WTH??? How the far out is everyone coping with MANDELA EFFECT?????

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Oh how am I going to 'splain this without sounding wonky

It was the FlinTstones, I don´t care who you are - Flin is not a stone

If you haven´t yet had your own mandela effect you probably skipped right past this post.

If you HAVE had your own effect/s I BET this was clickbait!!

Mandela effect is a name for a phenomenon (do doo di do do) where large numbers of individuals collectively remember an event, a brand name, a line from a movie, a title of a book, the spelling of a persons name, passages from the bible, places, masterpieces of fine art, logos, etc ...differently but all the same or sometimes there are sub groups with slightly differing memories.

I will just get on with some examples, and I will tackle the hecklers and the dissatisfying explanations later.
Unless you experience it yourself, you will just think you´re talking with a young alzheimers candidate.

This phenomenon became called THE MANDELA EFFECT as apparently when Nelson Mandela died in 2013, many people around the earth were certain that he had died in the mid 1980s. Many swear they had seen his funeral on TV. All I remember is him being released from prison and I feel these people must have confused the two "celebrations".

These are the mandela effects which have stumped me.

  1. Snow white The Queen ALWAYS said Mirror Mirror on the wall... now it is magic mirror

People have said Disney came in and changed it. People say different Taiwanese versions off dodgy copiers...
BUT MY FRIEND Aurore from France told me her childhood DVD definitely said Mirror Mirror. When she went back home to France she watched the DVD and IT NOW SAYS MAGIC MIRROR. This is a real friend I know and love and trust in real life. THIS is what makes mandela effect interesting! Many many people are reporting their old physical copies of things like books, dvds, products, BIBLES are physically changing, morphing, to reflect the new change!

  1. Apparently MANY phrases in the bible are changing. The only one I know is The Lords´Prayer.

I remember it was "forgive us our tresspasses"... now it is changed to "forgive us our debts".
If you have a bible in your house please check and tell me nothing is morphing where you live...

I am pretty sure most a lot of what is in that book had been addled long before mandela effect... and this could just be different versions, google translate, whatever

  1. Sex In The City

I know Carrie Bradshaw was a terrible writer but this is really bad english

is now Sex and the City. Well why did I find an old DVD of the series at a mexican junk market tiltled ¨sexo en la cuidad"!! This is called reality residue. Another fascinating thing about the phenomena is most places reflect the new changed title, but things around still hold clues of the old way remembered by many.
There is a youtube video compilation of Sex In the City receiving many TV awards and every time the presenters call the show SEX IN THE CITY. Why would they all have had the name wrong at several different awards shows over a span of years?

  1. Interview with A Vampire

Don´t fight boys, you´re both pretty

is now Interview with The Vampire. Anne Rice herself says it was ALWAYS Interview with THE Vampire. Ok so many people collectively remember it wrong. Thats´s fair enough. I remember being corrected on what I thought was Steve Miller Bands "Fly like a negro" song.
But another friend on FB told me the physical copy in his house was Interview With A Vampire, then returned 2 mins later to tell me his home copy had fecken MORPHED. The case. The movie itself titles...
This guy could be an agent sent from the govt to confuse me so I implore you all, please check out these items if you have physical copies in your house.

  1. JFK Assassination. How many people were in the vehicle on that Zapruder film that day?
    I only remembered four people. A driver a body guard, Jackie and JFK.
    Well there was actually 6, Governor Connolly and his wife sitting in the middle of a six seater with two windscreens!

Ok so this really felt shocking in my guts when I looked and saw, indeed there were six... but I wrote it off as my bad, as I, and I suppose the whole world really was too busy watching Jackie in Chanel climbing up to collect John´s brains off the back. Connelly and his wife were ducked right down and I guess I just never noticed them.

Then I saw that at one of the Ford Motor Company Museums they have a replica of the JFK assassination vehicle.
And it´s a four seater with one windscreen.. You´d think they´d get that right. Is this some reality residue or just employee incompetence?

The other strange thing about the JFK thing is a few years back there was a theory going around that the driver actually turned around and shot JFK. Not many took it seriously, although I pondered it at the time. I wonder, would I really have throught it possible that the driver could turn around and shoot JFK through the second windscreen and right between the heads of Connelly and his wife? Why didn´t I notice their presence at that time???

