Jumped off an Airplane at 15,000 feet!

in life •  5 months ago

On our recent trip to Europe, we (@firepower, @varunpinto, @aishwarya and I) decided to do something crazy and the result was we ending up jumping off an airplane in Prague from 15,000 feet. 

Skydiving is something that's on everyone's wishlist and not so surprisingly it was on ours as well and we found a really good deal at SkyCentrum in Prague and ended up diving. 

The initial fall is the most exciting part where you feel like you've lost all the control and your speed of fall keeps on increasing until it reaches a constant speed. This part is the scariest. 

After that, once you reach the constant speed, you're kinda calm but still the wind hitting your face at high speed, ears popping due to air pressure and throat feeling dry keeps you from staying calm and keeps you at the edge. 

Since this was the first time and we weren't instructed on how it is going to feel, I didn't know what to really expect and it felt like the whole thing happened in a flash. 

Once they open the chute, it's a calm ride down to the runway. You get time to look around and enjoy the landscape. 

I would definitely do it again if I get a chance to and in a different place and now I know what to expect from it so it'll be comparatively less adrenaline pumping for sure but definitely equal fun!

YouTube Link: 

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Wow amazing 👍👍👍✌️✌️


Thank you! :D

So cool! I'm afraid you have way more guts than I do, because sky diving is not on my bucket list. I've done a bungee jump, but that was it as far as heights go. I'm afraid standing on a ladder! Great video!


It's a lil scary as soon as you fall and keep accelerating towards the ground because you have no control over anything and you keep trying to gain control. But once you reach a constant speed, it feels like home :D
I feel Bungee jump requires more courage than skydiving because you're jumping all alone :O
Hats off to you on taking the leap and also, nice to see you on my blog! :D


I don't know about that, I'd probably pass out at a height like that lol. The bungee jump was something I got talked into, and once you're up there, there's no way back...I jumped into a river, which made it seem less scary, but looking back at it, it wasn't. I actually liked it so much, I went for a second jump right after the first! (my friends told me I was screaming all the way LOL). Nice to see you here too, I'm looking forward to more of your adventures!

Scary, crazy and so much fun man!!!!


Hehe! It's a great experience. Once you do it, it feels like doing it again in a different and better location.
The Dubai one gets you a crazy view of Palm Jumeirah. You guys could try :D

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