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RE: WTH??? How the far out is everyone coping with MANDELA EFFECT?????

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Very interesting. However, I used to correct people for misquoting Star Wars. I was born in 1983, and in 1989 I was telling people it was, "No, I am your father." from the VHS version I had. People always misquoted it by saying Luke's name simply because it was addressed towards him without saying, "Luke". . .

My husband remembers his parents' 70s records of Barbra Streisand being without the a as a child.

Logos constantly change. CONSTANTLY.

I remember it as Flintstones and Bernstein Bears and Sketchers and Interview with The Vampire too though. . . so that is odd!

As for the Bible, I think that is due to mistranslated. The original translation to English was off on so many ways and people have been correcting it.

The JFK car thing is what boggles me most. Anyway this was so interesting.
Look up Flintstone products on ebay and they all still have a t. I think someone just screwed up for the image you have.


wow! justice pirate thats the kind of response I love! A level headed open mindedness so your brains don´t slip out ; ) But big enough to accept some things are a little discombobulating : ) If this is your first intro to the topic you´re about to have a lot of fun I think! Anyway, I´m just glad because my aim was to make a post that a rookie could see and understand and be presented with many examples in a short space to compare those we can eliminate for various reasons, with those which present reality residue. As friend of mine put it... At first you stick with your memory on something, then you concede you must be mistaken... then you find some RR and you think - Fuck Off I was right the first time ! : )))))

Nah, my brother and his wife are all about learning the Mandela Effect and have told me about it previously and shown me a few things, though not all you shared.

Okay that is really really odd. My dad has seen alllll the bond films. I wonder if he recalls that scene too. Does the original film still have braces. . .as in the original created one? Is this in the VHS or DVD or both? I just think it has to do with something in regards to editing over time...

a lot of people say its just on the new DVD Bluray versions but this guy has an old VHS tape (slip to 7:20

Now I watched this one. Okay so in the old VHS one we see this...hmm. So interesting.

Now that's a weird one. The WHOLE POINT of dolly and jaws little love was that she had metal all over her teeth like him. I was a HUGE bond fan as a kid and I remember watching this at least a dozen times. The stuff about logos and company names is easy, I've personally seen the VW logo change over the years (used to work in autobody) but stuff like this really makes me take a step back.

totally cant figure out this one, such a weird thing to have to change on a vhs... i just wish someone could find an old vhs with her with braces then we could all go back to sleep... anyone who saw this remembers she had braces in the original at least... dont they????

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