Want to earn money (Steem) by reading content and giving your feedback? Here is a list of people who read, react to and upvote usefull feedback

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Hello everyone thanks for visiting my blog!

I don't like writing articles all that much (or rather i'm not any good at it) so I prefer reading the articles other people wrote, think about it a little and than try to give some usefull feedback and earn some steem that way.
However since a lot of people use votebots or sell their vote lately earning steem this way is getting harder and harder.
For the past few days I have been making a list of people who appreciate people giving feedback on their articles and repay that with a vote and a reaction (this doesn't mean they upvote all comments, but they probably will upvote good feedback).
So if you want to earn some steem by doing what I was doing feel free to use this list start earning money (steem) and at the same time help people who don't bot or sell their votes

If you are or know someone who should definetly be on this list please let me know in the comments below so I can add them/you to this list as well.

So here are the names: @abh12345 , @abigail-dantes , @Anomaly, @apolymask , @arbitrarykitten , @artopium , @ats-david , @bashadow , @berniesanders , @bigdeej , @binkyprod , @bluewinter , @bunnychum , @bunnypuncher , @charisma777 , @clixmoney , @corusrate , @crypto-econom1st , @davidke20 , @dedicatedguy , @donnadavisart , @dreamer007 , @eaglespirit , @empress-eremmy , @fibra59 , @friendly-fenix, @gillianpearce , @gric , @heyimsnuffles , @inspire1 , @jrcornel , @kaliju , @katedansyng , @kaylinart , @kryptocek , @littlescribe , @lordnigel , @lorner , @lyndsaybowes , @majes.tytyty , @meesterboom , @meno , @mers , @mindtrap , @moderndayhippie , @modernzorker , @momogrow , @nateonsteemit , @ogoowinner , @otom , @pauliinasoilu , @playfulfoodie, @plushzilla , @por500bolos , @precioustopaz , @pwny , @raised2b , @reinhard-schmid , @rollandthomas , @rycharde , @sorin.cristescu , @tea-man , @themarkymark , @therealwolf , @thermoplastic , @timcliff , @travelgirl , @tristancarax , @viktoriyani , @vincentnijman , @wholeself-in , @xpilar , @yankee-statman @brian.rrr @surfyogi @indigoocean @idkpdx @alexa.creates @marty-art , @fraenk , @deemarshall , @richq11 @winstonalden @mikkolyytinen , @shortcut @cryptogee @davedickeyyall , @freebornangel , @jaki01 , @kobold-djawa @bengy , @davemccoy , @donkeypong , @cryptoctopus

This list is also everyone I am following!

Keep in mind most of the people on the list only upvote usefull comments, so just saying nice or whatever will probably not earn you alot, instead try to find a way to give constructive feedback or just share your opinion.

You can support me by tagging a friend who should see or use the list, resteeming this article or leaving a comment, there is no need to upvote this since all I did was make and share a simple list that I was gonna make anyway!

edit : Added the following names : @brian.rrr @surfyogi @indigoocean @idkpdx @alexa.creates @marty-art , @fraenk , @deemarshall , @richq11 @winstonalden @mikkolyytinen , @shortcut @cryptogee @davedickeyyall @freebornangel , @jaki01 , @kobold-djawa , @bengy , @davemccoy , @donkeypong , @cryptoctopus

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To everyone tagged : I hope this will get you all some extra eyes and profits on your articles, since you all deserve it.
Please keep up what your doing!
@abh12345 , @abigail-dantes , @Anomaly, @apolymask , @arbitrarykitten , @artopium , @ats-david , @bashadow , @berniesanders , @bigdeej , @binkyprod , @bluewinter , @bunnychum , @bunnypuncher , @charisma777 , @clixmoney , @corusrate , @crypto-econom1st , @davidke20 , @dedicatedguy , @donnadavisart , @dreamer007 , @eaglespirit , @empress-eremmy , @fibra59 , @friendly-fenix, @gillianpearce , @gric , @heyimsnuffles , @inspire1 , @jrcornel , @kaliju , @katedansyng , @kaylinart , @kryptocek , @littlescribe , @lordnigel , @lorner , @lyndsaybowes , @majes.tytyty , @meesterboom , @meno , @mers , @mindtrap , @moderndayhippie , @modernzorker , @momogrow , @nateonsteemit , @ogoowinner , @otom , @pauliinasoilu , @playfulfoodie, @plushzilla , @por500bolos , @precioustopaz , @pwny , @raised2b , @reinhard-schmid , @rollandthomas , @rycharde , @sorin.cristescu , @tea-man , @themarkymark , @therealwolf , @thermoplastic , @timcliff , @travelgirl , @tristancarax , @viktoriyani , @vincentnijman , @wholeself-in , @xpilar , @yankee-statman @brian.rrr @surfyogi @indigoocean @idkpdx @alexa.creates @marty-art , @fraenk , @deemarshall , @richq11 @winstonalden @mikkolyytinen , @shortcut , @cryptogee, @davedickeyyall , @freebornangel , @bengy , @davemccoy , @donkeypong , @cryptoctopus
edit: I added these names to the list : @brian.rrr @surfyogi @indigoocean @idkpdx @alexa.creates @marty-art , @fraenk , @deemarshall , @richq11 @winstonalden @mikkolyytinen , @shortcut , @cryptogee , @davedickeyyall , @freebornangel , @jaki01 , @kobold-djawa , @bengy , @davemccoy , @donkeypong , @cryptoctopus

