Sometimes sickness prevents your best life!

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Health is one of those things if life that you don’t fully appreciate until you have lost if.

Many people strive for money, power, and prestige but in the end they are not physically, emotionally, or spiritually able to steward or enjoy that which they have gained.

Learning to appreciate all things

About three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with pneumonia (which is a bit odd since it is summer time where I live). The headaches and body aches finally convinced me to go to a local walk-in client.

After some bloodwork and an X-ray, I was sent home with a 5-day dose of antibiotics.

Just yesterday I went back to get a check up. I heard a second round of pneumonia is no good, and since I was having difficulty breathing I wanted to attack the problem before it attacked me.

This time I was diagnosed with bronchitis.

The picture attached to this post was me taking a breathing treatment. I was sent home with a 3-day dose of steroids and a use-as-needed enhaler.

Final Thoughts

Living a good life means addressing all aspects of life. I am trying to focus on my health so that I can excel at other parts as well.

I look forward to sharing more life with you all (whether I am feeling sick or well).

Thanks for stopping by!

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Oh, I am wishing you a speedy recovery!!

Like my parents used to tell us, kids, youth is wasted on the young. We do not fully appreciate the health we have when we are in our teens and it is not until we are a little broken that we realize we need to start taking care of ourselves.

And you are right!! Every word!


Thanks @dswigle. I appreciate your kinds words and support. Life is such a paradox. The young have strong bodies. Those more mature usually have more wisdom. The beauty of it all is that we need each other.

I can definitely attest to this. I was just talking to my husband about how we took our health for granted in our youth . Now with changing bodies and aches and pains etc. I am really wishing I took better care of my body back then. We are doing better now, being health conscious in our adult years has definitely made a huge difference in being able to handle things.

I hope you are feeling better now and that you won’t have to deal with these ailments for long.

Health is so important. You are so correct about not thinking about these things in our youth. The hard part is after so many years, we struggle to change the bad habits. Glad to hear that you and your husband are being health conscious. Thanks for being a good example.

Three years ago I had terrible pneumonia. I needed surgery to remove pus and scar tissue from my chest, as the infection had spread outside my lungs. I was in the hospital for two weeks and had a tube in my back. I don't recommend it. Good on you for going to the doctor earlier than I did!

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Sorry to hear that you had such a rough battle with pneumonia. I am also glad I caught it early. I have been really tired, but have been able to avoid any hospital visits.

Its never too early to focus on your health trust me on that I was late starting it myself and pay for it now but I am very zealous now trying to be healthy

Good luck with the steroids and inhaler they have worked well for me int he past

Completely agree. My problem is that I know I need to make changes but have not committed to making those changes. I have a lot to live for both now as well in the future.

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You have the right attitude thats the first step to making changes its not easy but one step at a time is the best way to go and before to long you will be looking back glad of the changes you have made

It can be easy for people to take health for granted until it becomes an issue.

Ironically only when we start to see a decline do we try and do something about it!

I had pneumonia a few years back and it really change how I looked at my health and valued it.

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Completely agree. Thanks for leaving a complete and well wishes.

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Wishing you well! Sometimes the darkest moments are needed to show us how to appreciate the light that life provides in the small things every single day :)

So true. I look forward to sharing my life with others and appreciate a new platform (and tribe) that allows me to do so.

Health IS Wealth! Hope you get better friend!

Health is so important. Thanks for the kind words.

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