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He’ll be 62 in April, his birth name is James but you’ll never get his attention that way, he goes by Jimbo. He’s still getting tattooed, too, he’s currently working on his left arm sleeve—a giant, naked mermaid in full color. He’s a Denver Broncos fan which means during football season, his mohawk is bright orange, yeah, the senior citizen rocks a six inch mohawk, too. He’s one of the coolest, most sincere and kind hearted individuals I’ve ever crossed paths with—I’m glad we met.


See that bottle of water on the desk behind him in the above image? He hadn’t started drinking beers yet, it’s still early at the time of this photo, most people have an intoxicated excuse for climbing onto an unstable folding chair and start flexing their muscles first thing in the morning—not Jimbo. That’s just his way of letting you know he’s awake. I looked for a picture of his mohawk just now, it seems I don’t have one in my phone, you’ll have to take my word for it. I have this one, though, you can imagine what his mohawk looks like with some gel in it, spiked and dyed orange.


I met him 11 years ago when I was building CityCenter in Las Vegas, Nevada. A few weeks after I cleared out to the project, three new guys were hired onto my crew. One of them was Jimbo—a Journeyman Wireman out of Local Union 969, Grand Junction, Colorado USA—we instantly became great friends.

We worked that project together for a little over a year. He was disappointed when I ended up quitting and running as fast as I could, literally, for Mammoth Mountain, in the Inyo National Forest of California. He was disappointed because we were parting ways but he was well aware of my reasoning so I had his full support. You see, I had a real bad drinking problem back then, well, bad if you ask me or anyone who knows me, however, if you asked the folks over at Jim Beam’s distillery, they’d probably decline to comment—fair enough. I went to Mammoth Mountain with just my problem self and my dog, The Rook, we rented a little studio apartment for the next 60 days. It was one of several attempts to sober up and, although it required about five more years to complete the process, those 60 days helped pull my soul out of a dark place.


The Rook - R.I.P

Jimbo and I kept in contact when I left Las Vegas by way of text message or an occasional phone call. We would keep each other updated where we were working at the time, who’s doing what, etc. we made each other’s phones ring from all over the United States—we both liked chasing the big overtime jobs.

I called him again at the beginning of 2011 after I took a job call to Ivanpah Solar Power Facility—a massive construction project in the middle of the desert with all of the overtime you could possibly handle. He was visiting his son in Colorado at the time, he said as cold as it is at his son’s house, it’s even colder in the middle of the desert so he’d come out there but it wouldn’t be for a few more months. When a guy from Colorado says it’s cold—it’s cold!


He ended up working under my cousin. He was on a completely different part of the project than I was so I rarely saw him on the job but his task was simple, my cousin could keep him out of the sun and sitting in a chair all day—perfect for the old man!

We got together on the weekends and hung out after work occasionally. I stayed on that project for about a year, one year is the maximum I can work for anyone, Jimbo and I spent a lot of time together during that year. When I left, I shook his hand, said goodbye and I didn’t see him again for two years.


Fast Forward to 2013

I haven’t seen Jimbo since we were in the middle of the desert. I’m not even sure how how much time passed since our last phone conversation when I saw him again in April, 2013, when my mother died—I was 37. A few weeks later was her memorial service and who’s there in an electric blue, Hawaiian print, button up shirt, flip flops, a sombrero and a pair of cut off jeans? Jimbo! What a pleasant surprise—I wasn’t expecting that.

I saw him as I made my way inside the service, I was surprised to see him, to this day I don’t know how he found out. I shook his hand and gave him a big hug, “thanks a lot for coming, Jimbo, I’m really glad to see you.” He hugged me back as hard as he could and whispered in my ear “you F’ing” (he dropped the real F word)... “you F’ing A right Arts!” He said a formality of some sort when your buddy’s mother dies and, before I entered the church, he told me “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world—I love you bro!”

I didn’t see him at the reception, I don’t even know if he stayed for the whole service, I didn’t see him again that day. Several months passed until we spoke again, I don’t remember exactly how long, our phone calls tend to happen later rather than sooner. I didn’t see him again until the beginning of 2016—three years later.

