DYKTON Series - Chapter 2

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Did you know that...

1.Atacama Desert in Chile is the dryest place on Earth? With only 0.76 mm of rain/year it would take almost a century to fill up a cup of coffee.

2.If all the North and South Pole glaciers would melt,they would transform in nearly 25 million cube kilometres of water and the sea & ocean levels would increase by 60m ?

3.A spoon of honey contains 22 calories while a spoon of sugar contains 15 calories?The honey is much healthier because it contains in equal parts glucose and fructose.The daily consumption of honey is benefic as it reduces the quantity of cholesterol in your body.

4.Dinosaurs and human ancestors have lived in the same period of time only in movies or science-fiction books?Dinosaurs suddenly disappeared 65 million years ago,while discovered human fosils are dated only a few million years old.

5.The lioness is hunting for food almost in 90% of the cases,while the lion prefers to sleep and rest.

6.Although Egypt is the country of the pyramids,Sudan has more pyramids? Egypt has 110 while Sudan has over 200 pyramids!

7.The highest mountain in the Solar System is called Olympus Mons? It is situated on Mars and it is 22km high!

8.The Olympic Games were first mentioned in history in 776 BC ?

9.The Chinese invented the flying kites,3000 years ago? They were used to scare enemies on the battlefields and Marco Polo (Italian explorer , 1254-1324) noticed that kites were also used to mark a successful expedition.

10.The Hundred Years War between England and France has actually lasted 116 years? It lasted from 1337 until 1453.

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