Month 42 Steemit Monthly Report 15/3/2020

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Wow with over 40 months of Steeming behind us we now continue in 2020 onward's into month "42" to which I still have no plans nor want to be quitting Steem if possible.

Getting the report out

We have managed 2 months in a row now getting the report out on time after 8 months of shenanigans and as for this month it seems this will also be out on time.

I want to mention that I know there is a lack of posts coming from myself but before you think I have given-up on Steem or got bored/lazy that's actually very far from the truth.
I was actually spending alot more time instead behind the scenes being more active with communities on the Steem eco-system which infact as rewarded me some for my efforts.
This ship and "our growth" is still very much continuing to sail into a upward direction, I hope that you can see that as we reached dolphin and the 7500 mark which was done way before the end of 2019.

My hope was that this was a better way to continue our growth especially with the lower Steem prices.
And like promised I have started putting-up some other post's out here and there when I can, but while the community seemed enthusiastic with curating after the hardfork22 changes it seems like once again the interest in voting as gone down again, or maybe it's just me, how do you guys feels?

A Good Month?

Right after the HardFork21 came into effect I felt alot more confident that it may not be so bad going forwards I still expected a %20 loss, but strangely what happened was the complete opposite.
It actually made a path for some of our best "month's" so far.
Steem continues low which means you can generally earn more Steem and is why I think this growth as happened.

Make Your Own Goals

First I hope you will all play-along here with me, you should have in mind some kind of Steem related goal for 2020 even if it's just something small that you would like to achieve on the blockchain as it helps you to stay focused.

Or you can think bigger, for example my big Steem goal last year was to reach dolphin, this happened finally after 2 years as you can imagine I was very happy as it was a goal I had from a very early stage since joining

While I still have some payment related goals that I would like to achieve this year, other users have said that I should set sail to becoming a Orca, but I feel that is too much of a far-fetched goal for me right now.

I was amazed that we even got the 2nd Dolphin badge at 7500 and so with 7500 SP looked away our mission was to position ourselves with the best possible Steem Power "out-come" before the end of the year to reach double dolphin.

And I think we have done good with "7.841 SP" Locked away.

Anyway I hope you will join me on this journey onward into the crypto future of things to come.


WE CAN DO THIS! And I appreciate all of you who have helped us get this far.

And so... our "course" as been set! Now let's GO!


Images By: @simonjay

Over 3 years on the price as now been low for months, but I of course have no plans on quitting any time soon aslong as I'am not forced too by any ridiculous changes due to our new Steemit INC ownership.

DSCF0836 (2).JPG

Images By: @simonjay

So much as happened since I first joined I remember back in November 2017 "and will never forget" the amazing experience that was Steemfest 2 ( thanks to @roelandp for putting this together)

In December I went to a Steemit supper club hosted by @allasyummyfood unfortunately I couldn't attend the other supper club's, but in February I got invited to attend a Steemit meeting in London hosted by @redrica, @ultravioletmag and @teodora it was definitely one of the best meetings I went to, the music was loud at times but that didn't stop us getting to know each other (but many of us did lose our voice's the following day lol)
In April I was at the London Cryptocurrency show which had around 50 Steemians attending, and there was also some great speakers representing Steem in the UK.

I didn't get the chance to go to Cyprus, Vegas, Indonesian, Korea nor many of the other big Steembased events as this was down to not being able to get either the time off work or because of the required funds for such things, mostly the later.

I did manage to also attend Steemfest3 which seemed to attract alot more developers than content creators or bloggers some of the ones who did attend did mention the atmosphere being much different this time round.
On March 22th 2019 we managed to get enough SP to finally reach Dolphin but what I didn't manage was to get the funds for attending Steemfest-4 but I must admit unlike the other times I can't say I tried as hard because I already knew the costs were going to be much higher this time round. I didn't see it as being achievable and so instead what I done was I powered-up 300 Steem to my account in hope of locking more of Steem's value and helping others grow.
In the end the cost's were lower then I expected to attend Steemfest-4 but still I'm not sure I would of been able to make what I needed to attend the event.

I remember back in 2018 from day one Steem and SBD's were erupting and going record breaking crazy, this was a huge shock to many experts and newbies alike it was one amazing start to the year, the price then settled abit but still in-between its "settled high's" we saw Steem at around the $3 mark.
Steem as been much lower these days it started due to the Bitcoin's fall, it took Steem down a path of survival with Steemit INC even being forced to lose %70 of its staff and the site itself being in danger of closure, but now we are no longer in such danger.
Instead the danger now is it's new ownership "Steemit INC" was sold by Ned to Tron's Justin Sun, there were many different ways to view this news but in the end as I suspected Justin seems to have brought Steemit without much research or knowledge.
Which honestly is a weird move for apparently such a cleaver successful person, lets just hope the witnesses and Justin can bring a peace between them to guarantee the blockchains safety, still whatever happens fingers crossed that Justin can atleast add more value to all those who hold the STEEM token.

The recent price drops have indeed shocked many who were not expecting to see Steem ever go this low again, especially with the Bitcoin recovery that went back to 10k, but on the other hand its giving those interested in Steem a great opportunity to buy into what the whales were previously holding so dearly.
And so I say its the time for opportunity not doom and gloom...well aslong as the new ownership doesn't screw this whole thing up for everyone, which at the moment they seem to be doing a good pretty job of messing things up....

Moving Forward With New Hope And Opportunity!


