not disclosed to parents we are dealing with fraud.

Again, I'm not pointing fingers at the author or anyone else who still believes in vaccines, but I should be a good person seek truth and do my very best to warn other people even if the message is not well received (in other works, it ain't going away until we clear the air).

This is how I can live with the knowledge (which is admittedly not so pleasant to think about), I can live with it knowing I make an effort to help others understand. When I see they understand I back off my work is done (does not matter what one may have decided - there is no right or wrong here). I hope you will take some time to check it out too.

The funny thing is, this is actually a pro-vax movie. Even though I share more of @canadian-coconut's views (build the immune system in other ways), I have confidence in the material in the movie because it has facts and shows a more balanced realistic view on the topic. Robert De Niro and the producer has not really grasped the big picture yet, but I see their followup interviews and I can see how they are putting it all together.. That is ok, the point is to investigate and go down the path of discovery.

how different are they? Aren't vaccines a mile dose of the virus itself and letting the body build immunity

Vaccines contain many nasty things including aluminium (probably the worst, it is a neurotoxin). @canadian-coconut has done an excellent job covering this.

How about undeveloped countries where complications can happen from a full blown virus without appropriate medical infrastructure ...

Yes, you have a case here!! If you gathered evidence and made a decision and posted it that would be normal health task. That could be quality material. In fact I couldn't disagree with you because I have no opinion on someone else's decision to take or not take the vaccine..

I'm not advocating pro or anti vaccine. I'm here to expose fraud and warn people they are being lied too. My view is, people (including medical professionals) just need to get to the truth and think rationally. This warrants conversation. This stuff will work itself out for the better when that happens..

The concern is the cover-ups where people are lied to and information is withheld or manipulated. Now that I know about it I'm morally obligated to do something about it or I will sink into the dark side too.

Please consider removing your downvote.

Nope, even if your risk of the dying from a virus was 100% and the cure rate of the vaccine was 100% it is still fraud to produce a vaccine schedule that is known to cause Autism and hide that risk from the public. This post advocates using that schedule without informing the user of the risk.. Not cool. My down-vote is really for the CDC. The flag did not affect the author's reputation I would not have flagged it if it did.

"In the USA, they give that vaccine on the first day of life."
Not in all country from the world, I suppose there are some country wich dont have enought money for that.
but at the moment in some country the family are asking agree or not agree with the vaccin. DEMOCRACY So.... the result ... will see in some years, but these cases are not showing at tv.

This page has link to medical study that proves Tdap vaccine causes microcephaly and government knew it in 1991 but now they are falsely claming that it was caused by zika virus.

Here is the link to that study if you don't want to visit the link above. This link is on government site as you can see from the .gov domain. This is one the most respected sites for medical science studies.

Can you add a little bit more specific citations for your images like direct links. Site it like this ([Citation] (direct link)) just take the space out between the bracket and parentheses. If you do that it will look like this (Citation). This will allow you to have full direct citations with out cluttering up your blog post.

Otherwise good post.

I have an issue with that

An issue with what? Appropriately citing materials? I don't understand.

@justtryme i tryed also this but i have no success. i tryed even with
can you make a video pls.

send me a message on and I will help you work through your issues.

I used the link from your above post and it shows up as I have described...

[Source] (BLAH) put your link inside the parentheses no spaces between anything. Right now there is a space between the ] and the ( . They need to be touching no spaces.

maybe that was the problem of nelu.ceban :)))

I don't know, they didn't even include exact links to the images. Which should be done. Hopefully @nelu.ceban sees this comment chain and it helps. :)

we identified the prob.
so, when you use editor, it doesnt work.

Ahhhhhhh, good call! I always just make my posts with markdown. Well at least you are able to get things to work :)

don't like needles, horror

yes its good to get kids vaccinated to prevent any future immunities

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