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What is love : love is an intense feeling of affection and care toward someone or a deep abiding linking for another person.
Love has never given birth to pain, love have never wantonly crushed or broken the tender flower of faith that grows in the heart of trust.
Love is to the human heart what flower are to the hillside. Flower cover the naked, ragged place in the soil. They grow around the roots, they grow around the rocks, they cover up the wounds in the earth's surface, they cover the bleak soil with a garment of glory and royalty of lustrous beauty. So love covers the ragged rough spots in the human. Love gathers the flower and arranges them to please the eye and make glad the heart. Love makes the home beautiful, love makes the most beautiful thing. It may be the most fragile yet it has the most enduring strength of anything of which we know.
When man is love ruled, love owned, love motivated, he does not back out from any sacrifice. The heart is the life of man. Love is the life of the heart. Love makes a romance out of the commonplace. It makes the ugly, lovely. Love can redeem a wasted life and transform it into beauty and usefulness..
Love is the healing for every wound, love is the reason for parenthood in every realm of life. Love bring fatherhood and motherhood into the holy union of expectations.
When love grows cold, the sun cease to shine. The cloud gather, dark and ominous.. The storm threatens. And we hide away in the darkness under the doom of lost love.
Love never age, people die but love never die.
The greatest love his the love of God.. No love can be greater than the love of God.
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