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RE: Why My Next EP Will Be On Steem before Spotify

in #life6 years ago

That is one of the greatest things about Steemit. You can get rewarded for your effort in this case creating amazing music. NO middle man or having to pay for the reach. People see it here instantly and reward your instantly. Got to love that.

I don't think AI will replace music artist because music is something created with heart and soul. Machines can't never posses that. I am sure that it is one of the reasons you are creating music. It feeds your soul. :)

I have not checked out your songs jet, but I will get around to it. I am sure you got some good stuff recorded. What kind of music do you create?

Have a great day, my friend. :)


You should read Life 3.0 it actually suggests that heart and soul is purely mechanical and can be replaced! Here is some of my music

I'm actually reading this at the moment. Fascinating stuff. Quite a long way in the future but yes anything can be recreated if you can manipulate atoms!

That is one interesting information. Heart I believe can be replaced, but for the soul not so sure. You never know. WIll have to look at the link you provided to comment. And listen to your music while reading. I just hope it's not heavy metal. That would be distracting a bit. lol

'Music' has been copy and paste for the most part already.

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