This result could be a poison chalice for Spurs

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This outcome could be a toxic substance vessel for Spurs as Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd could bounce them on the off chance that they drop any EPL diversions. On the off chance that lose to Ajax, out of Europe, if lose any EPL amusement could see them out of Europe one year from now !!!!

Miguel D'agostino and Jesus Perez are on the grounds that another achievement is accomplished in this club steady power. To beat a club like City over a 2 legged tie "champs take all" is a major thing . Maybe greater than winning the trophy itself .

I had seen every one of the highs and lows with my cherished group, yet then the previous evening happened and an unheard of dimension of roller-coaster feelings showed in one of the craziest, exceptional football coordinates in European history. Also, the best part, we are presently into the fairyland of the semi finals of the victors group

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