$0.02 Dust threshold for upvote value - don't upvote comments with a value below $0.02

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Normally I write quite a lot of comments each week. Which results in a few comments getting upvoted. And an even smaller number of these comments gets an upvote below the so called $0.02 dust threshold.

This $0.02 dust threshold means that each upvote value below $0.02 will te result in a pay out.

Is there any good reason to upvote comments if your upvote value is below $0.02?

NO, at least that's my opinion.

You could say that one shows his/her appreciation to the commenter. And that could be a valid reason. However, to my opinion that results in your upvote getting lost and making the rich even richer.

Any solutions?

Don't upvote comments if you currently (26th of August) have less than 400-450 SP.

I think the most easiest solution is to upvote a recent post from the commenter. With recent I mean not older than 7 days.

Another great solution is to buy a @dustsweeper subscription. This automated account makes sure that all your dust will get an additional upvote to increase the value above $0.02. This will solve your own personal dust issue. But of course not that from other Steemonians that you upvote.

What will happen to this $0.02 dust threshold after HF20?

I don't know.
Does anyone know this by heart?


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I agree that buying dustsweeper is a good way to profit from upviotes by people with SP less the 400-500. I think it would be very valuable to get people whose vote is less then 2 cents to upvote your comments versus upvoting your post. I suspect they will make more from curating your comment then they will your post, but I am not sure. What do you think?

If that comment is upvoted after them, then they would indeed earn a higher curation reward than from upvoting any post that is already 5+ hours old.

But if the comment doesn't get any additional upvotes then I don't think they get any curation rewards. As it will also be dust.

This threshold won't change with HF20.

Checkout @dustsweeper to get comments with less than 0.02 above the threshold!

You are totally right that this is a great solution. But it only works for yourself as not everyone uses dustsweeper. Though I did edit my post and included it as solution.

But if you upvote someone with 0,01 AND someone do the same - The value will be 0,02. Right?

That's correct.
So for posts this is most of the time no issue.
But comments quite often end up with only 1 upvote.

Just started following you since you ended up on the @flyingdutchman list of people. Thanks for the tip about dustsweeper. I am still reasonably new to this having only been on here for a few months and had heard about @dustsweeper but I hadn't realized how much it could actually help me.

I see your point about the lost upvote making the rich, richer. I have found myself upvoting people who reply to me when I so much SP delegated out that it becomes a .01 upvote. I'm thinking that I am at least showing appreciation but mathematically, it doesn't make sense now. I may pull back some my delegation so that my curation efforts can be more meaningful. I'm not making a ton on returns from some of these delegations I have anyway. Thanks.

Thanks for your reply and good you read that I was able to help a little.

It would indeed be a good idea to have at least 400 SP not delegated to another Steemonian. Or if you are not using it and/or think bid bots or another Steemonian could use it better, then you could as well delegate almost all your SP. Only keep like 40 SP for your posting bandwidth.

No worries. I am going to hold off on any further delegation to help build things up a little so I can do some bit of manual curation. I did join up with @dustsweeper on your recommendation.