Oh and does anyone have any old LIFE mags laying around

  1. Berenstein Bears.

This was the first one that bucked me. Actually I remember them as BERNSTEIN Bears but this is close enough. apparently now they are the BERENSTAIN Bears. I learnt to read and spell with these books. And yes, I too would have made poo jokes for my brothers if there were any stains involved.
Ohhh that is all just "misremembering" people say... "don´t you know if 20 people witness a crime they all record it differently in their minds".
Well people on the interwebs have scoured old library microfishe TV guides and found the show WAS named BERENSTEIN up until 2011 or so then it changed. Another has reported finding an old lawsuit between the cartoon creators, Jan and Stan BERENSTEIN. Not many lawsuits would be filed with the subjects name spelled incorrectly. But here´s another weird twist. they interviewed the son recently and he said the family name was always Berenstain. Cognitive dissonance yet?

7.Brands. BRAGGS Apple Cider Vinegar

is a superior health remedy for many ailments. I´ve been using it for 25 years. The name recently changed to BRAGG. People reporting labels on bottles in their house drop the ´S´. A youtuber rings several health store workers and they all call it BRAGGS and wonder why several people have been asking about the name change lately? Others say Chic fil-A used to have a K in Chick, or vice versa. SKETCHERS shoes, is now SKECHERS.
(Sounds like you a clearing a loog)
Looney Toons is now Looney Tunes.

  1. Other famous lines Darth Vader used to say

"Luuuke, I am your father". Now he says "No. I am your father." It´s a small thing but it matters to boys who crossed swords in the bath.

In Gone With The Wind, just before Rhett damns her to hell... Scarlett used to say "whatever shall I do... wherever shall I go..."
Now it´s "Where shall I go.. what shall I do"

  1. Spelling changes to various famous peoples names.

Pete Townsend is now Pete Townshend. Barbara Streisand is now Barbra Streisand.

Perhaps we didn´t gaze at those albums long enough. Charles Shultz who wrote ´Snoopy´is now Charles Shulz.

  1. Places. People are saying continents have moved, the statue of liberty has moved, and other things but you must claw through a lot of cray cray to find any sense at all on this INCREDIBLE, (if real), phenomenon.

I say, if real because I am gullible, I have been tricked before, and there are some interesting magicians on this earth with technologies available I know nothing of. However, some memories I am not prepared to secede. There are some things I know I knew differently and you could waterboard me and I would not falter.

  1. The masterpiece. American Gothic, the painting. Is it as you remember?

Perhaps you were influenced by seeing the photo. I had never seen the photo in my recollection, but when I saw the photo today I exclaimed "yes! That is how I remember the painting!". It felt wrong on google images to just see this new jarring image over and over and over.

  1. Changes in our anatomy. Some say there are now no floating ribs and the digestive system is different and the kidneys are higher... I say who is the authority on this stuff anyway, across the world there must be so many versions that differ, books written and drawn differently, models made differently. Of course, by ratios, bodies do have measurable units of distances between points so if the body is really changing, well I´m a massage therapist all my life and I´m not noticing any changes by palpation.

  2. Company Logos. People say VW logo has changed. People say Ford now has a curly on the F which was never there... I say these things could have been changed or screwed up by different manufacturers over the years of changing plants and workforces etc.

It really can not be easily explained as the effect comes from the shock of the new reality that something now is differerent from how you remember it. It only effects someone as strongly as they hold their own memories, and depends on their own unique connections to the subject matter.

There are many more examples being thrown around, many are a waste of time, and I feel there is also a great deal of obfuscation happening with a LOT of rubbish posts by both paid agents, and just dumbarses aplenty.

There are however some very thoughtful, reverential and philosophical youtubers who have made me realise I am not alone when I begin to estimate the magnitude of this.
It´s easily written off as lots of delusional, drug addled dipshits but have you seen the dancing CERN emloyees?????

The creepy dance they do there in the Large Hardon Collider

Have you seen Back to The Future the way people were just evaporating out of family photographs.. . . ; )

Have you SEEN this photo? Pharrell Williams is HAPPY to be with Nelson Mandela

Maryanne Williamson AND Nelson Mandela are both attributed this same quote from around the same time.
"...Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?"

Now check out this little fucker from CERN telling us "We are very happy at CERN" , with a big "MANDELA" sign on his lap! Who is seeding this crap and why am I buying it?

