Why My Next EP Will Be On Steem before Spotify

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Hello! I'm Benbrick a songwriter and fan of blockchain technology. I've been writing on Steemit for over a year and in that time I've raised over £4000 for various charities under Steemit's name.

My latest project is a music store built on the Steem blockchain called @Steemsongs which is currently in BETA.

Why My Next EP Will Be On Steem before Spotify


Recently I've found it hard to create more than one song a month. I have the perfect studio in a large complex surrounded by creators but I've begun to feel numb to the process.

Confucuius once said music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without but my self imposed lack of interest in new music has gone on for months now.


Despite the BBC article on the growth of streaming, there are still major problems with Spotify and how they distribute royalties to the people making the music. Yesterday an article surfaced detailing a $1.6 Billion USD case against Spotify from publishing experts Wixen.


Looking to the future we are already seeing hints of music made by artificial intelligence. This is only going to increase - especially when most of these music companies tech companies are more focused on their profits than on art.

If you think that AI will not take significant jobs away from music creators: you are wrong.


In the last 10 years we've completly changed the way we consume content - we don't care about regular TV programming now we can binge on Casey Neistat from our sofa.

When this new breed of creators put their videos online they use royalty free tracks for fear of their content being removed by the behemoth record labels who failed to adapt.


The video creators need the right music, but more importantly they need the correct license to not jeapordise their potential ad revenue.

Sony is creating AI music (backed by the European Research Council) and there are suggestions that Spotify create fake artists to fill playlists and generate profit.

The next stage is Google replacing their YouTube royalty free music selection with 100% AI created audio and the Google backed Magneta project is already pushing forward with this.


So, now I create music when I feel like it, and using Steemit or Valu.is I'm able to monetise my content instantly (and without a middle man). A blockchain that can transfer in 3 seconds is appealing when you're used to waiting years for Sony or Universal to start collecting royalties.

I don't want to waste my money on Facebook adverts to reach an audience. I don't want to compete with Spotify owned playlists. I want to make music for me. Thanks to these new websites, I can.

That's why my new EP will be
on @Steemsongs before Spotify.

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What do you think? Will AI replace music makers?

Want more information about @Steemsongs? E-mail [email protected]


Awesome stuff Ben.
Adding to Steem, Muse might interest you. We currently have multiple people working on different fronts in order to solve most of the problems in music. (Not tackling AI though)

We are updating our smart contracts at the moment in order to be as flexible as possible for multiple types of edge cases.
We have 2 front ends releasing in Q1, 1 for the artist to upload his metadata and 1 for the music consumer.

Essentially, Muse will pay per play (not per stake weighted upvote). This means your site could offer two types of rewards.

  1. Muse royalty payouts whenever a user listens to a song.
  2. Steem payouts whenever a user upvotes a song.

One hell of a revenu stream!

Hey @Cob where are you based? Would love to talk more about this. I'm in London.

Looking forward to checking out your EP, dude. So interesting how the AI and Blockchain revolutions are springing to life in a dovetail. Very interesting to see which one will ultimately help the many and which the few. Exciting time to be dialed in.

I agree. And as a side note, I had no idea that Steem had such a fast transaction time!

most people don't and that's why we are trying out hardest to do more promotion about that.

You actually popped into my head yesterday as I was researching video techniques and I thought of your excellent video you shared with us using a go pro.

I also have several tracks on Spotify which I released with different record labels. No more. I'm also looking forward to see what Muse blockchain for music artist will bring us. Good luck with you project and I look forward to checking it out.

Good luck! Have you checked out Voise? Could be a very exciting music sharing platform.

Well thought, interesting read. For me, this looks very exciting cause it's a REAL need for this kind of service. WE only need the support of a few huge musicians. youtubers, podcasters etc to get this ball ralling than it will just be huge. I'm sure it will happen in the next few years.
MOGUL ben brick?

thanks Raz!

That is one of the greatest things about Steemit. You can get rewarded for your effort in this case creating amazing music. NO middle man or having to pay for the reach. People see it here instantly and reward your instantly. Got to love that.

I don't think AI will replace music artist because music is something created with heart and soul. Machines can't never posses that. I am sure that it is one of the reasons you are creating music. It feeds your soul. :)

I have not checked out your songs jet, but I will get around to it. I am sure you got some good stuff recorded. What kind of music do you create?

Have a great day, my friend. :)

You should read Life 3.0 it actually suggests that heart and soul is purely mechanical and can be replaced! Here is some of my music

I'm actually reading this at the moment. Fascinating stuff. Quite a long way in the future but yes anything can be recreated if you can manipulate atoms!