Woah! Thank you so much 😍😍👌

I'm checking this post from time to time for me to be guided. I check each name thoroughly And it is just now that I noticed that I am included. Thank you so much good sir! . :)

youre so kind to do this !! xoxo

Thank you! And best of all, you proved that I have finally set up ginabot correctly!

Had to check what it was really quick.
That looks really usefull, did you make that?
I have a lot of trouble keeping track of what reactions I replied to, especially reactions on my comments are hard to keep track off.

I wrote a post on Ginabot, how and why to use it.


It is developed by @neander-squirrel but now owned by @buildteam.

Thanks I will be sure to check it out!

It is really useful! And no, as themarkymark said it was definitely not me! But I activated it a while back and didn't realize I had to set up notifications, so now it's on!

Ok that's great goodluck with gina, I think I'll use it in the future myself.

I should be on there as well @cryptogee. I vote up almost every good comment I receive.

Although as you say things like 'nice post', 'your content is valuable' etc. are ignored.


Yes, that stuff should never be upvoted.I will add you to the list mate!
thanks for your reply

Thanks man :-)


Hi just wanted to stop by and check out the list. I am like you, much more a consumer of content than a creator. I do manage a post or two each week. Am very engaged but have a low vote. I try to visit the blog of each commenter vote, and build connection that way.
@davemcoy and @johndoer123 are great about engaging and voting their comments.

Hey, thanks for the try my dear friend. I don't know what this gentlemans criteria is exactly for who makes his list. But I do know a few of the people on the list and I know for a fact I reply to way more comments then a a few of them and do more upvoting then them also. I think a few of them are in there for his own "personal" reasons. I'm not going to lie, it's kind of hurtful for him to so quickly deny me. However, as long as great people like you, and my other good friends here know what I'm about, I don't think I need to worry about what this gentleman thinks. I genuinely attempt to reply to everybody who talks to me.

I actually questioned my own involvement in this particular project. The criteria seems to be where the most gain can be had. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, just not the way I choose to build my own network.
I personally am finding the relationships built here to be of far more value than the single vote.

I think the title nails it...."want to make Steem?"....it doesn't mention make friends or build and strengthen the community...so I don't know. ☺️

Thanks for dropping by and adding to the list.
The user davemcoy does not excist (probably spelled wrong) and johndoer barely upvotes any of the feedback and comments he got so he doesn't meet our requirements.
Please edit the name from the davemcoy you mentioned so I can check him out and use the list to earn some steem by giving feedback to articles, I wish you the best.
edit : I found him it was davemccoy thanks!

If you really want to find the best comment threads check out the @newbiegames. When they have comment based contest the threads are very lively with lots of votes and prizes. It is pretty fun as well.

Ok thanks I will check that out soon!
Sounds fun.

Sounds good to me

Thanks for dropping by!

Very cool, I've resteemed and also shared off the block with some friends who haven't started blogging yet, but do spent time here curating/commenting others' work.

Nice initiative @flyingdutchman. We are in desperate need of human curators, engagers!

My thoughts exactly, thanks for your positive feedback, vote and resteem. you are awsome!
edit: btw. I like the term you used for human curators : engagers.
It sounds like a band of curators with superpowers : The engagers!

