Business medication: the pharmacist decide to sell a drug of 10 $ or 50 $ to you

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A new seller appeared in our lives: the pharmacist (the druggist). Sold at the counter. We have to get used to it. There was the greed of "smart guys".


Pharmacists were resigned to this status: the seller of drugs. No specialist, as in the faculties of pharmacy dreamed that followed them. Pharmacy networks, emerging like mushrooms, they killed the dream of being a pharmacist. Really. They're all sellers. Along with other "labor" cheap: pharmacy assistants. Assistants made the "conveyor belt", to cover demand networks. Unless you are in any network, go bankrupt and starve.

The Pharmacy, itself, was transformed by employers in this highly lucrative field in a "unit profit". For patrons networks of pharmacies and hangers-chief of these companies , The pharmacist is an unpleasant character who is unable to follow the rules of profit maximization: to recommend related products, arrange planograms to report urgently sales situations, be willing to compromise with sales agents and, especially, to squeeze the customer as much money.

Because pharmacists are "vector sales"! It takes a hell of a diploma! The pharmacist must sell to the pharmacy is not charitable foundation or charitable society, it is business! All network pharmacies aggressive ads that flooded television, falsify the pharmacist profession and are falsehoods. Swallowed us all.


To increase sales, pharmacists are trained to some individuals who have nothing to do with the ethics of this profession. Another humiliation swallowed guild pharmacists. On the other hand, for patients who stumbles on a daily crowd the streets pharmacy, the pharmacist has become the most unlikable man on earth. There is a type Who does not want to release prescription (not correctly completed), because it puts on roads to doctor or Insurance because it does not give the pills green that have done well, and his gives instead of other pills, because of expensive medicines, although television was said that the ministry has cheapened because cheating on him, because he never wanted to give him some pills without a prescription, because he refused to look at eczema on the foot and sent the doctor!

Pharmacists scoff at people (a big part)! Caught between greed and grievances employers patients, what should do pharmacists? Nothing. Already, they are sellers in networks with other networks: sports betting, pawnshops, gambling halls and supermarkets. If you want to do the job, however, to emigrate to countries where their profession is respected.

I wait your thoughts about this subject!

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Isn't it a bit exaggerated? This sounds a bit too generalized. From my own experience with pharmacists, all those I met provide good advices, allow me sometimes not to go to the doctor and thus to spare time, and do not look for money at all costs. To make things clearer, my experience is in France.

yes, not too much exagerated but I talked to few pharmacists and I studied these problems.

How general is your sample? Is it spread all over the world or well localized geographically?

all Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe but also in Western Europe I know enough cases

I see. I know counterexamples from France and Belgium, but my statistical sample is limited to a couple of units. I am however always surprized by generalizations such as the one you made (note that I am not saying you are wrong, just that I am surprized).

interesting oppinion behind the big pharma.

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As a pharmacist myself I didn't quite understand your article. Yes, pharmacists have to make a profit to stay in business and it certainly is a business. Yes, the dispensing of prescriptions is an 'assembly line' of sorts aided by technicians.

However, its our mission to find mistakes the doctors make and try to correct them. To help the patients get the most from the medication they take. Inform the patients when they have better options.

As for looking as someone's skin rash (Eczema) .. the reason I don't want to look is that I'm not trained in diagnosis. If I look at your rash and say its Eczema vs athletes foot, acne, atopic dermatitis, or whatever them I'm diagnosing the disease that that's a Doctor's job. I open myself up to malpractice lawsuits by performing outside of my training.

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