Little spiders - Macro Photography

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Hello friends.
Spiders are animals that we usually meet anywhere. The spider has four pairs of legs. This animal with the Araneae order preys on insects by making nets to catch their prey.

In this post I will share a photo of a spider living in a tree in front of my house. I made a macro photo with my smartphone by adding a macro lens. Below you can see the results of the photos.





CategoryMacro Photography
Photos by@askari (my own work)
Camera makerSmartphone Oppo + Macro Lens
Camera modelR7Sf

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I also made some gif from my past post

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Great job, love spiders!!

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Wow this is so amazing mr @askari, 👏 👏, I really like the artists you make, we steemit users will try to be more enthusiastic in developing this steemit, I will continue to share articles about eSteem to people, so we can increase the quantity of eSteem users, and do you know Mr. @askari? Steemit application has helped many unemployed people, especially in Indonesia, thanks for everything steemit continues to develop it, steemit life ... I love steemit, go ahead and good luck..

Awesome shots..thanks for posting!


@thethreehugs , thank you for visit my blog 😊


Hey, I enjoyed seeing your photography.

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