I've not been as active as I once was but I'm getting back to steemit! Thanks for the mention! What a great way to help others☺

Thanks for the reply, I wanted to do this more out of selfish reasons at first simply because I cant write for shit but still wanted to earn some steem because I loved the whole Genious (and I think think; one of it's kind) concept off STEEMIT. So I just started reading articles I thought were interesting ,giving my opinions about the matters and curating them.
I had fun, was learning a lot and I earned some steem while doing it, so that was awsome!
Later, over time a lot of authors stopped upvoting the comments and feedback they got from their readers and instead started selling their votes so they can selfvote (in some way) and stop curating themself altogether.
This anoyed me so I decided to make a list of people who still reply to (if needed) upvote the feedback they get (this ofcourse does not include coments like : nice! or : Great content!), if possible.
I did this so I could start earning again for commenting and reading, I only later decided to share this list with the rest because I thought it could benefit a lot of people (including me ofc. :P) and steemit itself (because good feedback can improve the quality of future content on steemit).

Thanks for your reply! Best of luck to you.

Great idea to get ahead. When I first started my Steemit journey I used to make more off comments than I posts.

@lyndsaybowes... great RS

Yes, I still do because I can't write well and make loads of misspellings and other misstakes.
So I try just to make money by giving feedback and upvotes to stuff I read.
Thanks for your reply!

Did you ever hear from the dust threshold for upvote value?

It looks like your upvotes for comments below your own posts will not lead to any pay out.

??? No idea what you're talking about..

If you have very little steempower your votes will not give a payout (when the upvote is less than a cent or something), they call this the dust threshold.
I think he was pointing out the irony of me telling people who to upvote while my own upvotes are worth jack shit. (I am working on that though by powering up all my rewards the next few weeks/months).

It was not meant as irony. @davedickeyyall upvotes comments as well while his vote doesn't have enough value.

I understand It now I apolagize.
Thanks for the feedback it is usefull, I will give this list a good run through.
I was thinking about making a weekly list in wich I give them some sort of ranking (don't know how yet tho).

Btw I thought the dust threshold was at 0.01.
Thanks for pointing that out, when I get up tommorow I will remake the entire list keeping that in mind (only include people who actualy break the threshold in their votes).

Or create 2 separate lists....?

@crypto-econom1st Yes i am familiar with the term and I know that sucks.
I will be powering up the next few weeks, but I started this list so I would know who to read and give feedback to for the best profits, only later I decided to share this list and I never expected it to get this much feedback and attention.
I was merely hoping to help people by giving them a list of people who read and upvote the usefull or well thought off feedback so more people could enjoy and use the list (especially people who dont write articles themselves or are just getting started).
I hope that in the near future I will be able to reward everyone reading my articles.

Do you know how much SP you need for a $0.02 upvote value?

No I dont know. Tell me please I would like to know.

I'm not sure. But I guess something like 400-500 SP. It off course depends on the Steem price.

@dustsweeper service upvotes all posts to pass the dust threshold. Just send them 1 sbd and they use that to help you keep all the dust votes. No need to let any of that dust go to waste anymore!

@yogajill ,Thanks for the tip!

Ok, wow that is way more than I expected. thanks for the info, about making 2 lists (one where all the people on it break the dust threshold), I think I will do that, thanks for the idea!

Or maybe it's better to start with 1 list. If the idea works you can always create the second list. If it doesn't work at all it will save you the time to create the second list.

You better enjoy the weather size it could be the last warm weekend in Holland.

Cool, very useful to have. I write articles mostly, but I've been meaning to start trying to read others and comment more. Not just as a way to make a little more (although that's obviously nice...), but also as a way to just find out some new perspectives. After all this is a large site - might as well see all it has to offer. So thanks, this will be an encouraging list to many people.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.
I hope a lot of people use this list to make some money curating and feedbacking the people on it. (not sure if "feedbacking" is actually a word but you know what it would mean).
I also hope the people on the list will make more money too because they will get more people to read their stuff.

I always upvote and reply to thoughtful or relevant comments :) And so do these people: @fraenk @deemarshall @silviabeneforti @richq11 @winstonalden @niko3d @mikkolyytinen @shortcut
and they're sure worth following!

I will add you to the list and check out others right away.
Thanks for the help!

Thank you! :)

Thanks so much for the shoutout! Great initiative to be honest.

Thanks for the comment.
I hope this list will get you (and everyone else on the list) some extra eyes on your articles as well as giving people the chance to earn more money on reading and providing feedback than before!
keep it up!

