Henry Kissinger's War Crimes, Body Count & Nobel Peace Prize - Truth Revealed!

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Kissinger Wanted for War Crimes

The True Story of Henry Kissingers' Leading Role in the Deaths of Millions of Innocent People.

Kissinger initiated wars, assasinations, coup d'etat, arms sales and carpet bombings in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile, East Timor and Indonesia (there are more eg Bangladesh) - not to mention the deaths of tens of thousands of American and allied serviceman.

In his 2001 book 'The Trials of Henry Kissinger' - Christopher Hitchens' calls Kissinger a War Criminal - allegations that were critically documented in a Hitchens documentary of the same name.

Watch - The Trials of Henry Kissinger

Kissinger Quotes:

"The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.". (Henry Kissinger from his March 10, 1975 meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Melih Esenbel in Ankara, Turkey)

"It is an act of insanity and national humiliation to have a law prohibiting the President from ordering assassination.” (Kissinger statement at a National Security Council Meeting, 1975)

Rockefeller Plant

Kissinger got his break (when he sold his soul) in the 1950's as he directed a number of 'foreign policy studies' for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The 'various' Rockefeller Foundations are a notorious, and an all to common breeding ground for aspiring, power hungry globalists.

The Rockefellers are directly responsible for launching the careers of many world leaders and the careers of many other people that hold incredibly strategic, powerful and influential positions that affect almost every aspect of our daily lives - the 'studies' that they conduct more often than not become the next 'agenda item' for their very own 'lobbyists' and the 'lame stream media' - and before you know it Rockefeller research suddenly becomes Gov't Policy and ultimately Legislation that is passed by Congress - it's all so very predictable once you realise how the system 'really' works.

In 1957 Kissinger wrote the book 'Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy' (ghost-authors wrote it) for Kissinger while he was working for Rockefeller. This was a blatant propaganda ploy designed to reinforce the 'communist, nuclear weapon bogeyman that the lame stream media had already began ramming down the throats of an unsuspecting populace. They promoted Kissinger, the book, his foreign policy studies and gave Kissinger 'undeserved credibility and authority' and turned him into a celebrity.

I can already hear responses like - Kissinger is an author, he works for Rockefeller and I saw him on TV so it must be true - you sound like a conspiracy theorist!

My reply would be - No, these are historical facts - isn't it about time that you took a critical look at the evidence and wake up?

Rockefellers' buy their souls young and the Rockefellers' groom each of them to carry out their evil NWO agendas acroos multiple disciplines for the rest of their lives.

During Nelson Rockefeller's run for the 1968 presidency, when journalists pressed him about his foreign policy, he replied with "Go See Henry."

Rockefeller didn't win the nomination so Kissinger refrained from joining Nixon's administration until it was clear that Rockefeller would not be on Nixon's cabinet. Kissinger associates at this time stated that Kissinger often returned Rockefeller's calls ahead of the President's - who's your daddy Henry? Rockefeller also gave Kissinger the use of a private plane for his honeymoon.

In 1973 Rockefeller said (about Kissinger), "he's never let me down and he's never let the country down." That was a half-truth - Kissinger never let Rockefeller down but he repeatedly let the country (and world) down. Kissinger has always been a Rockefeller/Rothschild NWO puppet, and he will be until the day he dies!

Chile Coup, Pinochet, CIA & Kissinger

Henry Kissinger & Augusta Pinochet - don't they look happy - Kissinger grinning like Garfield and seeming in control, while Pinochet as his puppet seems very grateful for a coup well executed!

Henry Kissinger was National Security Advisor and one of the principle architects of the coup in Chile between 1970-1973 (it took 3 years of plotting and bloodshed to complete the coup and install Puppet Pinochet - Kissinger must have done some overtime in those years - the Vietnam War was also in full-flight.

President Salvador Allende won the 1970 election fair and square - so a plot to 'kidnap/murder' Schneider was hastily developed by Kissinger and the CIA. General René Schneider was the Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Army. He was a Constitutionalist that was committed to upholding the will of the Chilean people and installing President Salvador Allende as the Chileans' democratically elected President. They assassinated Schneider on October 25, 1970.

Neutralizing Schneider was a prerequisite for any military coup; Schneider opposed the Kissinger/CIA coup. The CIA supplied General Roberto Viaux and General Camilo Valenzuela (Chief-of-the-Garrison) with the weapons to carry out the assassination of Schneider which (believe it or not), was blamed on Allende supporters.

Silly question - but why would Allende supporters kill the Commander-in-Chief that supported Allende?

The U.S. government claims it did not intend for Schneider to be murdered, only kidnapped. When Alexander Haig, Kissinger's aide, was asked "is kidnapping not a crime?" he replied "that depends." Such an argument would carry no weight in any court of law.

Christopher Hitchens noted that Chilean authorities treated the crime as a straightforward murder. He argued that, "under the law of every law-bound country (including the United States), a crime committed in the pursuit of a kidnapping is thereby aggravated, not mitigated. You may not say, with a corpse at your feet, 'I was only trying to kidnap him.'"

