An Innocent Face of Legacy Farming - The Muddy Boys

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Who would imagine to spend a childhood in Muds, playing in farm fields and carrying family legacy ??


Everyone out here love to have a luxurious childhood playing with pom-pom, soft toys, running in parks, going to expensive school, or visiting shopping mall, sleeping in cushion filled mattress etc.

But do you know there are other side of world too, where kids are more into helping their family since childhood and do not even thought of going to school. They started to carry the family job of farming.

Today, on a early morning walk, i came across one such boy , with mud splashes all over on his face and cloth, carrying the wooden leveller on his shoulder towards his field.


Actually there were 3 brothers who were carrying the leveller on their shoulder , walking ahead of me and keep stopping after every few steps . Taking some breath they again start moving, I kept following them for a while, untill i get hold of them.


The elder of them who carrying the leveller more time is the one who get the muddy face and muddy dress. To a surpeise, the cloth he was wearing is none other than , that of school uniform. At the time, when he suppose to be in school, he was carrying the farming burden of his family. On getting nearer to him, and seeing the innocence smile on his face melt my heart for the sake of him and his family.

The three of them get bit shy on finding near to me. I asked them Why he is not in school?? He said, his father in the field and they were going to help him. Without spending much time , they moved away towards the field carrying the leveller, as his father was shouting. The 3 boys love to be in fields


They fell, they roll and they moved towards the fields. You know one thing in between, i tried to get hold of the leveller and take my words it has weigh


That is the POOR farmers life one still enjoying and live hhappilyThe kids just shouldering the family legacy of farming, with nothing else to do

Anyway , that is there way of starting tye day, playing in muds instead of park, they have leveller , instead of pom-pom. They have their happiness in Farming and playing in Fields.

Note: All images taken using my smartphone

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I think these kids who have their family legacy on their shoulders don't need school as much. One of the problems I see in today world, is that everyone thinks that school is important to life, but I believe there are many things worth more than that. And learning doesn't have to come from school.

As long as they are happy and don't mind... But if they would want higher education than what they have now, we should encourage them to learn.

Nice thought @ahmadmanga learning comes from anywhere but in such early stage when thesr kids suppose to be playing or studying they are shouldering the family burden..

Yeah, that's a bit sad... But anything is a game for a child as long as they enjoy it. I hope their parents don't overwork them though, because it seems that's the case in the boy in this post.

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you've shown us some reality that many people would never understand.

Thats true @michellpiala no one ever seen such life do exists somewhere..👍

The huge amount of work for these innocent children is just not fair. Every person should have a chanve to grow in life.

Wish their parents could feel same...but the state of their family status make them to start their legacy pretty early

Lovely photos! I also have mixed feelings on this, and I kind of agree with @ahmadmanga – school isn't everything, though it would be good if these kids had the opportunity for schooling.
I was visiting a remote village in the Scottish countryside a couple of days ago, and I saw some children having a great time playing outside. I envied them (although I know they will go to school).
I think in the "developed" countries we have lost that important connection to the land. We've been "educated" out of it.

Thanks @natubat these kind of life makes these boys mature quite early in their life. If they get bit of education they would begreat for their future..

It's a different kind of life. I'd feel the same for city kids that did not experience much outdoor and in nature life. Learning how to read and some math basics I would find most useful. A lot of life's most valuable lessons are learned through experience, knowing how to read would allow someone to learn more about whatever interests them. Enjoyed the story of your encounter with them :)

Thanks @jackdub still i felt for them coz they were shouldering the burden of family at an early stage...

Yeah, that's true, it would be nice if they didnt have to work on the farm out of necessity and had the time to go to school as well as learn the family trade.

Nice photos. I love children, they are still innocent and honest. Rustic boys are tough kids.

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Unfortunately this is the situation for millions of children.

Nice post. You have brought a nice point up. Though I feel school is not important if they are learning practically everything at their own fields. Till they are not working for others and they are happy, it is fine I think.