I´m not. I´m not sold on nothing yet
But I am watching, listening with attention.

What does it mean if this sort of technology COULD go back and change things retrospectively.
It might spell the end of so called objective truth. Even though I know we all have our own unique perspective I like to think there is a thing as objective truth, and it is to our benefit to align ourselves with it as best we can, whenever we can.

If there are parallellish universes where we have just been steered an enth degree off by some creepy method, I still cannot imagine why we all wouldn´t be misremembering together.
And why so many people misremembering together, now?

There are some who quickly correct themselves if they remember a thing one way only to find now that thing has changed. MOST people just write off their own memory and quickly align with the group accepted consensus.
There are others who definitely, really, remember in their childhood bedroom, their childhood cartoon book family was called The BerenSTAINS.
They think it´s always been that way ; )
Even people brought up in the same neighborhood in the same schools can remember it differently, and I believe them both.

How is this happening? And why have we never heard of anything quite like it??

In the first week of discovering I was experiencing some of those Mandela effects on the above list my mind just boggled day and night on it. After a few days one day I had to lay down on my bed and a few little tears rolled down my cheek.
Was it possibly going to destroy some aspects of life that make it beautiful?

If even our masterpieces can be indetectably vandalised for kicks by some dorks... this could be worse than the burning of The Library of Alexandria.

Then I started to consider the possibilities of the new ways we might have to interract in a future world where all of us have had some kind of serious morphs.
It might make us a lot more tolerant. For example we might all become a bit better at respecting others experience once we have our own memories called into question.

I ask people... what do you know and love, that if it changed, you would notice...
They reply all sorts of odd personal things but I guess we would have to have A lord of The Rings, or, A Hobbit... or...the Holy Bible change to The Holy Buble for everyone to say ..."¿HuH? Didn´t that used to be The Holy Bible Myrtle??? Oh I guess I never looked close enough at it. Oh well, crack another beer SALUUUT"

I tell you what if this is just the misrememberings of a bunch of misinbred hotdog casualties then WHY THE FLICK IS CERN PUTTING OUT TEASER PHOTOS OF WIZARDS BRAGGING ABOUT MANDELA:

If I´m overreacting to some spammy stuff seeded me by the brilliant networks of paid shills shitting all over the internet I apologise in advance. It´s taken me nearly a year to discuss the topic in public, so I don´t feel I´m being rash.

We are very happy at CERN... oh are you? Well the rest of us might like you to stop fucking with the base programming of the matrix if that is what this is!

I think it sucks that so few people have their eyes on this happening , this old guy reeks to me of noticing us. They are telling us what they do, as they do it, as is a law of karma. If you warn your victims of your deeds and they don´t save themselves, it´s their fault... right?
No dickheads it is still your fault and it won´t be long till you find out what´s what.


When I watches Demolition Man as a teenager the Restaurant was Taco Bell. And now it is pizza hut. All the links are in this article. Showing the Mandela Effect...


thanks i will check it : )

I upvoted You

Very interesting. However, I used to correct people for misquoting Star Wars. I was born in 1983, and in 1989 I was telling people it was, "No, I am your father." from the VHS version I had. People always misquoted it by saying Luke's name simply because it was addressed towards him without saying, "Luke". . .

My husband remembers his parents' 70s records of Barbra Streisand being without the a as a child.

Logos constantly change. CONSTANTLY.

I remember it as Flintstones and Bernstein Bears and Sketchers and Interview with The Vampire too though. . . so that is odd!

As for the Bible, I think that is due to mistranslated. The original translation to English was off on so many ways and people have been correcting it.

The JFK car thing is what boggles me most. Anyway this was so interesting.
Look up Flintstone products on ebay and they all still have a t. I think someone just screwed up for the image you have.

wow! justice pirate thats the kind of response I love! A level headed open mindedness so your brains don´t slip out ; ) But big enough to accept some things are a little discombobulating : ) If this is your first intro to the topic you´re about to have a lot of fun I think! Anyway, I´m just glad because my aim was to make a post that a rookie could see and understand and be presented with many examples in a short space to compare those we can eliminate for various reasons, with those which present reality residue. As friend of mine put it... At first you stick with your memory on something, then you concede you must be mistaken... then you find some RR and you think - Fuck Off I was right the first time ! : )))))

Nah, my brother and his wife are all about learning the Mandela Effect and have told me about it previously and shown me a few things, though not all you shared.

