The most difficult liaison signs

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Everyone has their peculiarities because ideal people do not exist, but the truth is that some have not only a number but a whole performance.

If you are still lucky enough to fall in love with one of these zodiac signs, you must first know what awaits you. See which signs are the most difficult for a romantic relationship:

Virgos are pretty critical and just can not stop with constant remarks to others, including the partner. They can darken the best mood and kill any romance with cold, ruthless criticism. The earth sign thinks that everything is clear to him, and he will hardly find anything to learn from a relationship.

The virgins are cold - they would prefer to keep a distance in the relationship just to know that they are the parade. They are difficult to relax, and some do not manage to get out of their strict rules and norms to have fun. Besides, they are terribly vengeful and jealous.


Scorpions are very controversial when it comes to love relationships. They can be very affectionate and loving at times, and they are terribly happy to see you, but next time they are strange, distant and cold and all for no logical reason.

It is very difficult to understand what they think and feel - they will keep you constantly unaware of the situation of your relationship. Very unpredictable, Scorpions can crash anyone who does not have iron nerve and thick skin.


For starters, the Arrows are afraid of binding, and although they are cowardly, they are horrified at the thought of being tied to someone forever. They have not set hopes for their relationships from the beginning, which makes them a failure.

The fiery sign is able to call a 'flirting' connection that the other partner sees as the greatest love. Like the Scorpio, the Sagittarius is very unpredictable, and he can leave without any explanation, as hardly any love words will make him think.



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