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Hhmmm, Get to know me:

I was tag by a friend and a fellow steemian @indigoocean to participate in this contest Get to know me.

The contest was organized by @anomadsoul, where we find 5-10 of our old post, that are not on religion, politics and cryptos that tells a little about who we are.

Frankly, since I started blogging on steemit over a year ago, I have not made many post talking about myself, so I will try to dig up five post that I think that about myself and my views about certain things in life.

So here it goes......

1. Who is more loving in a relationship with a man, a fat woman or a Slim woman?
My thoughts on making this post. I have always heard people say that fat women are more loving than slim women and so since, I tend to be attracted to fat women, I was curious has to why people think that they are more loving than slim women.

2. Mornings, a perfect time to gather your thoughts about an idea.
My thoughts on this post. Several times when I am trying to put down my thoughts about idea during the day and am not able to gather my thoughts well, I normally sleep over it and by the time I wake up in the morning and think over it again in the morning, I am usually successful in gathering my thoughts at this time. So it has become a pattern for me now that the best time for me to gather my thoughts about an issue is in the mornings.

3. Sharing a personal experience. Be careful with those who gossip about others to you.
My thoughts about this post. Gossiping about others is not a good thing, and if you think that the person who gossips about others to you is not gossiping about you to others, you have another thing coming.

4. I blocked some people today on my facebook account.
images (2).jpeg

My thoughts on this post. Since I discovered steemit, I don't use facebook very often again. But even before I joined steemit, I was not a fan of facebook because I believe that most people on facebook are just about stroll others and hate speeches, so I limited my time on facebook. But I still have a facebook account and as much as I don't go there often since I joined steemit, I still don't like to come across people who stroll others on facebook anytime I go there. So on this day, when I logged on to facebook and I saw some strollers I decided to block them.

5. Why I don't like skipping mornings food (breakfast).
My thoughts on this post. I normally don't like to skip eating morning food and this post explained why I don't like skipping morning food.

Wow!!! I am surprised that I was able to get even 5 posts, talking about myself because I usually don't make post about myself.

Anyway, I nominate @joalvarez, @audreybits and @markkujantunen.

Some rules for those wishing to join.

  • Nominate 3 other steemians

  • use the tag #gettoknowme.

  • only include post of your authorship.

  • Avoid cryptos, politics and religious post.

  • Only steemians with more 6months on the platform or more than 100 post made, can join the challenge.

You can also resteem @anomadsoul's contest post.



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Yay! You did it! I'm just about to make lunch so will wait to I sit down to eat to read each posts, but just reading the overviews of each one was so fun. And I so agree about people who gossip about others!


Yah!!! How can I eat that lunch with you, because am sure it will be delicious. 😄


It was very simple. Just a hot dog and potato chips. Really enjoyed reading the posts you shared. I definitely feel like I know you better now.


Thank you very much @indigoocean. Am really a simple person to know.


Thank you @yaanivapeji for nominating me.
I accept and happy to participate in this cool contest.

Have a great Monday, my friend.


You are welcome @joalvarez. The contest is fun!!!

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