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@steemitblog I raised a few questions in this post about the communities.

and by the way, perhaps its time to change the "call to action" - join our communitIES instead of community? at the end of the articles here.

As for apps, I hope someone takes emoticons into consideration and themes - if you are thinking of plug ins like wordpress perhaps you guys could also take themes on how to present our posts - and our blog page into consideration though it must be a lot a work to do and we may look like copy cats but why fight something that already work - when outdoing it is another option ;)


Personally I'm not worried about looking like a copy cat, but making sure to focus our development bandwidth on our priorities is critical. That being said, I like your ideas :) Thanks for the feedback

lol - Is it even worth mentioning. Gift it to someone. Seriously, such a petty thing.