What else should Ronaldo do?

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Last five objectives in victors group are altogether scored by cristiano. You can't win champion group by the nature of midfield Juventus has.

Yet at the same time, win, lose or draw I'm Juve forever. We attempt again next season.We completely had the right to lose.Our group just not adequate for UCL once more. Ajax totally screwing outflanked us.We can't simply trust on Ronaldo to spare us again and again.This is a screwing group diversion. Each and every other player did not venture up this entire season. :D

no inspiration in this group and your mentor decisions are wrong , I trust Cr7 move out from this club without ambition.This fellow gave all of you at 34 years of age ! Bonnucci , Dybala ? Chiefs? Languid looser just .

Genuine Madrid dismiss. Emre Can – Liverpool dismiss. You won't win Champions group with rejected players. Bentancur played generally amazing diversion in the primary leg, he was just assaulting midfielder Juve had. Today he kept Bernardeschi till 80-th minute despite the fact that he was totally pointless. I don't see Allegri's assaulting plan for the amusement, players don't have a clue what to do when they kick it into high gear the ball. Time to change the mentor, Juve need new methodology, new thoughts.

The board needs to spend a ton on midfielders. Allegri will always stick to Khedira, Matuidi, just guarded players. He is the person who let Benatia proceed to keep 39 years of age Barzagli and damage inclined Caceres. Time to change numerous players and mentor. With Allegri, Juve won't win Champions association, it is as unmistakable.
Allegri doesn't change. Greatest shortcoming goes to Juve the board, what is the purpose of bringing Ronaldo in the event that you don't have quality midfielders who can convey great goes to assailants? Ronaldo truly originated from Modric, Casemiro, Iso and Kroos to our turtle midfielders Khedira, Matuidi, Bentancur and Emre Can. Make some screw quality players as opposed to getting free rejected players.

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