Steem Diary Entry 1 - 25/5/2020

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Dear Steemit Diary this is my first entry for the Steemit Diary game, today I woke up very early at 5.30 AM this is because I had to work, while most have been stuck in a lockdown for a long period of time I have had to still go into work during this crisis due to a company loophole.


Image By: @simonjay

Anyway I was suppose to get up at 5.30 AM but rolled out of bed later at around 6.00 AM... this was not good and so it didn't give me enough time for any breakfast lol.
So yeah I had no choice but to skip breakfast this morning, it wasn't a great start to the day but I had planed to sneakily eat some food while at work hehe.

Because of the ease coming from the government on it's regulations for handling the Covid-19 virus everyday now I wonder if I will have to pay for my travel in order to get into work.
Because as of right now travel is free, well in some instances, this is for those who are crucial workers which now seems I apparently fit that category.

Today was not that busy at work and yes in-case your wondering at some point I did manage to sneakily get some food, it was only some snack type of food, but ok for keeping me going until it was my break time.

When it was my actual break-time this is when I had the biggest surprise of the day, as I walked into the break room I saw that one of the tables had been completely removed and replaced with a big tennis table!!

Here check it out! How cool is that in your break room? I couldn't believe it!

IMG_20200523_094355 (2).jpg

Image By: @simonjay

Now all I need to do is plan a game with a weak opponent lol, yes weak because I'm completely out of practice.

After break I completed the rest of my day at work and went home, transport was not busy which is good to see especially on a sunny day with Covid on the loose.
When I got home I went on Steemit and done my daily set tasks, next I had my first proper meal of the day.
After lunch which I had at about 15.00 PM I relaxed by resting on the bed for a while and playing a few games later.

It wasn't getting too late but I must have dinner at 21.00 PM which is slightly earlier than what I'am used to as I need to get enough sleep for the next day, this is because I must be up-early again the following morning for another day of work.

This Concludes My Diary Entry For Today.

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Boy that is a early start but wow you must have a huge staffroom to fit table tennis in there!

Yeah I'm at another site atm and agree that this staffroom is pretty big.

Oh so this is not the one you normally use?

No because of lockdown I go to a different site and they have a bigger breakroom than mine.

Got it, do you miss your previous work site?

Not at all, I hate my boss basically and here I don't have t deal with him lol.

It's sad you have to go back as your having fun there, enjoy the good times.

Yes I'm going to make the best of it while I can don't doubt that liberated.

i not think you do diary.

Yeah thought I would give it a try, it's actually fun, thanks for the support.

Yea you seem like it hope see more game.

Yea it's been good fun, well if I had more time I would.

ok hope to see it more soon.

I have been putting some more gaming stuff up.

Yea it the old classics

I like the classics just as I like the new stuff.




What game is this diablo?

nah it lineage

Lineage!? Wow really doesn't look like Lineage.


I image this to be the inside of a Fzero car but I'm guessing a need for speed type of game?


This could be Red Dead or GTA?


Ok this must be Yakuza.


This must definitely be the Division

This newer linage not online one you thinking about

I see but I feel the older Lineage games looked better.


What kind of work do you do? 5:30 is way too early! lol

My job is to sort out all the paperwork on where alot of non-food stock gets distributed to and yes that is early but my shifts thankfully change often.

Doesn't sound very fun but hopefully it pays well.

thanks a lot for your support !!!
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