Brainsteem Mathematics Challenges: Areas in a Mandala

in mathematics •  8 months ago


Below is drawn a "four-petal mandala". Within the larger outer circle are drawn four smaller circles, all intersecting at the centre in four-fold symmetry and each touching the outer circle. The middle circle is constructed using the points of intersection of the four smaller circles.

What is the ratio of the blue area to the white area?

This can be done in a number of ways, but the key to solving this within the time pressures of a competition is to avoid calculating too many areas!

The first correct answer and further interesting comments will be rewarded with an upvote.


image: my design with Geogebra

More Brainsteems coming soon...

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I am stoned and looking at this. It feels 'half and half plus or minus fifteen percent error.'

Mmmm that was medicinal and sexy.. I needed that, thank you.


Am I accurate within those boundary conditions?

Cast: Ace of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles, 8 of Cups.....

It was a solid guess. :D


A very creative guess! Within your boundary conditions... mmm... yes... but the error margin is worse than a sociology experiment! ;-)


I value my accuracy track record... of course my error margins are unapologetically broad. :D


Yeah it looks like a 50-50 to me too, eyeballing it.

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