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In this rapid and highly developed economy era, we are in fact a lot of times are confused and nothing we can do.

Because today's younger generation, almost everyone has a smartphone, such a high-tech gadget, bring us too many surprises, but we also spend too much time on this gadget. In addition to using mobile phones to communicate, shopping and find information, entertainment like playing games almost occupied most of the time, and this has become our habit. Picking up the phone is always involuntary, look at the lace news, or watch some videos, play some games, and so on. In short, there are too many things to do on our phones.


But at the end of the game, what did we get? Our time was wasted with inefficient. The things we do is so meaningless, even after playing a day's mobile phone, we will not help but have a sense of emptiness and full of regret.

But we still doesn't care when it's time to play. Because smartphones are always around us, it seems to be our lover, but this is a damned love affair, we must end it, and the best way to forget a person is to find another things replace it!

So to reduce the time of playing mobile phones, the best way is to develop other hobbies. So that changing the habit of playing mobile phones can last longer. Because the existence of mobile phones, the meaningful things we can do greatly reduced.

This may be a series of drawbacks brought about by the rapid development of science and technology and the economy, because the economic development we can enjoy more services, as long as you make the payment, move your fingers, there is a takeaway sent to your downstairs, there is a car to pick you up. At the same time, a lot of resources can be easily obtained, we can no need to worry about any questions, and don’t need to look for a bookstore for a book, because everything you need can easily be obtained from the Internet.

Of course, the proper entertainment is beyond reproach, but now the charm of entertainment products is that as long as you dare to touch it, it has the ability to keep you and you won’t be able to get rid of it.


So in the past or in ancient times, when technology was not so developed, people at that time might have done more meaningful things than we did, no entertainment products, books may be their best entertainment tools. Poetry, maybe their best form of entertainment, so there will be today's well-known works. Therefore, all the good and bad are in fact related, we seem to live in this happy modern society, everything is better than the predecessors, but many of our achievements are not as high as the predecessors, because of the prosperity of this era, blinded our hearts, let us indulge in it, and stop us from thinking ahead.

And the ancients seem to be worse than us, but then the people only know: “Improve upon yourself first, then manage your family, then govern your state; that is the only way to bring justice and virtue to the world”. They are not born in a decent timeline, but they are still more enterprising than us, understand the importance of diligence!

And what about us? By contrast, we are self-defeating, our grasp of time, our initiative, our degree of discipline, in many ways are inferior to the predecessors, we are the new generation is also a lost generation!

The objective conditions of the new era are definitely better than any previous era, but we should not sink in the face of the new era, but should make good use of all the good aspects of this era, and strive for a better future!


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Yes, but that is the tricky part, a "vice" is not replaced with other, nor a pastime by another, because then there is no real change, only apparent. The point is to make a reflection and know what is the reason why we have that hobby, that way we can, not replace it, but eliminate it completely.