Declassified CIA documents show a $50,000 payment was made to the 'kidnap/murder' team of the Chilean coup conspirators.

Kissinger had previously labelled Allende a 'communist' which was a cheap, throw-away line that is no different to the cheap throw-away lines that they use today, like 'terrorist' - there always has to be a bogeyman, real, created or imagined - that's Propaganda/Psyops 101 - isn't a shame that so many people buy it!

Kissinger on Chile/Allende:

"I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves."

The First 9/11

Two weeks ago, Chileans somberly marked the 46th anniversary of their nation’s 9/11 terrorist event - where was the lame stream media? On September 11, 1973 the Chilean military, armed with a generous supply of funds and weapons from the United States, and assisted by the CIA and other operatives, overthrew the democratically-elected government of President Salvador Allende.

Sixteen years of repression, torture and death followed under the fascist Augusto Pinochet, while the flow of hefty profits to US multinationals – IT&T, Anaconda Copper and the like – resumed. Profits, along with concern that people in other nations might get ideas about independence, were the very reason for the coup and even the partial moves toward nationalization instituted by Allende could not be tolerated by the US, and global elites.

A document released by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 2000, titled "CIA Activities in Chile", revealed that the CIA actively supported the Pinochet military junta after the overthrow of Allende, and they made many of Pinochet's officers into paid agents of the CIA and U.S. military, even though some were known to be involved in human rights abuses.

Peter Winn writes that the role of the CIA was crucial to the consolidation of power after the coup; the CIA helped fabricate a conspiracy against the Allende government, which Pinochet was then portrayed as preventing. Winn stated that the coup itself was possible only through a three-year covert operation mounted by the United States. He also points out that the US imposed an "invisible blockade" that was designed to disrupt the economy under Allende, and contributed to the destabilization of his Gov't.

Author Peter Kornbluh argues in his book The Pinochet File that the US was extensively involved and actively "fomented" the 1973 coup. Authors Tim Weiner, in his book, Legacy of Ashes, and Christopher Hitchens, in his book, The Trial of Henry Kissinger similarly argue the case that US covert actions actively destabilized Allende’s government and set the stage for the 1973 coup.

Nobel Peace Prize (1973)

The decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to North Vietnam's Le Duc Tho and Henry Kissinger in 1973 was a blatnant PR, Propaganda stunt designed to fool the people of America, and the world. North Vietnam's Le Duc Tho, declined his half of the spoils on the grounds that he didn't want to share the award with the realpolitik ringmaster Kissingler

Kissinger gladly accepted the award and he has milked it for all that he could for 46 years, and counting.

The Vietnam War didn't end for another 2 years (1975) and 50% of the ALL Vietnamese deaths occured 'after Kissinger accepted the 'Nobel Peace Prize' - give me a break!

Vietnam, Cambodia, East Timor, Bangladesh etc

Kissinger's involvement in Operation Condor and the U.S. bombing campaigns in Cambodia which led to the 'Pol Pot Killing Fields where 3 Million Cambodians died' proves to the world how credible the Nobel Peace Prize really is.

Kissinger backed and supported men like Pol Pot, Pinochet and Suharto and these men literally killed millions of innocent people while Kissinger, and Rockefeller actively supported these tyrannical dictators while both of them collected billions of dollars.

The USA, and the West don't have any problems with supporting dictators and genocide - if the dictators are working for the West it's A-OK.

Remember Saddam Hussein? Saddam was backed by the US Gov't for over a decade and they supplied him with the mustard gas that he dropped on the Kurds. At the time the US Gov't barely had anything to say about it because he was still their dictator at the time. But when the West wanted to get their hands on Iraqi oil they dragged the story up to show the world that Saddam was a dictator that had to be stopped.

Kissinger's war crimes (and body count) are far too extensive for me to cover in one post. I hope that the information that I've shared has been of value!

The Trials of Henry Kissinger (video below) will cover many topics that I haven't covered in this post. In particular, Kissinger's role in the Vietnam War, Cambodia, Indonesia and the East Timor Genocide.

30% of the East Timorese population were massacred with weapons, logistical and intelligence support supplied by Kissinger and the CIA.

I highly encourage you to Watch The Trials of Henry Kissinger and take a look at the evidence and form your own opinion!

The Trials of Henry Kissinger DVD Cover

So long as war criminals like Kissinger go unpunished - future leaders will carry on believing that they can do whatever they want with little risk of retribution.

We must continue to fight the good fight and go down swinging if we must. These psychopaths must be stopped and held to account. If we want our world, and our freedoms back, we have to fight for it.

Let's keep sharing truth and steemon!

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ALL comments, upvotes and follow's are greatly appreciated. They will assist me in my research as it will allow me to continue sharing truth with you! Thank you for reading my post and for giving me some of your valuable time today!

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