Kodak Black Arrested at U.S. Border

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They going to endeavor to give Kodak Black eight years however Kodak will jump on his kness saying jesus please. At that point the judge will say you don't have faith in jesus why you need a jesus piece.

The saddest part about this is he won't tune in to no one. He supposes he recognizes what he's doing. Kid session to fuck up his life and be a has been.

So on the grounds that he said he'd attempt and get at Lauren London and individuals got so damn frantic.. that implies it warrants that as some sort of comeuppance?

I don't perceive how that compares.

What's more, when did everybody get so specifically touchy about everything without exception to where they act like Kodak merits all that for simply running his mouth or talking crap?

Everybody talking session murdering as opposed to helping show this nigga humankind and karma through different ways. Are we tRNA get out this battle or we going to help it. Im beyond any doubt Nipsey wouldn't be concerned session anything thing a youth .

I have questions. Isn't he getting packs from the business. why have tranquilizes around you in the event that it ain't weed. Why have a gun on your individual or potentially vehicle, that what security is for. What's more, he has an assault charge too. be that as it may, ya'll were feeling a path at Ebro when he went up for meeting.

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