Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

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Would you like to see what I use to protect my Mac against malwares because if you are holding cryptocurrency in a wallet or have Steem, you'd better be protected as much as you can?

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

I wanted to write a post about Mac security for people who invest into cryptocurrency because unlike having money in a bank, we are responsible to secure our crypto assets on our own computers.

The application I am showing you today is just one element of what I am doing to protect my Mac against all threats, viruses, hackers, key loggers, etcetera.

Macs are very secure, much more than PCs using Windows, when they are set up properly and the user follow some rules before installing applications downloaded from the Internet.

Unfortunately problems can still arise on a Mac when the user himself makes mistakes and I will write another post about this.

I'm sorry for those using Windows, you may find similar software and follow the same basic advice to secure your PC, but it is much more difficult, in my opinion, and as I have quit using Windows for years, I will not write a post about it.

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Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

One of the applications I use to secure my Mac is Malwarebytes.

I have been very satisfied with it since I installed it a year ago, you may visit the website here:

That's a direct link, no affiliate link, I recommend it because I am using it and it's good.

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

This is what they say about their technology.

Smarter technology

Traditional antivirus relies on outdated signature-based technology that addresses threats at the execution stage of the attack chain. It's reactive, one-dimensional, and apparently isn't effective. Malwarebytes employs several proprietary technologies that work together to break the attack chain, from pre-delivery to post-execution.

Read more on this page:

As you can see in the graph below there are several layers of protection and the first one is "Web Protection."

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

With all these layers of protection, you can be certain of protecting your computer against malwares effectively and if you want all details of what kinds of protections it offers, go here and scroll down the page:

I know it is very effective because I once installed a Firefox extension, which is popular from a trusted site, and Malwarebytes alerted me immediately. The extension had a malware attached.

When it is installed, you have a little icon showing up at the top and when you click on it, you can Start Scan, Update Protection or Open Malwarebytes.

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

I didn't purchase the "Real-Time Protection" and I'm using the Free version, which is already excellent. I had it during the trial period and it is very effective, especially if you don't want to worry when installing new applications from downloads. I chose instead to keep the free version and run a scan when I download something new from the Internet and I am very careful about that.

I should buy the Premium version, the cost is nothing compared to the potential lost of coins.

That said, when you click on "Open Malwarebytes," you will go to the Dashboard. At the right you can see the date for your last scan and if your database is up-to-date.

You can run a scan there by just clicking "Scan Now."

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

The "Scan" tab is where you will see your last scan results and the date, and you can start a scan from there too.

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

The "Quarantine" tab is where you can see the suspicious files when you click on "Show Quarantine" or delete the files when clicking on "Clear Quarantine."

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

If you decide to click "Show Quarantine," the "Quarantine" folder will open.

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

As you can see, nothing in there.

The "Settings" tab is opening the "Preferences" window and what you have to set up is minimal. Automatically checking for database updates is a must to have.

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

On the "My Account" tab, you can see your license and can upgrade from there if you wish to.

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

If you don't have "Malwarebytes" open, you can start a scan just by clicking "Start Scan" and it will scan in the background. If you want to see the scan in progress, then you should open "Malwarebytes," and then click the "Scan Now" button.

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

When the scan is started, you see the progress bar.

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

It's still going.

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

Then, you get the results and you can congratulate yourself for being clean.

Mac Security for Crypto and Steem Holders

When your Mac is cleaned from malwares and you are careful when installing new applications, even new browser plugins, then you will have the impression that "Malwarebytes" is not working because there is nothing going in the "Quarantine" folder. It's just a false impression. It's necessary to run scans regularly and if you can afford going Premium, then do it.

"Malwarebytes" is easy to install and use, do it today!

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Thank you for helpful information!
I have a small gift for you- your portrait and hope you like it:)

@sweettais, thank you for the comment and for the portrait here:
I am honored that you have chosen to draw my portrait.

I used Malwarebytes for my Mac too! Now it's expired. Mac for my crypto and work, and window for play online game.^_^ Do you think if solfware is free, it's secure? I'm not sure about this. Yes Mac 99% secure but i'm curious that when i've been watched free movies online, it warned that there was a virus. Maybe it's beacause my Malwarebytes expired. I think i will buy it for safe my Crypto and steem. Thanks for advice. Very useful.

Most of the time a Mac is not secure 100% because of mistakes made by the user. The free version works like the Premium version, the difference being that you don't have real time protection. If you install an application and have the free version, you won't know there is malware until you run Malwarebytes manually. So, effective security depends on how you install things, where you download them from and if you run a scan just after downloading something.Thank you for your comment @alexwonderful

@gmichelbkk Thank you very much^_^

This is useful and I will try it out. Thanks for sharing.

I am glad that you find the post useful @jessie901220 and that you are going to try Malwarebytes.

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I am using another security for my mac. I was anxious for my security. But today my anxiety reduced. You have introduced new mac security system which will also secure my steemit account. I am grateful to you for introduced it.

Thank you very much @sayemsonai for your nice comment. Stay tuned for my next posts about Mac security because this is only one element of it.

I'm enjoying your posts. I have just checked the other one where you are talking about protecting your Mac again, then it brought me to this one. This is valuable information indeed. Thanks for your help. I have also voted for @jerrybanfield to become a witness.

Thank you again for your comment @cryptoprofessor. I have one last post you might want to read:

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