10 Things That Truly Set Steem Apart As A Blockchain In My Eyes - You'll Like This One.

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You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!

Ok, you can. Sorry for doubting. Everyone doubts Steem... force of habit.

10 Positive Differentiating Factors That'll Help Steem Catch On Like Wildfire When The World Catches Up:

  • I want to break the "best crypto community" cliche down to some of the most interesting, intelligent, conscious, passionate, dedicated, talented, and dynamic human beings in the world interacting on the same blockchain. How do I know this? Well, I see their blogs, comments, and videos. Everyone brings something to the table or our melting pot to help build this larger community. It's a sum of all the parts. Everyone contributes here whether they know it or not. Please find that on any other blockchain in the world. You can't. Steem is a unique channel to access, engage and learn from the cream of the crop any time you want.

  • Steem can be a place to express yourself, grow as an individual, build your brand, and redefine career paths. I've seen many Steemians grow from crypto newbs into budding speakers, community leaders, investors, etc.. For me, it's been a priceless sounding board for difficult personal challenges I would've bottled up otherwise, therapy if you will. It's also motivated me to post drum videos, write hundreds of jokes for the first time ever, lead two fitness challenges, share my baseball seasons, open up to world about my recycling and thrifting endeavors, and show my face online (work in process). To be honest, barely any of my closest friends and family give a crap about my recycling/thrifting or baseball, so Steem and Steemit has been priceless for me. Steemians actually give a damn to respect and encourage these talents. Heck, they even reward me with cryptocurrency for it! I feel that everyone can relate to this in some way and that's pretty damn special value add for a "blockchain."

  • SOCIAL MEDIA GATEWAY TO CRYPTO <--> CRYPTO GATEWAY TO SOCIAL MEDIA. Most people "get this," but do they really appreciate how unique this opportunity is today? Take a few steps back, look from a bird's eye view, astrally project, or zoom out in your mind. Billions of people use and leverage social media. It's mainstream and a massive driver of commerce. This will only continue to grow exponentially (think Internet). When crypto booms again, just like the last bull run had new users signing up on Steem like crazy, it'll happen again... and it'll probably stick this time. Instead of holding the line to defend our worth to the globe, there's the potential for mainstream global adoption over time we'll happily let our guard down for and protect from censorship.

  • It's virtually free and instantaneous to transfer cryptocurrency to anyone with a Steem wallet on a 24/7 basis. Do the math. Oh wait, there isn't any. Forget upvoting others a slice of the rewards pool. Think bigger. I went to send $65 of Bitcoin tonight and it'd cost me $5. I wound up converting it to another token and saving $4 after the transfer. I could send a billion dollars of Steem now (from my secret account*) and it'd be completely free. That's not breaking news, but it's breaking down global financial barriers for people across the world. This is a massive advantage when most other cryptocurrencies have normalized transaction fees for transfers and usage.

  • Engaging on the blockchain through its applications, i.e. Steemit, allows you to earn cryptocurrency without ANY fiat investment. All you need is internet access and some time. Don't get me wrong, I love BTC and ETH, but the last I checked, I needed to convert USD into those tokens to obtain them. ALL of my Steem has been manually earned, so I really appreciate this first hand. While earning potential is tied to a variety of factors, and isn't always as easy as one would hope, it's there. The new hard fork has created a lot of optimism for fairer rewards and equitable incentives for stakeholders to curate. I'm not aware of any other blockchain that has a global reward pool users can access and claim from on a daily basis. Are we simply too close in the eye of the storm to see how freaking cool this is? Inflation isn't ideal, but when demand and adoption is ignited again, it'll be negligible, right?

  • Building on top of #3, literally, there are applications built on the Steem blockchain that emulate the likes of Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and a slew of other mainstream social media platforms. Here's a link to Amazon where you can buy books on rocket science, or you can skip that step because we're all smart enough to realize this is a gargantuan opportunity. We just need more marketing and developers to allow Steem to start to realize its true potential... what the faithful see.

