Kannaway cannabis marketing.

in marketing •  9 months ago

An opretunity of a lifetime where a brand new market is open for the masses.
This is an opretunity for those who are enthusiastic about the sustainable future we can have with industrial hemp and who want to promote it's benefits too the world. This is one way to bring hemp products back too the masses.

The video is there to give you some insight into the past of hemp.

The global population has been betrayed by corporate influences and governments that were protecting their own interests in the stock market. Imagine all the farmers in india farming hemp instead of cotton. There would not have been an epedemic of farmer deaths because of soil erosion.

The drug war has stigmatized hemp in such a negative light. And some will even not read or hear the positive news it has brought those who are sick and have terminal illness because "reefer madness" stigma. Well its time to break that outlook for this plant. It has not done anything wrong only people who claim it is bad are those who claim it is bad to use it without proper knowledge and only judging by prejudice.

What am i getting at well i am offering you an opretunity to join me on this market.

Send me an email to jbjarmar@gmail.com if you are willing to work and we can have a meeting.

Disclaimer - No there are no illegal substances involved this is industral hemp products.

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How are you, friend, long time no read you, have you considered my proposal?


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Free the plant! Make nature legal!

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