He was working in San Jose, California, I was working in Los Angeles and I knew my career was nearing its end—his was also. I talked to him on the phone and he was having a great time working in the Bay Area of California; contractors were offering overtime, commutes weren’t too terrible, Jimbo checked all of the boxes for me. I quit my job in Los Angeles that week—next stop:


California - The Bay Area

We found an apartment in Oakland, California, loaded up our things in a van and took off. By the time I arrived the next day, Jimbo met me at my new front door, he was with my cousin and, the three of us, along with my now wife (we were dating at the time), unloaded the moving van and got us moved into our new apartment. That apartment, by the way, was one exit south of Oracle Arena, where the Golden State Warriors play—I’ll never do that again! What a mess! Although the fireworks display on the nights they won was spectacular, that 880 freeway was a parking lot when the Warriors had a home game—a 15 mile commute could take as long as three hours when the Warriors were playing.

I bounced around a couple of different jobs in the area while Jimbo maintained his employment at a children’s hospital in Palo Alto, California—we got together a few times during the week.

Finally, in the summer of 2016, Jimbo left his employer and took a vacation in Colorado—he spent some time with his kids and grandkids. When he came back, I had a plan: I’d leave whatever contractor I was working for at the time and go stand shoulder to shoulder with Jimbo, in San Jose, California, at the Union Hall until we landed a job together—that’s what we did.

We called ourselves the breakfast club for a few weeks because we were having a difficult time landing a job together each day, however, we didn’t have any problems making it to breakfast together every morning. One morning there was approximately 50 job calls all around the Bay Area and about six of them were reporting to Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto, California. My wife and I were staying less than five miles from the project—perfect! Plus, we got wOrd they were working overtime—even better.

It worked! Jimbo and I both received job clearances to Stanford, we went and had breakfast together like we’d been doing the previous two weeks and, when we were finished eating, we headed toward Palo Alto. Next stop:


Stanford University

We shook hands with our new employer, pissed in a bottle for our drug screening, typical hiring formalities but before we began our job site orientation, I pulled a fast one. I lied to the contractor and said Jimbo and I were room mates and we only had one vehicle between the two of us so we’d be carpooling and needed to be assigned to the same crew—it worked (again)!

As we were filling out our taxes information and being instructed how to appropriately fill out our on-boarding paperwork, we were asked when our birthday is, “date of birth?” I told the lady my birthday and then Jimbo told her his, “April 26th.” I remember that day like it was yesterday—it was a Friday.

“You spent your birthday at my mothers funeral, Jimbo?” “You F’ing A (again, he dropped the whole F wOrd) right I did, Arts!” As he stuck his fist out toward me and I gave him some knuckles, we continued our paperwork. I was so humbled at that moment, I couldn’t wait to get outside and find out just how far he traveled on his birthday to be at the service. About an hour later was break time, I wasn’t surprised by Jimbo’s actions, I just was unaware until that moment—I couldn’t wait to hear the #story! I wanted to know what job he was on, how much overtime he sacrificed, what state he was in when he got the news, how long it took him to get to Southern California etc—I wanted all of the details.


Break time

“Where were you working, Jimbo, when you heard about my mother? How far did you have to travel? Tell me all about it—don’t leave anything out.” He said he wasn’t working at the time, “I was on vacation when I got the news!” He told me he was on the Colorado River, in the middle of a three week white water rafting/ camping trip through the Grand Canyon with his kids, two brothers, a whole list of family and friends and he couldn’t exit the boat fast enough.

“I had the tour guide radio for a Jeep to meet us at the next emergency pick-up location (he explained they’re stationed along the river in case someone gets injured), that took about 24 hours. I left my rafting trip to be driven to the airport and got a round trip ticket to Los Angeles.” He said “I gave myself just enough time to drive a rental car to the church and say hello, I didn’t even have a change of clothes (hence the sombrero and cut-off’s). I didn’t have time to go inside, either, as soon as I saw you, I gave you a hug and went back to the airport to catch up with my vacation—I almost missed my flight! They held the plane on the tarmac for me.”

The fact that Jimbo spent his birthday at my mothers memorial was minor by the time I heard the whole story—I still can’t believe he did that. The man left his family vacation in a remote part of the world, forcing his family to remain camped in that location until he returned. God knows how much planning went into that vacation and we can assume he paid four or five times the amount of money for that last minute, round trip plane ride which ultimately caused him to miss at least 24 hours of his vacation—everyone needs a Jimbo in their life.

We had a good time working together on that Stanford project, we built a handful of #new memories there—it ended up being the second to last gig in the trade for both of us. I finished my career at a Hewlett-Packard facility in Menlo Park, California, and he went to San Francisco. By the end of 2016, he and I were filling out some documents again, just not together—pension papers.