And the list is released!

Thanks for addition. When I started out I would make more commenting than with my own posts, I suspect it's no different these days but there are opportunities in the dapps too now. Cheers!

Yes most people do, it is really hard getting a few followers (that are not bots or people mass following people at random) especially when your writing is shitty like mine. I prefer reading posts over creating them so I hope this will help people like me earn some money by reading posts and leaving comments.
Thanks for the reply!

Thanks a lot for including me in the list, I really appreciate that and I really reply all the comments that I receive from steemians. I think it'simportant, I also check anyone who mentioned me and comment him as well, commenting is very important on steem blockchain, it gives the right feedback and the support to creators, thanks for this nice post. ☺

Sure thing! I hope this will bring you some luck. thanks for the reply!

It's easy to get demotivated if you're not receiving any feedback on your posts when you are trying hard to make quality content! Thanks for your service @flyingdutchman! Also your name reminds me of Spongebob. Lol

That's right, I hope this will get you some more feedback.
Lol that is exactly what my friend said. I didn't know the character from spongebob back then (now I do).
I am more of a stoner and a history geek so it was suposed to be a mix between the two.

A stoner and history geek. Are you sure you're not a conspiracy nut? Lol

Yes but only when im stoned haha. (from 8am to 12pm)


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I am interested. I read, vote and comment daily.

Go ahead use the list and make some extra cash!
thanks for dropping by.

Go ahead use the
List and make some extra cash!
Thanks for dropping by.

                 - flyingdutchman

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

how can I listed on this list

You can find this list in the link inside this post.
To be on this list you will need a little steempower and upvote usefull feedback.
Since you are a beginning account you can use this list to earn money by reading posts from people on it, and leaving some usefull feedback.

You should add @donkeypong and @cryptoctopus.

Those are great! Thanks for dropping by and adding to the list!.

Thanks for sharing this list. I had a medical issue for the past week or two, so I hadn't been as interactive as I have been for the past many months here. I am back now though. Thanks for getting me on the list. I am going to start following quite a few of these names because for what it's worth, a lot of the people that I follow don't really even reply back or even interact to a comment that I might make.

Your welcome and welcome back, I hope the list will bring you some curation rewards as well as some extra views and votes on your own content! thanks for leaving a comment! glad to have you back

I got to add about 20% of the names as people I follow. I will add some more today. It was taking quite a bit of time, but I will say that my feed is a little more interesting today, so that is a good thing. :)

Great! that is good to hear. Thanks for using this list.
I wonder if it will increase profits using it (I hope so).

Btw. I made a better version of the list.
Took me a few days, but on this list profits will be much better since everyone on it will use votes big enough to break the dust threshold (votes big enough to actually give a payout).
Here is the link, try checking it out to see if it can be of use to you.

you missed my name :-)

Thanks, you will make a great addition to this list, thanks for submitting!

lol part of me is laughing and part of me is cringing. Its a rather good list I have to say :-)

Haha thanks! It sounds weird I know but I would really like to make an awsome list I (and maybe other people) can follow every once in a while and earn some steem reading their stuff, instead of reading and upvote stuff writting by pricks who sell all their votes.

"instead of reading and upvote stuff writting by pricks who sell all their votes"

lol let it out, i love it :-)


Thanks, you will make a
Great addition to this list,
Thanks for submitting!

                 - flyingdutchman

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

  ·  last year (edited)

@flyingdutchman - thanks for this initiative. I plan to choose 20 people in total and start there. I hope they will follow me as well. Let's get started.

Thanks for your reply, I wish you good luck!

So useful post. Thanks @flyingdutchman

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!
Try using this list to earn some curation rewards.

I stopped upvoging comments - unless they are really good - a while ago. I used to reward every comment, but as a result I didn't have any VP left to upvote the posts I liked. Instead, I do try ro reply to every comment that has been left on one of my posts.

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I am going to use half my daily votepower to articles I read and use the other half to vote for usefull feedback.
(almost got no SP now so might take bit but that is my intention).
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

Now that's an idea. I might try that some time, see if I can hold back on upvoting posts ;0)

I hope you do, good luck.
I hope this will be usefull!
Also tommorow (maybe later today) I plan to make a new list with only the people on it who give upvotes higher then the dust threshold so it can also be usefull for people without dustsweeper or other similair initiatives.
Thanks for reading my post and dropping a comment!