That is one interesting information. Heart I believe can be replaced, but for the soul not so sure. You never know. WIll have to look at the link you provided to comment. And listen to your music while reading. I just hope it's not heavy metal. That would be distracting a bit. lol

'Music' has been copy and paste for the most part already.

this platform is a revolution in publication, we are witnessing a new technological revolution that's history book material :]

My experience releasing some pretty seriously niche music content on Dtube today (modular synth + live drumming) and the response I've gotten from the #music community in just a few hours is BLOWING MY MIND. I've been releasing music on a professional level for almost two decades and have yet to see a spotify check for more than a few dollars ... for hundreds of thousands of plays. I'm onboard with @steemsongs. It can literally only go up from my present streaming situation.

One of the more prominent labels I'm on, Temporary Residence, absolutely abhors Spotify ... even as an exposure vehicle ... and I'm wondering how many medium sized labels would jump at the chance to host their catalog literally anywhere else. Going to pass steemsongs along.

Interesting. I've been looking into a lot of these blockchain-powered music services lately, and as a musician I can clearly see the benefits in terms of monetization and payment schedules. What I fail to see is the benefit from the consumer side of things, what is the actual value of a blockchain-based model compared to say Spotify? The only thing I see right now is 1) a sense of tighter community with the content creators, and 2) the visualization of actually paying for music consumption. On every other parameter a non-blockchain experience seem to be superior now and in the future - in terms of catalog, speed and curation. You are mentioning releasing your EP on Steem before everywhere else. This makes sense to me to please a certain community and maybe bring more people to the service, but for the average consumer or music fan I don't think windowing is a good way to go. It's not that different from Jay-Z releasing exclusively on Tidal. A move that lead to the album being illegally downloaded just under a million times in the first 72 hours. This puts us back to square one. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, and I'm looking forward to try your service :-)

You are totally right. The benefit to the consumer needs to be a closer relationship with the artist where they can also be rewarded when they join in the discussion.

The blockchain equivalent to Spotify (note @Steemsongs is more like the iTunes store) will offer faster and larger payments to artists, as well as faster and larger payments to record labels. The record labels being paid more is key to an equivalent service taking off.

The key to @steemsongs success will be in offering something different, ideally I'd like to make it much more curated. Also Steemsongs will allow Steemit users (500k currently) somewhere to spend their Steem/SBD as oppose to cashing out immediately. One gripe I have with Steemit is the complete lack of monetisation. Why can't we pay SBD/Steem to upgrade our accounts, to unlock private messaging... and why aren't Steemit INC using their stake for good instead of delegating to repeat posters?

The project remains a way for me to combine two things that I love: music and blockchain. I don't know where it will go, but hopefully you'll come along for the ride.

I up voted your reply because to be honest I'm so focused in the benefits of Steemit, sometimes I fail to be my own devils advocate. I can only assume that @thisisbenbrick is releasing his EP here first, indeed in some minor part, to appeal to the Steemit community. However, underlying this [assumed] intention there is also as you stated the desire to bring new users to the platform. All the while excepting the risk that a few stubborn people might pirate his content just because they don't want to join a new platform to listen to one artist. My question to you is do you think that eventually as people are brought on to Steemit there could be an entire facet to Steemit that is in itself as powerful, or from a consumer standpoint, as user friendly as Spotify?

Of course there could. But it requires Steemit INC being behind the project. The blockchain is way faster than all the competitors.. it's the perfect place for new decentralised projects.

If you're asking if Steemit itself could be as user-friendly as Spotify - I think not. But it's also comparing two completely different things. My point was just that I don't think blockchain is a solution to everything, and for music fans I fail to see the big incentives to switch to a blockchain-based model.
One thing I forgot to mention was that a service like Musicoin has curation awards not unlike Steemit on their roadmap. This could give some listeners a economic sentiment for creating and sharing playlists, but I still believe it will be a select few.

i don't know guys, i get off the most when I perform live. I agree that steemit is great at payouts but it doesn't open too many doors to great shows, and nothing beats that :)

I agree. I've been playing guitar for over 20 years. Been in a couple bands but never cared to pursue it as a career. I probably wasn't good enough anyway. I have to chime in on the AI creation of music. There is already so much sampling and 'fake' instruments in modern music that I can barely listen to new material. Music is all about emotion and feeling, for me. You can program a machine to do something, play a series of notes, beats, whatever. But without the human emotion, It's like listening to the traffic or watching commercials on TV.
I would love to hear a computer improvise a blues guitar solo and then compare it to Joe Bonamassa.

Maybe we will soon be able to play live together online. We can’t yet because of the delay, and feedback, etc. But we’re heading there. Though, I believe live (in person) will still be better because of the energy created between the other musicians, singers, and listeners.

how about a VR show? that would be tight haha!

I think the first step is to provide something for Steemit users and build a community around this.

I hope @Steemsongs will help with getting that music mojo back :D
I find my creativity can go in waves, but I constantly find new inspirations and drives. You seem to be on the right track (yes that is a pun) - Steem on!

thanks Opheliafu, it was great to meet you in Lisbon!

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