Glass pipes: Part 1

in marijuana •  2 years ago

 Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. 

-Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I have made quite a few pipes throughout the years. Some good and some bad. You learn from each piece that you work on. It is a very slow process and it will test your patients, but is very rewarding in the end. As promised on my intro/giveaway thread I will be posting pictures of work starting with pipes and moving in all directions from there. This is the first of many threads of its kind. If you would like to see some of my other glass please check threads below. I will also be posting about life in the shop and answer anyone's questions about cost of tools or material. I admire and have learned so much from many skilled glass workers from all over, and I will share some of that too. A little later I will share as much helpful information as possible to get started with the basics of #glassblowing and making a #pipe as I know many are curious about the process. 

The giveaway mentioned above is still going on! Please see details below.

I do hope you enjoy. Until next time, cheers!

There are 5 pipes still up for grabs!
You can find the giveaway HERE. It is important that these threads are verified. Please use my thread HERE to do so. This is adequate to start. In the near future pics of fresh product will have the same sign as in my vefitication video. For now the product above has already been photographed but as one can tell by my giveaway post it is the same photobooth. I do have a few more pics of glass in the same photobooth setup and will probably watermark them or something for now. I will probably just snap pics in the shop with my sign in the future before the photobooth because it will be easier to verify that way.Keep on #steemin and stay tuned for more #glass coming very soon. 

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