What is your highest return on investment?

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In the course of a person's life, there will have a variety of problems and a variety of novel experiences.

A person's inevitable stage, from an adolescent child to adulthood, at this time, you will start to think of a question, "Who am I?"

Only after you can really answer the question, you can really participate in society, otherwise, you are still a child.

If you can't find who you are, you will follow the mainstream standards of society.

When people say programmer can earn a lot, then you sign up for programming courses; When people say finance is good, you sign up for finance courses.


When everyone says something is bad, if you happen to be in there, you will become anxious, you do not know why you are here, because this is everybody's standard, the society standard, causing you to be here. But now, the supports to your standard had changed, you will have to take action.

Your standard is not your standard, you have chosen other people's evaluation standard. If you get the affirmation of others, you will be proud, if not, you will have the feeling of inferiority. In that case, you will only be a good boy. And the sad thing is you still don't know who you are.

This will usually happen to teenagers, but you'll find that these will happen on so many grown-ups.

Another trait that most of the teenager will have is rebel. Why they rebel because they want to be different from others, and prove that they are special. But this behavior usually based on the other side, such as when the teacher or parents asking to do something, but purposely act against it. Mostly, children want to express that I am different from you, that makes me, me.

But this ego is still changing with others, in other words, your evaluation system is based on others.

And the real growth is you really know who you are, know what you want, you will not easily change yourself because of someone else's judgment and suggestion.

You know who you want to be. You will adjust yourself to the outside world, rather than being a seaweed, swaying in the wind.


This is your recognition of yourself, you have an independent self, you are not attached to anyone, you mainly rely on yourself, this is you, being independent, you will get more equal respect.

You need to be yourself. A self-directed evaluation system of yourself, the one that you recognize yourself.

Who am I? This question, you deserve to think clearly.

By the way, if you get the answer to this question, perhaps the so-called middle-aged crisis will be gone.

Increase probability, and ensure diversity

There are two ways to Increase probability, one is to do fewer things, another one is to try to do things that have a higher success rate, that is, to learn from success.

Do fewer things, in fact, is very simple, mainly because, a person's energy is limited, things that we can do things is very limited, you can't do all the things and do it all well. When doing things right, you need to find the main things and discard things that seem important but can actually be discarded. For example, some non-urgent calls.

Learn from success, this is very important, because from a probabilistic point of view, at least this is a successful example, although the probability itself is not too large, compared to other methods, this has a greater probability to success.

What is diversity?

Just like a child come from both parents, but sometimes there will have some differences, which are called mutations, and these variations create diversity.

For you to do something, you have to mutate a variety of methods on a higher success rate, and then use the environment to filter out the appropriate methods.

This is also the difference between human and machine. The current machine in order to efficiently comply with a thought, a method. The same thing, the reaction on the different machines is the same, but for people, it is very diverse.

In other words, for a person, different times, different scenes are not the same, but for the machine, as long as the same algorithm, is the same. Although human has more unknown but human can deal with different environments, especially when facing unknown circumstances, human will not crash or fall into a dead loop like an operating system.

This is the benefit of maintaining diversity, and perhaps that is why it is possible for the human to become the universe.

Diversity is worthy of reference.


A little sentiment of investment

Investing is not just about investing in stocks and money.

When it comes to investing, the first reaction should be self-growth.

The most important thing in investment is risk-averse, followed by the profit.

In general, for an office worker, the best choice is to improve our ability, combined with the above methods to achieve passive income, so that life is more exciting.

For everyone, the best value is to invest in ourselves and grow ourselves.


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