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RE: WTH??? How the far out is everyone coping with MANDELA EFFECT?????

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Not to address all the things in this, but a couple of the most obvious to me:

The "flinstones" cap from the youtube video is a bad photoshop, look at the L cut out to follow the line of Wilma's hair, just cut and moved over, the smudge under the N which got rid of Pebbles' little top-knot thing.

The Bible has many, many versions which differ in both translation and paraphrasing. This is no different than two different people trying to explain something in a different language in two or more different ways today.

The spelling for Looney Toons probably got changed because parents were worried their kids would be too stupid to understand it wasn't the right way of spelling it.

JFK's limo would be different at the museum and in the magazine because there was only ever one built and it was the property of Ford Motor Company. Depending on how soon after the assassination took place, the media was probably not allowed access to the actual car so they just used an unmodified version of the same kind of Lincoln for the shoot. Same goes for the car in the museum picture, there is a museum where the car is on display, this just isn't it.

As my wife @justicepirate said, car companies change their logos all the time.

As a kid it was funny to me that Barbra Streisand had the word "bra" in her name, because I was a young boy so seeing the word bra was exciting.

Those points aside, I refuse to believe that I would remember the way things "used" to be if they were changed. I believe that my memories would be rewritten if history was re-written. Granted, this would only be the case if my belief about a singular universe were true. Even if it weren't and there was a multiverse, most people would claim altering the past would create a splinter universe separate from ours that had no effect on our current situation.

Sorry for the long response, I just can't find good enough evidence to convince me that most of what's presented for the Mandela Effect isn't fabricated or just general stupidity of the human race.


This is a great response too thanks @robsteady! Thanks so much for clearing up the Flintstones... Must be some interesting debates around at your house ; )
I like the way people can write off several or many and thus convince themselves they have written off all.
I wish I was like that. The ones that niggle away at me keep calling me back to greater possibility and theory about the nature of reality. But im probably just overexcited. Its embarrassing to be fooled but I´ was just googling for pictures I saw that and thought.... another one! Upon a 2 second google NOW I notice I fell for a dumb trick there with the Flinstones (thanks for your sharp eye and for taking the time to read and write to point it out to me @robsteady)... as the show is called the Flintstones still and a 2 sec google just showed me that...and I am sorry I didnt research more before posting that one, maybeI I should remove that, but maybe we should keep it and show it one we have crossed off the list.
I totes agree the bible has so many, many versions which differ in both translation and paraphrasing. versions and mistranslations and bastardisations over time who knows what is going on there.
I think youre explaining away Looney Toons to Looney Tunes a tad rapidly. Toons is short for cartoons, and tunes are songs. I need to research this change more but thanks for trying.
As for JFK, what do you make of the LIFE mag photo?

Perhaps its no different than two different people trying to explain something in a different language in two or more different ways today.
Yes I agree with you both about car logos changing, and company logos but when we cant specify a particular date for the change, in the case of BRAGGS, why isnt it in the public record? Maybe it is, you know my research prowess ; (
So maybe too I misremembered Barbra, I have an Auntie Barbara so maybe thats my bias .
Maybe I wasnt a big enough fan of The Who : )
I see how you think if some supernatural thing was happening that could change physical copies of things in our houses, would also have the power to change all of our internal memories the same. This doesnt take into consideration that even when a change happens, there can be much reality residue in slightly differing format that continues the old line. Like product merchandising.
I mean we are discussing a ridiculously unlikely thing here, that lines in movies can morph, that physical books can morph, that every shoe that ever went out from a company and is on the street must have changed its label and hardly anyone notices except in retrospect???
It is twilight zone stuff if any of it is real. : ))))
People who remember things the way they are now, (like me with mandela , I never thought he died in the 80s) tend to think oh Im right and I have a good memory, those others over there they must be addled until you have an effect that hits you. Individually many if not most can be explained away with different versions, printers, nations, etc but then there are just some bits of reality that keep me agape.It does seem like the most preposterous change to the game of life we could ever dream up.
I feel exactly the same as you about many of the effects when you say you just can't find good enough evidence to convince me that most of what's presented for the Mandela Effect isn't fabricated or just general stupidity of the human race.
The key word in that sentence is MOST
The parts that I cant explain are like a stone in my shoe...

Yeah our house can get... interesting.

I wouldn't say I've completely written off the idea, but there's more to why I disbelieve in it than seeing through things that aren't remembered correctly. More or less, have you ever researched the butterfly effect? The amount of ripples that would be caused by someone messing with this much of the past would be baffling.

As far as the LIFE magazine photo, this would be explained with what I was saying about there only being one of those cars in existence and LIFE may not have had access to the actual limo. If it was recently enough after the event there was probably a bunch of blood in it and they wouldn't want that to be shown in the magazine.

According to this website Looney Tunes was always spelled Tunes but that they sometimes intentionally spelled it Toons. So here at least is a wikia page showing (and sort of explaining) both spellings.

This website shows pictures of bottles of BRAGG brand items but refers to it as Bragg's. I haven't found any reference anywhere to it ever actually being called Bragg's so until there is SOME kind of evidence otherwise (there is usually, as you call it, reality residue) I'm going to have to assume this is just perpetuated ignorance, like the "No, I am your father" quote.

I've definitely come across anomalies, but I honestly believe something like CERN messing with the past would create too many problems in our present. Think about all the stupid little things that people suspect are being changed. Why would they mess with those little things and not change something serious? If you're going to fix history, tell NASA to make the capsule door swing outwards instead of in to save the lives of four astronauts, tell them to double-check the issue that caused the Discovery disaster, send someone to keep an eye on the cooling rods at Chernobyl... there are so many things that could be changed yet they mess with the a word in the title of a movie or book?

love this comment and appreciate your [email protected]... i agree the amount of related stuff and how it could even all change is unthinkable.
BUT! LIFE mag is supposed to be journalism, so why would they photograph a replica?
And LIFE mag showed no fear of blood and gruel when they featured Roman Polanski sitting in Sharon Tates blood on the floor of the Cielo drive home after the "Manson" murders.
The Braggs reality residue is "just in our minds" but there are youtube vids where a guy calls health food stores and asks them what brand they have and ALMOST ALL employees call it Braggs. It was definitely BRAGGS in my world too. Since I was 22.
The funny thing to me is, how little problems have been created by all of these anomalies recently uncovered by hundreds of thousands.
Perhaps they ARE changing history in our minds somehow.
Perhaps they want huge events changed and small things
Perhaps when we think things are the way they are now, they havent always been...?
I was in 19 when Tiannamen square happened and I completely remember sitting round with my family discussing the people being squashed by tanks and photos in the paper...

This is very interesting. This is the first time I ever heard that he wasn't run over. I have actually seen footage from the shootings as there was a huge documentary made with loads of footage for a few hours from this and you can read books by the students who were there. . BUT they weren't there to see this man. I really don't think he was run over. I was only a few years old when the event happened, so I unfortunately don't recall the real footage, though I am sure I saw it because the news was always on in my house. . .I have a memory since I was 2 very vividly and think it would be ingrained in my brain if I saw a man run over on TV. I was 6 during this event.

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