My friend, Jimbo—a senior citizen who’s still getting tattoos, rocks a mohawk and has taken the shirt off of his back for me—I lost count how many times! I have one more quick story to share with you about Jimbo—the impromptu comedian who doesn’t need a stage to perform.

We’re at a safety meeting one morning, on that Stanford job, the foreman is going over details and job assignments, making us aware of the new or existing hazards in the area, etc. Jimbo stopped the safety meeting abruptly, “hold on a F’ing (you know he said it) minute!” He stood up in front of the fellas, the job steward, everyone: “You know how an Irishmen pulls up his socks?!” We were all stumped when he interrupted the foreman as though he’s got some earth shattering news, I mean, this is a safety meeting we’re attending. “Do what now?” The foreman asked with a confused look on his face. Jimbo repeated himself, “do you know how an Irishmen pulls up his socks?” Again, nobody knew what he was getting at so a group of confused responses chimed in: “No??”

While on his feet and in front of the entire crew, supervision included, after interrupting the foreman’s safety meeting, Jimbo unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to his ankles. He reached down and pulled up his socks, one at a time, before finally pulling his pants back up. He buckled his belt and sat back down in his chair as though what he just did was perfectly normal behavior. “You were saying, boss-man?” Jimbo asked the foreman. Of course, we all got a real good laugh out of it, we couldn’t stop laughing actually, and the foreman continued on with his safety meeting while shaking his head in disbelief.






I like the jimbo tattoo

Heck yeah! 62 year old, frail skin, he’s still getting tattooed. Gotta love’em.

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Wow he seems like a really cool guy. That was phenomenal, him showing up at your moms funeral. What an excellent read to start my day @dandays and im sorry for your loss 🙏

Hey what’s up man?! I’m glad you liked it, thank you! It’s friends like him who define that popular saying “once in a lifetime.” I know al lot of us have a friend, or more, like him so I wanted to tell this story. I had a feeling everyone could relate. You could imagine how stunned I was to see him there—still am!

And.. thank you, sir!

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"Once in a lifetime " i see that, in the pics.

Im not sure who my Jimbo is anymore. No worries tho, lead by example.


I 'm still wondering how he actually got word of your mom's service.
Being somewhat "elderly" myself, I probably read it and missed it.
It wouldn't be a first, butI have my own theory, until I hear otherwise.

I don't want to get all gushy, but that was a well written article.
Love to y'all.

Oh man this sure is a pleasant surprise, we love you right back! I only miss you all the time homes—that’s all.

Jimbo is one of a kind, we all are. Every crew needs a bad grandpa, too. 👍🏿 C’mon down, I know you said this time next year but just give me a 60 day window and I’ll see you when you get here. We’ll make sure we have an accommodating Air B&B when we have visitors.

Don’t be shy—this ain’t Long Beach.

Thanks for stopping by @carklevicci. Great to hear from you.

Everyone needs a Jimbo in their life. Good friends are hard to come by, especially ones with a sense of humor. It is not too often we run into people that we seem to strike up a relationship with that will pass the test of time. There are only a few people in my life, that despite not seeing or talking to them for a while, the friendship seems to stay intact. For Jimbo to make it to your mother's funeral is a testament to the very special relationship the two of you have.

On a separate note, we got back in town a few days ago. Had a vacation of a lifetime. Came home to snow and cold weather. It is presently 3 degrees and I can honestly say for the first time that I wish I was still in the warm weather.
Hope all is well with #dandays and #puravidaville.

Ahh yeah the Rob’s (two) are back! Ya’all didn’t miss much but I’d be lying if I said it’s the same around here without you.

Yeah, Jimbo, what a great guy. I knew writing this one would be a good idea because we all have, or at least have had, that friend. I had a feeling most everyone should be able to relate. It sure is nice to hear from you again, Sweed!

Oh dude! You gotta check out my last portrait, I drew Ed Privat. It’s beyong the pay cycle anyway, it’s just one of my prouder pieces. Check it out when you get a chance. Eh... stay warm huh! 😉

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Hey @dandays, unbelievable sketch of @edprivat, I had no idea you you were such a talented artist.
Great interview as well. Spent an hour or so listening to some of his music, totally enjoyed.
#edprivat really opened up to you and that in itself must have been really cool. Racism and bigotry must be out of control in South Africa. I tend to think situations like this are getting better until I hear from someone living on the front line, and dealing with these injustices on a daily basis.
Thanks to your great work both as an artist and an interviewer, @edprivat has another fan.

