OMG! GooglyEye Monsters Ate @anouk.nox's Birthday Cake

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I promised @anouk.nox I would get her a cake for her birthday today. But overnight, something very unexpected happened - and now I have to tell her I don't have a cake...


happy birthday


Birthdays Should Be Celebrated

When @anouk.nox told me yesterday it would be her birthday today, I immediately started thinking about a way make sure it wouldn't go by unnoticed.

After all, I got an awesome SteemIt party for my own birthday last year, and I figured this was the perfect time to pay that forward.
I don't think many of you have had the pleasure to know @pretty.dorky. After all, she hasn't been around that long. But in the short time she was active on SteemIt, she definitely made it worthwhile.

She and Jeff (a little toy) were so funny...

And on my birthday, she threw me a party, with Jeff as a DJ. It is something I will remember for the rest of my life.
Gosh, how I miss having her around...

Anyway, this was what I got to see when I opened my SteemIt account and visited her blog post:


Click to enlarge

Isn't that just adorable?

It was such an awesome gesture, and a memory I truly cherish.

When @anouk.nox told me she would have her birthday today, this picture came to mind again, and I just knew I had to do something...



Birthday Cake

When I talked to her on Discord yesterday, I promised I would make sure she got a birthday cake today.

So I baked one last night, and left it on the kitchen table, to save it for today.

But then, something very unexpected happened... and now I don't have a single crumb left to offer her.

Fortunately, I caught some of the action on camera, so you can see for yourself what has happened in the video below.





I don't know how these awful GooglyEyes monsters got into my house, but the fact is that they ate @anouk.nox' entire birthday cake.

Fortunately, I had the chance to take some pictures before they disappeared again, so I will be able to identify them if I see them again. I can not let this go by without revenge...

I thought it might be useful to share the pictures, so you can keep an eye out for me. If you come across one of these, please let me know as soon as possible.



Click to enlarge



Please Help Me Out

Without my birthday cake, I don't have anything else to give her than my best wishes. @anouk.nox, happy b-day! I hope you will be enjoying your day.

Since there's nothing more I can say or do, it would be great if you could support me on this, and make her forget about the cake that I couldn't deliver.

Let us work together, so she can at least get a gift: a gift of kindness.

Let's make this birthday an unforgettable one for her, in the same way @pretty.dorky did for me.

I would really appreciate if you would leave your message to her in the comments section below - and I assume she will too.

Even without a birthday cake, I want to give her a little something 'as a gesture of sweetness on her day', as @pretty.dorky worded it.

The entire payout of this post will be her gift

so you know what to do if you want to contribute ... ;0)



A Little Shoutout

I know @anouk.nox has a lot of friends here, and I'm pretty sure they don't want to miss why I didn't live up to my promise, and will be prepared to go out and find those monsters that ate her birthday cake. I think for once, a little shoutout won't do any harm.

So get over here, @davemccoy, @beeyou, @cicisaja, @gillianpearce, @palikari123, @johndoer123, @bashadow, @hetty-rowan, @hossainbd, @heyimsnuffles, @doomsdaychassis, @shadown99, @faiyazmahmud, @pundito (long time no see, btw), @verhp11, @fullcoverbetting, @brittandjosie, @jackjohanneshemp, @sanderjansenart, @karinxxl and of course everyone I missed to mention, and let's give @anouk.nox a birthday to remember!




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A very happy birthday @anouk.nox!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Now that's what I call a cute muffin :0)

thanks woodzi (or should I say: baaaaa)

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Oh my god, that's like the sweetest thing another Steemian has ever done for me! That I will remember forever!! I clearly had no idea you were dead serious about getting me a birthday cake! I didn't expect this, at all!!! You are the best, thank you so much..

This actually made me smile from ear to ear and tear up at the same time!!!!!

My daughter wanted to stay in the Googly b-day theme, so she told me to put these eyes on this balloon.. Now, I am hungry, and I would love some cake, so someone please solve that mystery!! :-)

Btw I totally forgot to mention it, as I'm quite "overdonderd" lol, but the amount of work you put in this and that video, that is just amazing. we all watched it with a big smile!!! So creative!!!


Lol, I know exactly how you feel, thanks to .@pretty.dorky :0)

I don't consider myself to be very creative, but I had só much fun going through all the cupboards this morning, looking for things I could out Googlyeyes on, and then setting it all up, with the plates and the glasses. It must have been hilarious to watch me doing it, lol.

And now I finally had a chance to use those XXXXL googlyeyes that had been lying around for almost two years :0)

Happy birthday, girlie. The gift will arrive a bit late, though - in 7 days, to be exact :0)

Appi brifday tooooo joeeee

Happpyyyy...Biiiirrrttthhday (not bert-day) @anouk.nox 😉 wish you all the best and many happy returns through the years😍😍😍.. you are a super fun friend😉

And yoouu @simplymike 😉wondeful video and sincere words...Luv you both😍😍😍

not Bert-day

Hahaha, i didn't think of that.

And likewise, @cicisaja. I'm very happy I got the chance to get to know you a little better. :0)

omg bert day that'a hilarious haha

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thanks cici :-) bert day hhahahahhaha

and likewise!!

