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RE: Controlled Opposition - Your Friend Might Be Your Enemy - Truth

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This post is brilliant. While some controlled opposition is pretty obvious, like Alex Jones, I have to admit I only just really woke up to Wikileaks very recently.

The one that really perplexed me is David Icke, because over 80% of what he says is bang on true, but he manages to make himself look like a nutter by spouting on about reptilians all the time. And even though he is now even doing presentations with Alex Jones about reptilians, it only just went click....

Meanwhile, for consistent accurate information I always rely on James Corbett -


Ah yes, that's another thing that looks suspicious, although I can't decide whether it's a proof of guilt or not - the first time I heard about him (David Icke) was something like "that crazy reptilian hunter". It was only much later when I actually listened to the guy and was surprised by how much sense he does make. But the reptilian thing? The three extremes are a) it is really the truth (I don't believe it), b) it is something he believes to be true, c) he is an agent and doing the trick of associating the 80% of truth with reptilians, making the truth unbelievable or ridiculous by association. I choose option B in this case, but it's my personal opinion :) Actually, one more thing to add is that options B and C can be simultaneously true, and he's using planted evidence without being aware of it.

Thanks for the kind comment sift666.

I'm with on James as I've been following him for a good while now and he has certainly contributed to my awakening on a number of topics. I did read somewhere recently where someone accused him of being CO but I can't recall the details which means that it mustn't have been very convincing. To be clear, I am not saying that James is, he hasn't given me any reason to believe so - he's one of the best out there but in saying that we should always remain vigilant.

I've been following James for more than five years now and used to email him with q's before he became bigtime - I really am convinced he knows his stuff. One of the people he has exposed is Noam Chompsky.


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