I still can't get over your artistic talents, what a great surprise. You're a guy that always brings so much to the table for all to enjoy.

Man I sure do miss you being around #steemit, it’s been quite awhile since I received such a thoughtful and motivational response, about a month.... how long were you gone again? 😉

I’m really glad you like the drawing, that’s the fourth portrait I’ve ever done in my life, really. I’ll do one more, I made both her and Ed the deal about a year ago when I drew my buddies mom, I told Ed and @puravidaville I would draw each of them and then that’s it for awhile—drawing literally puts me to sleep. It takes everything I have to sit down and focus like that. When it’s a portrait, I really give it everything I have so I don’t mess anything up. There’s a lot to capture in a portrait beyond what’s on the page—it puts me to sleep with boredom. Hey, Sweed, thanks for noticing!

I sure do appreciate your opinion of my talents @thebigsweed! It blows my mind how I have digital relationships on here who are a bajillion Times more encouraging and supportive toward me than the few people who share my DNA have ever been, ever, in my entire life.

About @edprivat, good call giving him a follow. 👍🏿 Every once in awhile he does song requests, too, he’s an all-Round good dude who performs daily and contributes a lot to the blockchain. And the interview, you see... Ed’s one of the first people I met on #steemit, he and I registered our wallets right around the same time, we became rather close friends rather quickly. We both have a lot in common as different as we are. That said.. we talk quite a bit on Discord, too, I’ve got to know him rather well. Sweed, I had NO doubts he would deliver on that interview and even when I began drawing, I knew that article was going to be a perfect storm: it was Ed Privat, the drawing turned out special beyond my wildest the dreams, it was done at a time when #steemit is causing everyone to rethink the whole entire market all at the same time. A whole bunch of hyper-realism on and off the page, all at the same time, I sure am glad you didn’t miss it!

As usual, the pleasure’s all mine and it’s nice to have you around again.

Jimbo sounds like my kind of guy! Two of my best friends are men in their 70's. I think the closest to your pal is not a Jimbo but a "Howard". Quirky in his own way, too, but my goodness he is the best human being I have ever met. Life is so much richer with these types of people in them! Thank you for sharing in such an evocative way that I can imagine totally captures his spirit!

Old dudes rock! They just do, even the grumpy ol’ dudes, even they’re cool. I bet Howard is awesome!

I wrote this one thinking everyone should be able to relate. I think everyone has, or at least has had, a “Jimbo” or a “Howard” in their life, they don’t come in pairs. You’re probably someone’s Howard, too!

Thanks a lot for stopping by @plantstoplanks, I think that spirit you’re imaging is spot on.

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We should be very proud of Jimbo, but unfortunately we cannot communicate with Jimbo, hopefully we will be able to meet him later

Well hello again, thanks a lot for reading this. I’m not sure if you’re using a translation app or not but if you are, I need to extend even more thanks to you. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by my page, sir, thank you! It’s always a pleasure to see you.

I have a feeling this is the start of the best week of the year, you ready?? 👍🏿

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Now i am glad to meet jimbo and i hope you will post his birthday on steemit by april for me to wish him

Thanks for reading my article, I’m really glad you like it! If he had a #steemit account, I’d definitely put him here in front of everyone, he’s that cool of a guy.

I just checked out your blog, I like what you did here sir, good job—I dig your style. 👍🏿

Thanks for stopping by @adenijiadeshina. I’ll see you soon.

😂😂😂😂😂 Jimbo is Rockin😉 you are totally right @dandays we need a jimbo in our life😊 i haven't found anyone like your Jimbo, yet😊 He is not on steemit?

Help, hello! Is this not the greatest week ever or what?! Thank for reading about Jimbo, I’m glad you liked it. No, he’s not on Steemit, I wish! I’ve shown him some of my work before, too, it’s just not his thing. Oh but if he was, I’d be introducing him to you first thing. Everyone needs a Jimbo!

Eh, check out what I just saw en route to the market—is this as surprising to you as it is me or is this normal in Aceh?

Thanks for stopping by @cicisaja, I haven’t been on Steemit today, I’ve yet to check out the recipes at #fruitsandveggiesmonday—I’ll be over there next. Happy Monday!