  • Steem is a flexible and dynamic platform. It can change, improve and evolve. Virtually anyone can swoop in and make an impact with a new application, investment in a project, or influence leadership with mindful opinions or direction, and so on. This is all possible because we can all conveniently stay in tune and interact with each other on the chain for all eyes to see and chime in on. We can fork with minimal red tape and negligible drama relative to other tokens like BTC or ETH. In fact, we're pretty good at forking. We've done it 21 times and kept everyone banded together. Steem Classic 1-20 doesn't exist.

  • You meet people you would've NEVER met before. Cultures and ways of life are shared and appreciated all across the world. People learn from and support each other in many ways. This may be virtually at first, but it naturally expands into the real world. People build friendships and genuinely come to care about each other in various respects. This is sort of amazing in itself, blockchain or not. Not everyone is here for this reason, and many value their privacy, but the opportunity is there for those who want it. Steem is a blockchain that enables this. I can't think of others right now where it's a substantial aspect of its core benefits.

  • If Steem's price appreciates to a few dollars again, or more, the potential for investors and users to be financially set for life with a valuable asset, and active and passive income is unreal. This needs no more explanation.

  • Steem is a revolution. Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc, are NOT. They are businesses harvesting and selling data. Steem is corporate agnostic and censorship resistant. Steem is freedom, the breaker of chains. Enough said.

These are my personal opinions. I was in a good mood to try to create some positive waves. This is not investment advice.

Any to add?

This post was sparked by a comment from @willowwisp today. Case in point.

Please resteem if you think this could help others see the bigger picture during these tough times.


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~Smartsteem Curation Team

so what about the downvoting in the best crypto community where you can freely express yourself and push your brand ? (if the competition doesn't censor your post in one-click?)
Any thoughts on that ?

I believe you're asking if a business' competition can squash their competition's posts via downvotes if they have a large stake. I don't think a business' focus will be on posting blog entries if they're running a business on the chain. I think the chain would be integrated into their business, versus using an application to promote as a high priority. If that is for some reason the case, I don't know what the solution would be. It'd look pretty tacky of the larger SP-holding competitor to do that, so it could be a bad look for public relations.

I love the queen of dragons and, yes, Steem is a gateway drug for people into the world of crypto, etc.

Hopefully it's the gateway drug and cure for many challenges we face today at the same time.

I must say steemit has pulled me out of a funk I didn't know I was in. Looking at that blank white computer Steemit screne and producing something takes the mind away from what is. And the focus it takes to put out something really good as you have (loved the piece about all the problems of getting a perfect post out) I think will take me to another level.

Wonderful post! People are not aware of what an amazing place steem is. A point to add:

  • you can even play games here! 😉

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Good point. Thank you!

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Hear hear! Got that smartsteem vote!

The unobtainable curation for myself..

Good thing I know that the wolf is spreading that bot money and I also know you're not a big botter, otherwise in the past when I saw that SS upvote I get my flag out lol..

Number 11 some of the best politicians on any chain anywhere 🤗

But, I appreciate your positive vibes and won't be a Debbie Downer..

Steem on!

  ·  9 days ago (edited)

I'm trying to turn a corner post fork with the revamped voting activity and sharing of SP to convince myself to invest. Sometimes spelling it out for myself and others reacting helps. Instead of me being skeptical, I wanted to be completely positive in this respect to feel it out. Create some ripples. Let people know I'm still around. I didn't pay for any votes, it just came through.

What'd you mean by number 11? Cryptic!

Makes sense, I like the strategy. Yea I’m aware you didn’t buy any votes.

Thinking of investing eh ? I don’t suppose there’s much difference in 16 cent steem and possible rock bottom of who knows cents ? Unless of course you’re looking to buy a million steem 😝 Then of course I’ll have to insist you become a witness..

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