Okay that is really really odd. My dad has seen alllll the bond films. I wonder if he recalls that scene too. Does the original film still have braces. . .as in the original created one? Is this in the VHS or DVD or both? I just think it has to do with something in regards to editing over time...

a lot of people say its just on the new DVD Bluray versions but this guy has an old VHS tape (slip to 7:20

Now I watched this one. Okay so in the old VHS one we see this...hmm. So interesting.

Now that's a weird one. The WHOLE POINT of dolly and jaws little love was that she had metal all over her teeth like him. I was a HUGE bond fan as a kid and I remember watching this at least a dozen times. The stuff about logos and company names is easy, I've personally seen the VW logo change over the years (used to work in autobody) but stuff like this really makes me take a step back.

totally cant figure out this one, such a weird thing to have to change on a vhs... i just wish someone could find an old vhs with her with braces then we could all go back to sleep... anyone who saw this remembers she had braces in the original at least... dont they????

Not to address all the things in this, but a couple of the most obvious to me:

The "flinstones" cap from the youtube video is a bad photoshop, look at the L cut out to follow the line of Wilma's hair, just cut and moved over, the smudge under the N which got rid of Pebbles' little top-knot thing.

The Bible has many, many versions which differ in both translation and paraphrasing. This is no different than two different people trying to explain something in a different language in two or more different ways today.

The spelling for Looney Toons probably got changed because parents were worried their kids would be too stupid to understand it wasn't the right way of spelling it.

JFK's limo would be different at the museum and in the magazine because there was only ever one built and it was the property of Ford Motor Company. Depending on how soon after the assassination took place, the media was probably not allowed access to the actual car so they just used an unmodified version of the same kind of Lincoln for the shoot. Same goes for the car in the museum picture, there is a museum where the car is on display, this just isn't it.

As my wife @justicepirate said, car companies change their logos all the time.

As a kid it was funny to me that Barbra Streisand had the word "bra" in her name, because I was a young boy so seeing the word bra was exciting.

Those points aside, I refuse to believe that I would remember the way things "used" to be if they were changed. I believe that my memories would be rewritten if history was re-written. Granted, this would only be the case if my belief about a singular universe were true. Even if it weren't and there was a multiverse, most people would claim altering the past would create a splinter universe separate from ours that had no effect on our current situation.

Sorry for the long response, I just can't find good enough evidence to convince me that most of what's presented for the Mandela Effect isn't fabricated or just general stupidity of the human race.

This is a great response too thanks @robsteady! Thanks so much for clearing up the Flintstones... Must be some interesting debates around at your house ; )
I like the way people can write off several or many and thus convince themselves they have written off all.
I wish I was like that. The ones that niggle away at me keep calling me back to greater possibility and theory about the nature of reality. But im probably just overexcited. Its embarrassing to be fooled but I´ was just googling for pictures I saw that and thought.... another one! Upon a 2 second google NOW I notice I fell for a dumb trick there with the Flinstones (thanks for your sharp eye and for taking the time to read and write to point it out to me @robsteady)... as the show is called the Flintstones still and a 2 sec google just showed me that...and I am sorry I didnt research more before posting that one, maybeI I should remove that, but maybe we should keep it and show it one we have crossed off the list.
I totes agree the bible has so many, many versions which differ in both translation and paraphrasing. versions and mistranslations and bastardisations over time who knows what is going on there.
I think youre explaining away Looney Toons to Looney Tunes a tad rapidly. Toons is short for cartoons, and tunes are songs. I need to research this change more but thanks for trying.
As for JFK, what do you make of the LIFE mag photo?

