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I once asked a lot of people, if today is the last day of your life, would you like to live the way you are living now? They all said, "of course not." But the question is, don't you still living like this every day now? Perhaps such questions are too extreme, but that is the case.

According to the survey, 70% of commuters don't want to go to work or are extremely disgusted with going to work, but they are still going to work. We can't help but ask ourselves, why is that?

Many people complain about their life but still doesn’t try to make any changes. Many people are dissatisfied with the present, but also don’t want to make changes and many people are full of confusion, but still willing to live the way it is.

Day after day, we live a cycle that is like a plank of rotten wood, full of anxiety about life, but will never take the step to make changes.


I am by no means to criticize our generation, we have never been the "broken generation." It is only when the burdens and tribulations of life bend our backs, indeed, we are now struggling to live well, which the energy to talk about the "change" seems to be out of the blue and "change" for us seems to be out of our reach.

But I would like to ask you, would you like to live like this all the time in the future? If you don't want to, then why not try to change? Perhaps most of us are eager to "change", but do not know where to start, because there is no direction and goal, so can only drift with the flow, but in the end, we are still in the same place.

The vast majority of us are used to escape from the reality, and those who are used to escapism generally have two typical manifestations:

One: Complaining about life, and while complaining, continue trying to live with all their might.

Second: self-proclaimed as “willing to change”, spent a lot of money and energy in the so-called success of learning and motivational materials, full of theory and truth, but the fact is that life itself has not changed, every day just like everyone else, living in the same old life.

In fact, you can’t just “blindly change", let alone learn from all kinds of books and motivational materials. "Change" has always been a very autonomous behavior, it can only "germinate" from yourself. So how should we make a real difference?


First, learn to think deeply. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, thinking about "life and ideal" is a very abstract thing, a "useless" thing, but the 2012 Nobel laureate, Professor of physiology at Kyoto University in Japan, said in a study published in the journal Nature: “Deep thinking is the best way to wellness.” Bill Gates also said that deep thinking is one of his favorite things when he was young.

In my opinion, deep thinking is not only the best way to wellness but also our pursuit of the value of our life. And the ultimate goal of our deep thinking is to understand the world and give meaning to our life. So how do we learn to think deeply?

My advice is to read more books, read history books (including but not limited to logic, philosophy, psychology books, validation, summary, and reflection).  Assuming that we compare history to a rolling picture, reading history is like putting you outside the picture to see the whole picture, rather than being in one of the parts that can only see the border with itself.

In doing so, we can understand the complexity of history and know that justice is always relative. In World War II, for example, the Soviet Union was also an invading country, and the Soviet Union divided Poland with Germany before the German attack, encroaching on Finland. In the war, the German prisoners of war were also very cruel, and when they entered Berlin, they were even more adulterous and plundered, unscrupulous.

What is more important is that when we understand the origin and development of human beings, we can see the formation and development of the agricultural revolution, tribe, country, religion and so on, and then to the rise of countless dynasties in history, the heyday to perish. We will understand that history has never been just an event, not a variety of data, not a good and evil, not a victory and a failure, it is just the countless people's lives, stories, and experiences from the past.

In some ways, history has been repeating itself, but in a different form. So when we calm down to see that period of history and then look back at our present life, you will be relieved, all the anxiety, contradictions, confusion has happened, but changed a form, in fact, everything is not the same.


In my opinion, success is the achievement of yourself, and our goal in life is to guide us in the direction of achieving ourselves. We may not be able to achieve our goals for a long time or even for the rest of our lives, but it is because we have goals that we can maintain positive thinking rather than negative attitudes. We can live to enrich rather than empty, we can be full of love and full of interest in life, we can even be in the coldest winter, and never forget "the fragrance of the Rose."

With regard to the significance and value of action, countless predecessors have long used their biological experience to prove that. John Fichter once said, "Only action can determine the value."

Although many people will feel that I just repeat the old-fashioned truth, but in fact, all things in this world are nothing more than the three steps of "deep thinking, setting goals, putting them into action", which are coordinated and indispensable to each other.

These truths seem to be "banal", but they are the closest to the "truth". And that may be the common problem of our humans, "always focus on the minutiae, but ignore the most important things."

Many of us have been lost in life, they don’t want to think, give up thinking, even loathe and despise thinking, perhaps the burden of life has pressed them hard and even their soul are breathless, but I still hope that everyone in this world will never give up on thinking.


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Your post remind me of a great book, "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond. You might enjoy the book and the deep think it will inspire regarding history.

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