😂😂😉 that's the normal thing in several parts in Aceh @dandays 😂😂😂 we call them "local authority" 😆 well.. you're lucky when you find only one on the street. My garden was invaded by a family of 4 of them 😂😂😂😂

Oohhh.. Jimbo is someone we need to learn about how to be a lively one😊

Howdy sir dandays! well well well...look who finally showed up. Me! lol. Yeah who called Jimbo about your mom? This is a great slice of the journeyman electricians life right here! Good stuff on steroids! How's it going down there? I've been suffering something fierce for lack of updates especially when the morning updates stopped.

But no, I gotta chase everyone down. How's the residency thing going? Have you started looking for houses yet? Are you still in the same joint with that great sunrise view with the Tucans and the monkeys? Has your opinion of steemit changed any? Did you ever finish that drawing of that guy, that art project? did you do a post about it?(I reckon I could have checked your feed for that question, sorry) lol.

You need to go look at my last two posts. it won't take long and I don't need any votes, you don't even need to comment unless you FEEL like it. lol. You need to convince Jimbo to come to Costa Rica! He's retired right? What else does he have to do?

Hey what’s up Mr. J?! If I thought you’d take it personal I’d definitely stop by your page. I’ve been paying quite a bit of attention to curating in the mornings, it’s actually been a real nice change of pace. No conversations, really, just searching for undiscovered talent.

No, we’re in a different spot now, we’ll be here another two weeks, it’s more of a resort. With that, come a new view from the front door:

I don’t know how he found out, Janton. That’s some pretty good brotherhood stuff right there, huh? God bless Jimbo!

Pura Vida actually enlisted an agent this week and we have two viewings next week. Thanks a lot for your interest—that’s really awesome! I can’t wait to show the view from the door when it’s actually ours. And I can get me a couple of Jack’s running around! 😉

About my opinion on Steemit, I’ve never disliked the platform, in fact it’s the opposite, I really enjoy it here. I hope it succeeds for many many years, shoot, Pura Vida and I have decent weight! But the fact is it’s always the same circles.. circle, circle, circle. When living things are stuck in stagnant water together for an extended period of time, they start doing real bad things to each other. Maybe you know what I mean already. 😉

Oh, Janton! My drawing, sir, my goodness gracious! You gotta go check it out, here is a link to it. Attached is an interview covering Steemit questions and the whole nine, definitely my best portrait to date. It’s already passed the voting period so you don’t have to vote or anything. Check it out when you get a moment, though, I got the greatest appreciation ever outta that article. 11 Resteems and 8 followers! Can you believe that?! From one article—amazing.

Thanks for stopping by @janton. Deal, I’m headed to your blog right now!

Howdy sir dandays! well I'm just stopping by to say I'm not replying to you tonight, I mean it's morning, 2 am, no it's 3 a.m. because of the time change! lol. anyway my brain is fried. so I'll write tomorrow. I will say that I don't know how to respond to what you said about me taking it personally. lol. I have no idea what to say. I mean, I wasn't upset or offended but of course I missed hearing from you and of course I was also teasing you! so I guess it was personal but in a good way.

Howdy again sir dandays! I know you love the steemit platform sir dandays, I was just asking if you still see the writing on the wall. I have no idea what steemitinc is doing, some say disaster is coming because of changes they are making and others say there's nothing to worry about! lol. It's wonderful for creators like you who want to share things with the world. I wish I didn't have to, I just like to talk to people but that's the one thing that all artists seem to have in common, they are driven to share their art, and thankfully so. so much talent here in that amazing niche or genre.

Anyway, congratulations on the growth and everything. You still getting downvotes? I get 15 to 20 a day and usually get an unfollow each day.
I hope the real estate search goes well, I love that stuff. Well, we were entrenched in real estate for 12 years so naturally.

I still see more and more writing, Janton, that’s just my opinion, though. I hope when the market takes off again and everyone feels a little better we can get some new registrations and followers.

In the meantime, well.. we’re seeing what happens in the meantime.

You’re getting 20 downvoted a day, Janton?! Dang! You blew away my record!! I’m getting about 2 per post lately, the same @camillesteemer account gets me every time and then there’s usually a straggler here and there.

Eh, thank you for always having such kind things to say. As far as the adventure and the growth—God is great! We’re having the time of our lives. True story: We haven’t had hot water for two weeks now, two weeks today actually, and I don’t really care. I mean, it’s abnormal and sometimes I wish it was hot but if that’s my biggest obstacle of the day... Well then, I’m blessed!

Chat to you soon, Janton.

Howdy back sir dandays! what about unfollows? I usually get a few follows each day and it makes me cringe because I'm trying to follow hundreds of accounts so I can't keep up obvioiusly. Then people follow me and I think they get disgusted and drop off when I don't follow them and go to their posts each day.

