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Freedom is one of the most powerful feelings in the human experience. We want it for individuals and encourage entire nations to practice it for their citizens. Yet how often do we really experience it? How aware are we that we enslave our own minds, no matter how physically free we believe we are?

I'm not talking about personal freedoms (while that alone is entirely another conversation), but rather freedom within "peace of mind." Being free within your mind can create a peace within that is pure bliss! How do we get there? I'll aim to help draw some perspectives around it...

Let's begin with the ego; your first enemy to personal freedom of mind...

The ego can be that voice inside your head that incessantly demands attention to materialistic details of life. Things like:

  • I need the newest smartphone
  • I need a better TV
  • I want a newer car
  • I don't feel my house is good enough; I need a better one
  • If I wear more "in style" clothing they'll like me better

The list can go on and on... This tends to begin in today's modern society because of the want, need, and desire to "fit in" at a social level. This occurs in our lives after we've met the basic needs of human existence. Maslow's Hierarhy of Needs spells this out pretty clearly. Within the 4th level from the base of the pyramid you can see why this could occur. We as humans aspire for "acceptance" by others. The only truly essential needs in life are as follows:

  • Safety
  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Food to provide nourishment for the body
  • Good health
  • Love

As we work our way up achieving different levels of life attainment we often get tripped up within the "Self Esteem" or "Ego" level of life. If able to successfully work our way through that level most get to a point of "self-actualization" and the want to be the best that one can be. If this level is achieved through a strong attachment to ego it will stay on an individual basis, whereas if one realizes that he or she has attained much perspective and enlightenment it can take on a much more altruistic approach.


The rules that govern social norms are often what directs those to fulfill the wants and desires of the ego. These social norms are often dictated by the "rules of society." But who says we have to live by these rules? I'm speaking in terms to the rules society says we should abide by like:

  1. Go to college upon finishing basic levels of education - MUST graduate high school
  2. Obtain a good paying career (good paying job again is defined by what society says you should earn)
  3. Get married
  4. Obtain "nice" things
  5. Have children

This are just a few of what "society" says we should do. Must we really "do" these things? How much peace would you feel not needing to worry about having the newest things...Needing to obtain that next promotion... Having to earn a specific income that is "deemed worthy" by society? I'm not advocating that we not educate our youth - but what defines education and how we educate?

Do we not have the ability to define what OUR OWN HAPPINESS IS? Why must we align it what OTHERS say it should be? I can attest to the fact that peace of mind begins with us STOPPING society and others from dictating what our life happiness should contain. I'll leave you with those thoughts and another great book titled "Happily Ever After: Escaping the Myths of the Perfect Life." - Paul Dolan. The book attempts to dispel the long revered notion that we must follow a set path deemed necessary through our past upbringing and social norms. Here is a summary:

Happily Ever After: Escaping the Myths of the Perfect Life

In my own way I continue to challenge "social norms" and hope that this post in some way affects those that read it to at least ponder the thought that - NO ONE DECIDES YOUR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS OTHER THAN YOU.


So good! These social norms are created by elite social engineers designing society to require the individual to be in a constant state of indebtedness (Spiritually, Mentally and Physically). The typical American dream is honestly my worst nightmare. I am glad that I "achieved" the American dream early on in my life to realize that it is a total farce. Still had to pay off of 87K worth of student loan debt for 2 University degrees So the damage was done to an extent, and I didn't get away unscathed.

You are exactly right that no one decides your success and happiness other than you. That is why most people are unhappy, they are essentially living someone else's life and not being true to what drives them at a deeper level.

Following the masses will never make you happy. Period.

So very, very well said. I, like you, am very blessed and fortunate to have achieved a great deal at a young age; working very hard to attain it. That early success is what likely has afforded me the opportunity to reflect and ponder life and what the purpose of it really is. Once I was able to achieve what I did I felt that want for “deeper meaning” - more purpose. I’m more blessed now that I see the truth for what it really is. It’s modern day slavery for all quite frankly. However there are ways to free ourselves. Slowly...society is waking up.

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I am very glad for you that you were also able that too and you are right, it does not come easy by any means. I think there are only certain types of people who will ponder life anything more than a passing thought. To me, my spiritual awakening is my life's calling and I love helping inform and educate people in these areas in order to promote in them, their awakening process.

There must be something about reaching the goals you set for yourself that drives you in this direction because I could never go back to my old thought processes on the rat race and engineered society and think that, those are the things that I want in my life. I was honestly never more miserable than when I was focusing on wealth and career as hard as I was. I am so glad that I keep that same level of focus and intensity but apply it to other areas of and people my life that do make me happy.

Thanks again for a such a great article :)

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You write about so simple staff which we forgot on everyday life, chasing for things which in the long term we don't need. Whats should be important for us is family, health and self acceptance.

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Thanks for the comment. You are exactly right. However, while many people say those points - how often do the actions align? I think most people would say that family & health are important to them. Many wouldn’t say self-acceptance but even if just family and health; how many people who say that back it up in their daily actions? I also say that “I see better than I hear.”

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This article got a lot of philosophy going on. Your wisdom about things that matter in life hopefuly should be with us in our everyday life! Thanks for sharing this here in Steemit!!

Thank you @pjcorts. If I can help raise the perspective of just one individual - then it makes a difference. The words I speak and type: I absolutely know to be truth. I have experienced them and my eyes have been opened wide. Modern society has too many people brainwashed. We need to break through and help in our own unique ways. Ultimately however the real truth must be through ones own experience. Anyone can provide perspectives and “known truths” but until people “experience” these truths it is likely they will remain stuck and caught up in the hamster wheel.

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🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Absolutely @steelborne. As Sadhguru often said “The outside need not decide the nature of our experience. All human experience happens from within."

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