That is super super sweet @simplymike... omgosh

And Happy Birthday @anouk.nox :D :D :D

I love the video, its very creative! You get the best friend award on that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps... I miss pretty.dorky too, she was fun as hell!

Thank you :)
And yeah, that's like serious the sweetest thing ever on Steemit, I'm in awe that she put so much effort in surprising me, so lovely, but we already knew that @simplymike has a huge heart!! :)

Can you believe it has already been 7 months since her last post?
She got in touch with me twice since, but the last time was about 3 or 4 months ago.
I should try and send her a DM on Discord again, though - as she wasn't doing so good the last time we talked...

How much fun we always had... I really think of her every day :0)

Happy Birthday @anouk.nox, sorry your cake got ate, I am sure it was a fine cake too, after all they hardly left any crumbs at all, so it must have been a very good cake.

Or maybe they were just very, very hungry.... ;0)

I think @anouk.nox will be happy with this birthday party and forgive you about the cake :) Stupid google eyes ;)

So I say: HAPPY B-DAY Anouk!!!
Enjoy your day - enjoy life!

I think she has indeed forgiven me ;0)

Blessing @anouk.nox happy birthday.
Let me sing a song.

Your cake is not I stole eat it. I haven't even seen it yet. I heard that he was stole eat by XXX.
cake is too delicious by @simplymike to make it --- so Invit thief !!

Thank you so much :) hope the cake was good lol

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Have a fresh birthday @anouk.nox.. Good luck.

Lol, it took me while before I noticed the guy with the doll in the background, hahaha

hahaha... how awesome was that post? very!

at least the Googlies there had a mad party in @anouk.nox' name... how were they supposed to know the cake was meant for her?! :P

and actually... the prize is overdue... maybe we can get the ball rolling tonight... she has an entry in the race ;)

True, I shouldn't have left it out there in the open... lol

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Happy Birthday @anouk.nox! and @simplymike you are truly a sweetheart.

Thank you, yeah she really is!

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oh no! what a shame! Have a wonderful birthday @anouk.nox !! ❤❤❤❤ I hope you have a good one! 🎆🎈🎉

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thank you, yes I felt like a real bday girl :)

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OK , that was was awesome...and that video was super cool @simplymike!

I know this message is a little late, but Happy Birthday @anouk.nox and I really hope you enjoyed your birthday:)

Here are some more googley eyed monsters singing along!

Thanks, @palikari123. Those look cool!

This is Awesome!
A very happy birthday @anouk.nox :)

I can't get my kitties to do that, no matter how hard I try ;0)

No, my cats would probably look at me as if I'd lost my marbles completely if I'd let them try something like that lol.

They look at me like that all the time, lol . I like to think that's just what cats do, lol

yeah, you might be right. I think they're higher beings anyway. Smarter than us sometimes... They probably just think: what the hell are these people doing? LOL

This is one of the cutest birthday posts I've seen! What a lovely gift to a friend! I don't believe I have met @anouk.nox, but happy birthday regardless! :)

Well, nice to meet you! And yes, I agree so lovely! Thank you, it was yesterday, but I did feel like a birthdaygirl thanks to simplymike :)

A pleasure making your acquaintance, as well! :)

Thanks, @plantstoplanks. And thanks for dropping by and wishing her a happy birthday anyway. I appreciate it. :0)

You are great! @simplymike you can touch the hearts of people😍 Again happy birthday @anouk.nox let's celebrate your birthday by eating cakes😝 And do not forget that we have to be rich together for celebrate your birthday in the moon 😍 stay healthy good luck @anouk.nox

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks, @hossainbd. Can I come when you go celebrate her birthday on the moon? ;0)

Of course you can @simplymike O:)

Posted using Partiko Android

She is great!!!! She really is, I knew that already, and many other Steemians do, but I did not see this coming.. total surprise!! That video is awesome too :)

Thanks, and yes to the moon :) lol


Thanks snuffles :) much appreciated!!!

He's a cute one :0D

Absolutely LOVING the initiative @simplymike because yeahhhhhhh miss @anouk.nox deserves to have a good day and celebrate life with everything in it!!

Van harte lief wijffie!

Tof dat je even langskwam. Ik zag je naam regelamtig terugkomen in haar comments feed, and later zag ik je ook in #alldutch, dus nam ik het risico om je te taggen in de post ;0)

Oh this is really great and of course I wouldn't miss our on @anouk.nox her birthday. So ... here also, Happy BD! Have a great one. And @simply. mike ... you did an amazing job!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks, @hetty-rowan. ;0D
I had so much fun doing it, lol

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Bedankt om even langs te komen - en sorry voor de tag ;0)

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@simplymike: thanks for tagging me and sorry I wasn't around for a while.

I haven't been around a lot either - too busy playing steemmonsters, lol

lol, really? didn't notice that!

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Happy Birthday @anouk.nox and may you be blessed with maaaaaany more! It's great to have a friend like @simplymike

Thanks for dropping by, @papilloncharity

haha very cute! Googly Eyes are a staple in our house... and my office, MUAHAHA!

Your friend is very lucky to have friends like you! Happy birthday to her!

Thanks @derosnec. I put everything back into its proper place again, but left the Googlyeyes on. Everything looks just so much better with them than without them, lol

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