Steemit Promo: "Still Waiting?"

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The average attention span of the modern viewer competes with the one of a pigeon. Concepts need to be maintained simple and straightforward if they are to stick in our cluttered brains. This is why I feel that as a community, we need to furthermore promote Steemit for its true power in simple to understand messages.

I will be creating promos (animations, posts, posters and memes) in an effort to try and capture the true power of Steemit. Until this day, despite the hundreds of coins beings introduced, Steem is one of the fastest, secure and most versatile coins outhere with an actual utility.


You can take part in this effort my sharing this post in other social media like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The person with the most likes or shares will be awarded 5 Steem dollars while the 2nd and 3rd place will get 3 and 2 respectively.

The rewards will increase in future posts depending on the engagement. Feel free to also post your ideas and concepts about Steemit and what you would like to see be incorporated in the promo.

Note: Whoever wants to take part has to screenshot and provide a link of the post. Competition ends at the next pay out.

Without further due here is the first animation showing the speed of Steem in respect to other coins.


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The average attention span of the modern viewer competes with the one of a pigeon.
I think that you are much too optimistic.
a gnat comes to mind.
or...if I'm feeling charitable.
a butterfly.

what are the restrictions on using your animations?
I kinda like that one..


none. share away. that's the point
easy to understand memes that are shareable anywhere.

made it big enough but it will look ok in most social media platforms


done that.
thank you.

Hey there @kyriacos, Your GIF has inspired me to launch a Twitter Thunderclap (huge number of Steemians tweeting the same tweet at the same time in an attempt to Trend on Twitter),

Excellent animation.

The main chart at is a big hint of where things are going; the pie charts are eye-opening.

I Loved the gif and the concept of the promo!

Speaking as a new Steemian with the attention span of a concussed bee, anything that makes things easier for me to understand, is always a bonus. I'm literally just beginning to look into crypto currency and although it can sometimes be daunting, I try to learn something new every day. I'm also the first in my group of friends to find Steemit, so your easy to understand animations, memes and posters etc, will prove invaluable as I try to explain things to them. Thank you so much for this, I'm looking forward to your future posts.

great effort @kyriacos! are you sure Bitcoin is 600s (10m) :D lately it feels like many hours!


Very True @mooncryption, it takes hours now to complete a simple transaction that ought to have been completed a long time ago. @kyriacos is even still considerate to give the time lapse of 600s. Bitcoin market has been saturated.

wow great effort @kyriacos. yes I am with you.I will definitely share your post in different social platform and promote our steemit community.Thanks for the great post.upvoted and resteemed.


nice one @alidanish786


thanks to reply..keep it up.

OMG THIS IS FUCKING GENIUS!!!!! I love where your energy is going....I will spread this around everywhere....can i get the GIF Link? JK, I know how to save them...seriously, this is the best thing you've ever joke here.

Great idea. How will you be tracking social shares, and are there cut-off deadlines for your contest?


Screenshot and link of the post at the end of the post's payout day.
(in the comments)

Looks great! What program did you use to make the graphic? :)


Illustrator + After Effects + Photoshop


Thank you! I've got to learn using After Effects then :)

The animation does Steem's speed justice.
But dam Bitcoin is slow. Thats a major issue.
Cool post. Short and sweet perfect for the short attention spanners.

That one hits the nail on the head, a couple more for fees, and profits earned versus reddit/medium/youtube etc and we can staple these animations up around town. People will flock.

Knew I should have bought steem last week haha

Funny. You may also do one more old school comparision: snail vs. cow vs. dog vs. cheetah :)

That is cool!

Wow! Awesome way of looking at it!

Speed of completing a transaction really matters. That's a salient reason for inventing cryptocurrencies. Would really sorry for bitcoin in the long run.

Wooooooow! Amazing

Nice one! I wonder what else.. thinking about it. Not easy to put in a simple gif..

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This is awesome! Can we all use it? Will there be more?

This one is transaction speed, how about zero-fee transactions?

Amazing graphics.

I think you say us "you should use social media". Thank you. I will try.

Quite amusing I am not sure how insulting and not feeding the pigeons helps but OK. Its is the majority of humanity that is sleeping. I look around and they are all carrying small rectangles. Starring at them acting like they know something because they read it from the rectangle. Scary!

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Even chimpanzees will get it. Eventually.


Not if they sent Bitcoin. They'll still be waiting.

Well the thing is promoting steemit seems quite easy however the difficult parts are there of which we should make do with.
I will try promoting with my Reddit account even though it may be little
Awesome GIF There


Easy to understand concepts will get the message through


Certainly, thank you

Fantastic love the gif... this is saying more then 1000 words... but then for crypto people.. maybe make one comparing the $ value from a post with facebook, twitter and others... the rest stays zero and steemit runs to $10 for a post for example... this one can be used on other social media...

You’re the man kyriacos. I love the simple and punchy design you’ve gone with and am sharing on my 10k @forexbrokr Twitter account.

I’ve given you a follow so please keep the gifs and graphics like this coming :) See you around in 2018!

It a is good idea . but it is difficult to get steemit follwers there. I need suggesion .

I was the beginning of joining steemit. I have followed you, if there is time to see my blog and give a good vote steemit community 2018

Oh, this is such a beautiful animation that really shows how much faster the Steem blockchain is! Well done. I think this is a great animation to use for promotional purposes.

It's only all natural, what's good is good and doesn't need much stress to attain it's rightful positive "the very top"...Steem is the best coin out there in all ramifications, it's not surprising that it's the fastest in growth. I'm very optimistic that in no distant time our very own Steem is gonna overtake the coin market and even the local currencies, I'm proud of my choice of coin...#steem promotion anytime, anywhere#

Great initiative and GIF! :)

Please tell me somebody - Is the speed of Ripple is similar to speed of Steem or Steem/Ripple is faster? Thanks. For some reason, nowhere Ripple is not compared with Steem...

Currently I am waiting for more bandwidth:(

I like the animation you did there. What program did you use to animate that @kyriacos? I make a lot of animation as well.

This is fantastic @kyriacos! I was just looking around on Steemit for infographics and stumbled on yours. I encourage you to submit this to the @sndbox infographic contest that was just published :)

Easy to understand concepts will get the message through

voted and resteem witnesses! @kyriacos , hopefully upload to the first place! I would appreciate your vote in my participation in openmic week 66, thank you very much!

nice one brother - sharing the entire post or the appealing GIF - think jus the visual without linking to a contest might make more impact outside - what you think?

Wow what a clever idea, love the GIF and you're absolutely right, STEEM is one of the best tokens and more to the point it's actually being used. How about an animation similar to this one but showing the overall transaction count per day? You can find the information here

I need to use this gif!!! for a post !!! :3

This gif describes the's really fantastic.can i translate your great post to the Arabic language for more promoting steem and you around the Arbic world??

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Nice animation. Love it!!!!!

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