I've never unfollowed anyone though and if someone contacts me then I'll make room for them. But so far I'm the only one I know who chases people! lol. Like you, I had to chase you down when I stopped hearing from you but of course I wasn't able to get over to your blog either so I understand.

Anyway I keep hearing about the writings on the wall too. I still never found out why all the whales were powering down did you? They still need to fix the problem of making it so hard for new accounts to make it unless they have some money to invest but I don't think they're going in that direction. But I forgot to ask you what you meant by circle, circle and circle?

What in the world kind of joint doesn't have hot water? What's the deal there?

Circle, you know, the same people posting and commenting/engaging. Every day, it’s the same handles on Steemit, everyone is going in circles like a pool of water without a drain.

I’m just in a busy schedule lately, not busy like yours is but still busy.

Negative on the unfollows! So, that’s a good thing! Actually, I’ve probably averaged about two new followers per post this past month not counting that Ed drawing—that one drew in a lot of new names. 👍🏿

The water.. they have an insta-hot under the kitchen sink—it’s unligged. I plugged it in and popped both main breakers so, there’s either a hot going to ground or the phases are backward (I don’t have a meter). It’s that “Costa Rica time” thing again. We told them about it two weeks ago, still no repairs. We reported back to Air B&B and did as much as we could but, in this situation, we pre-paid the month so a return would take 60 days. We already have our next location paid for so scrambling to find a new joint we could stay at for a whole month would’ve been challenging and twice the money.

We still don’t have hot water. The ocean is a step to the left... no hot water.. the pool is a step to the right.. could be worse! Our only option at this point is to write a review, which, for the record, I have never written a review on Air BB, bad, good, neither—never. Pura Vida has left a delightful review for every place we’ve ever stayed around this globe of ours—I’m not exaggerating. Not this time, Janton, nope!

Granted, this location is idyllic but the conditions are sub-par and not what we’re accustom to. We lose power once a day, too, usually no longer than an hour so we pray it doesn’t get worse. And, every day between about 11am and noon, we lose all water, it doesn’t even pour cold! Ha!

We have another place for three nights beginning Tuesday, where we’ll view some homes for sale, then back here for another week and a half. Like I always say my friend, “wait’ll you see the next one!”

Man! I haven’t typed out a response this lengthy since, well.... since the last time I talked to you! 😉

Haha! howdy again sir dandays what an honor to hear from you so much today and the information is so interesting!
So you're saying the problem is an electrical problem but you can't just fix it yourself? Do you keep that trusty toolbox with you when you go stay at these places? No. right?

Are you saying the whole country loses electric every day or just that location?

My impression is that the infrastructure is sound but not cutting edge like with the phone and internet services.

That circle you talked about...well even if there are only 10,000 active users that's a big pool. I see lots of people every single day that I've never seen before and whole groups I didn't know existed so I'm not sure that's a big problem yet but I know for long term growth we need more new members.And a streamlined joining process.

Oh, dude! If I had my toolbox with me right now, I wouldn’t need the maintanance guy. One of the fellas from the Brotherhood is bringing it to me in July. I didn’t bring it on the plane, we came here with just 1 suitcase and 1 backpack each. So, in answer to your question, yes! It’s an electrical problem and my hands are tied behind my back.

No, just this part of the country we’re in loses power. The road we’re on has three nice sized Villagios (villages) and they share power so you see the lights flickering often. When starts it’s like a whole community of people know to immediately conserve energy or potentially bad things are near!

Infrastructure is actually referred to as a “developing country.” 50 years ago it was considered undeveloped and since then it was tagged under developed, and now, developing.

edit whoops! The 10k people part—nice circle, Janton!

Who what huh yep yep I’m on it.

Love me some Jimbo! What about his latest pad right there on the beach? He’s probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. Second to you, of course 😉

...you tell that to all the guys, but whenever I'm in your presence, you make me feel coolest. We always got some crazy looks, huh? ( what is that gorgeous girl doing with that dude ? )

I agree with @dandays , he's the luckiest ...you know the rest .
I consider myself pretty lucky too, having the two of you in my life.
I look forward to seeing you again.

Hey, there you are! Whatever it takes to get you to stay in contact. I love you mucho too and really can’t wait for you to come visit us. It’ll be an epic time and you’re always welcome to stay. Hurry up and get your passport if you don’t already have one, the beach is waiting for you too 😉

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