I try to keep on top of my replies to comments and give each a small upvote. It's not much but enough to trigger dustsweeper....

As for whether or not my content is worth reading... Well, I guess I'm the wrong person to ask for that!

Thats great I'll add you to the list.
Thanks for dropping by and adding to the list!

Thank you!

I find this very helpful. Thank you so much.

Thanks for your resteem and reply, I hope this list brings benefits to you and the other people on the list!

It surely does. AS for me, I'm the kind that is a seasonal writer. But prefer reading and being a critic a lot. Surely there are a lot of us here. :)

Yes I guess so, good luck with it let's make this work.

Thank you so much my friend. Same to you as well. :)

Thanks for the info. I got to find out about some cool dolphins and whales i never knew. In addition, I would love to add @surfyogi and @indigoocean to the list. As long as you make a sensible reply on their post, you will get upvoted.

thanks for the reply and the tip, I'll put them on the list too!

wow thank you for the shout out and youve done great on this post! woohoo

Thank you, I hope it will be usefull.

Is there any reason one username has a capital "A"? :-)

Yes and I will tell you, he is an anamoly. (get it?)
No to be honest after you told me it took me at least half a minute to find it.
You have a keen eye!
Thanks for dropping by on my blog

You're welcome. Maybe it should be @aNAMOLY, :-)

hehe, btw I like the "I see, I shoot, I steemit" thing!

I am glad people like it. It's my tagline for a couple of years now. :-)

It's catchy. it stays in your head,
It reminds me of a saying; I saw, I came and I conquered or something like that.
Famous quote from ancient rome I think.

  ·  last year (edited)

Have to leave a mark because....

Source: https://steemit.com/photography/@ace108/art-sg-i-was-here-by-ace108
And Rome was from Alexander maybe

Commenting is essential in steemit..even i made a post of its importace....though it needed to be precise and to the subject

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I agree, without feedback it will hard to improve your quality.
thanks for your reply!

Thanks....glad you maintain such list...👌

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Thanks! Hope it will be usefull to many.

Indeed..infact abh1234t also maintain a list with his EL curation..

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Yes I hope i'll get more people for on the list from his blog.
Thanks for the tip!

You are always welcome👍

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  ·  last year Reveal Comment

What does he do? He does not write articles I think.

Add me to the list... I spread some love to those who read and comment... I appreciate them!

Sure thing, Thanks for replying!

Thank you dude!

Sure thing! enjoy the list.
thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Sure thing! enjoy the
List. thanks for dropping by and
Leaving a comment.

                 - flyingdutchman

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wait wut? that is what must be the worst haiku ever.

Perhaps you can also sort the list by who gives the biggest upvotes for relevant comments?

Yes I have been thinking about that, I will make a weekly post ranking them. However I think that is gonna be a pain in the ass (lot of work).
Now not so much but when there are like 200 people on the list, to go to each ones of their posts calculate the upvote ratio (excluding comments like : nice post or great content) and the worth of a vote will be a pain.
I will do it though but i'll need a free day from work so I am thinking about doing this every saturday or sunday.
Thanks for the great feedback proving the importance comments/feedback again.

Good work! I'm gonna check some of these out later.

Ok, have fun using the list.
I hope it will give you some good rewards on your feedback and curations!
thanks for leaving a comment!

Thank you. I think getting feedback through comments will help one write quality content!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I agee, feedback is underrated. Asside from bringing in more activity to the posts it will indeed also improve the quality of the contents.

True my friend:))

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

An interesting list @flyingdutchman. Thank you for adding my name to it. Most of the people there I already know but I will be checking out those I don't. 😊

Sure thing! Credits where credits due.
Please do.
thanks for the reply!

I checked out some of these and it seems like a great collection. Thank you!

I checked out some of
These and it seems like a great
Collection. Thank you!

                 - bamboozled

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@haikubot , You are lame please stop ruining my comment section with haikus that a retarted person could write better than you! What you are doing is not poetry, but more like spamming.

Thanks, please use the list to get some nice rewards for your feedback and curation.
While you do this you will also be supporting people who actively engage in their own comment sections so it is a win win!
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a reply!

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Thanks Mr. Bot man!
Now blind people can read my stuff too!

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@jasonshick, you have been flagged for being a douche nozzle. Anyone who replies to @jasonshick will be flagged and your rep will be significantly affected. You have been warned.