Perhaps its no different than two different people trying to explain something in a different language in two or more different ways today.
Yes I agree with you both about car logos changing, and company logos but when we cant specify a particular date for the change, in the case of BRAGGS, why isnt it in the public record? Maybe it is, you know my research prowess ; (
So maybe too I misremembered Barbra, I have an Auntie Barbara so maybe thats my bias .
Maybe I wasnt a big enough fan of The Who : )
I see how you think if some supernatural thing was happening that could change physical copies of things in our houses, would also have the power to change all of our internal memories the same. This doesnt take into consideration that even when a change happens, there can be much reality residue in slightly differing format that continues the old line. Like product merchandising.
I mean we are discussing a ridiculously unlikely thing here, that lines in movies can morph, that physical books can morph, that every shoe that ever went out from a company and is on the street must have changed its label and hardly anyone notices except in retrospect???
It is twilight zone stuff if any of it is real. : ))))
People who remember things the way they are now, (like me with mandela , I never thought he died in the 80s) tend to think oh Im right and I have a good memory, those others over there they must be addled until you have an effect that hits you. Individually many if not most can be explained away with different versions, printers, nations, etc but then there are just some bits of reality that keep me agape.It does seem like the most preposterous change to the game of life we could ever dream up.
I feel exactly the same as you about many of the effects when you say you just can't find good enough evidence to convince me that most of what's presented for the Mandela Effect isn't fabricated or just general stupidity of the human race.
The key word in that sentence is MOST
The parts that I cant explain are like a stone in my shoe...

Yeah our house can get... interesting.

I wouldn't say I've completely written off the idea, but there's more to why I disbelieve in it than seeing through things that aren't remembered correctly. More or less, have you ever researched the butterfly effect? The amount of ripples that would be caused by someone messing with this much of the past would be baffling.

As far as the LIFE magazine photo, this would be explained with what I was saying about there only being one of those cars in existence and LIFE may not have had access to the actual limo. If it was recently enough after the event there was probably a bunch of blood in it and they wouldn't want that to be shown in the magazine.

According to this website Looney Tunes was always spelled Tunes but that they sometimes intentionally spelled it Toons. So here at least is a wikia page showing (and sort of explaining) both spellings.

This website shows pictures of bottles of BRAGG brand items but refers to it as Bragg's. I haven't found any reference anywhere to it ever actually being called Bragg's so until there is SOME kind of evidence otherwise (there is usually, as you call it, reality residue) I'm going to have to assume this is just perpetuated ignorance, like the "No, I am your father" quote.

I've definitely come across anomalies, but I honestly believe something like CERN messing with the past would create too many problems in our present. Think about all the stupid little things that people suspect are being changed. Why would they mess with those little things and not change something serious? If you're going to fix history, tell NASA to make the capsule door swing outwards instead of in to save the lives of four astronauts, tell them to double-check the issue that caused the Discovery disaster, send someone to keep an eye on the cooling rods at Chernobyl... there are so many things that could be changed yet they mess with the a word in the title of a movie or book?

love this comment and appreciate your [email protected] i agree the amount of related stuff and how it could even all change is unthinkable.
BUT! LIFE mag is supposed to be journalism, so why would they photograph a replica?
And LIFE mag showed no fear of blood and gruel when they featured Roman Polanski sitting in Sharon Tates blood on the floor of the Cielo drive home after the "Manson" murders.
The Braggs reality residue is "just in our minds" but there are youtube vids where a guy calls health food stores and asks them what brand they have and ALMOST ALL employees call it Braggs. It was definitely BRAGGS in my world too. Since I was 22.
The funny thing to me is, how little problems have been created by all of these anomalies recently uncovered by hundreds of thousands.
Perhaps they ARE changing history in our minds somehow.
Perhaps they want huge events changed and small things
Perhaps when we think things are the way they are now, they havent always been...?
I was in 19 when Tiannamen square happened and I completely remember sitting round with my family discussing the people being squashed by tanks and photos in the paper...

This is very interesting. This is the first time I ever heard that he wasn't run over. I have actually seen footage from the shootings as there was a huge documentary made with loads of footage for a few hours from this and you can read books by the students who were there. . BUT they weren't there to see this man. I really don't think he was run over. I was only a few years old when the event happened, so I unfortunately don't recall the real footage, though I am sure I saw it because the news was always on in my house. . .I have a memory since I was 2 very vividly and think it would be ingrained in my brain if I saw a man run over on TV. I was 6 during this event.

EDIT! Another little thing I missed... the photo of the 4 seater car in the LIFE magazine article is actually Vice President Johnsons car, so that is cleared up. The Kennedy Assassination exhibit at the Ford museum exhibit still puzzling.. . .

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 6.6 and reading ease of 76%. This puts the writing level on par with Stephen King and Dan Brown.

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