Images By: @simonjay

Images By: @simonjay

At The London Cryptocurrency Show

I have felt for sometime now a big problem on here is how many mid level accounts just don't get much support for their content, and yes that includes those who have put out "top quality content".

Shame really as we needed more strong mid level accounts to help support each other as many of these accounts actually still struggle to grow.
And not only that I have seen people who have supported Steem endlessly not even powering down once suddenly getting downvoted because they earned too much on a post and while it may seem unfair remember these folks are actually retaining the Steem value yet there are some in power downvoting some of the very very few who are actually not selling their Steem....?????? Am I missing something here? Seriously think about it.

Anyway doing these monthly reports help's me stay in check, plus I have heard from you guys that the data can be useful to newbies on getting a better idea on what to expect from the platform.

But before we go into month 42 and its results "This" especially for the newbies can be helpful, let me show you a very quick simple recap of my 3 years.

Month 1 📅

Month 11-12 📅

And there you have it 12 months of Steeming earned me....

2.784 Power


And a reputation of 64.1

Year 2 📅

Year 3 📅

Yes I realise these aren't the most amazing results that you were probably expecting, but for someone who didn't bring in a previous fan base or was aided by any of the whale's nor part of any inner circle I guess these aren't bad results.
They definitely aren't the best, but they also aren't anywhere near the worst.

Ok so now you have seen my results for 3 full years on and what you can realistically expect from someone in my situation.
Now we move on and focus with this month's results.

📅 Month 41 - 13/2/2020 the results are..


Ok so this month I was expecting to do possibly around the same as the effects of hardfork21/22 continue which as been mostly positive for gains.
But the other reason I suspected we might do good this month was because of the Steem price remaining low, well mostly low as the price did start slowly going upwards, but since all this Justin Sun non-sense the price as fell again and really low too, would you believe it fell to $0.09! Well it fell enough to effect our gains that's for sure and as you know the further down the Steem price goes the more Steem you can earn from people who vote with some decent SP behind them, but this month we were not blessed with any big whale up-votes.

With the price of Steem being lower I hope it as proved just how great it can be for building-up your account's SP.
For example 6 months ago instead of it being a big SP cut-off, which we expected due to the hardfork21 it was actually our newly crowed best 2nd month, with a gain of 241 Steem Power.
But things got even better 4 month ago when we managed to get a gain of "403!!!" SP which I believe we wont be able to beat that anytime soon and definitely our highest-ever!

For some reason right now I feel the price feeds maybe a little off as we seem to be gaining more SP then usual this might have something to do with Justin Sun's sock puppet witnesses but I thought I heard he was finally updating he's feeds reasonably?
Well all I know is I'am getting a little more extra SP and while that is great I feel it could have some repercussions to the chain later?

Anyway moving on thank you to everybody who as contributed to getting us this far.

It will be very interesting to see if we can make roughly the same next month, something around another 300 SP would be awesome.

Now when in comes to follower's please remember there was a error a few months ago which made it look like we lost alot of followers, but that was not the case and instead we have been slowly gathering more.
And so with no sudden big loss instead we have still gained, another (4) which is not as surprising as the 19 we gained a few months back, yet it's still something nice to see.

For "Reputation" it's great to be finally getting closer to that mighty 70, we are now only 2 away from reaching that goal.
I can definitely see us getting there now..well at some point atleast lol, I remember when 60 seemed so high, but hopefully this year we can smash to 70 rep? That would be awesome!
Still it does look difficult to obtain in that time frame, it's a long road up-ahead plus I think since the HF21 it as got tougher to gain rep which I did mention was expected to happen and I think it's a good thing.
And I can't complain as we managed to slowly reach a 68 rep without the help of bidbots, hopefully we can get up another 2 notch's for next month, which actually I was surprised we managed to get this time round again.

Other STATS 📊

Apparently there are around 1,371,000 users and so out of all those users and also since the last time I checked my own ranking as a "Steem Stake Power Holder", I am in around position (##2021)

Which for me I am very happy with such a result just a shame as right now it doesn't seem to count for much anymore due to the low price.
Also last month we finally did it, as after 2 years we finally beat my best stake holder position of #2225 so very happy with that.
It's another happy outcome as the report from now 8 months ago was the last time we went downwards, it wasn't by much, something really silly like 3 places down, but it was only disappointing because on the previous (4) reports we had gone up around 50 places each time and more importantly on that particular month it was actually one of our highest for earning SP and yet we had still gone down in the rankings, arggh.

But never mind as I don't know how it's possible but we jumped up 150 places last month, before that 80 and previous to that 70, unfortunately we didn't go up by another say 100 which would of been awesome but we did manage another 80 places up this time round.

Still the good news is this just proves that with Steem down people are still buying some STEEM and so the wealth is spreading which is something very much needed to happen especially now more then ever with Justin Sun holding such a large stake that he is actually using.

Highest Steemit Earnings Score? 👊

I had a post that made me just over $50 the first month I signed on, and that's when I saw it! The potential!
But would you believe I never beat that reward record for a whole year! Yes that's right meaning it was only on month 13 that I finally beat my score from all the way back in month 1, how insane is that!?
While it sounds insane you must remember that the price of Steem during month 1 for me was over $4.00 !! Which was only surpassed on January 2018 when Steem was over $7.00! And so my new high score to beat is $94.00 which was the result of month 13.

Steem Power 👊

My most successful Steem Power post was actually back in month 7 when I had one post which made me 271 power!

My highest post so far on votes? 👨

The most amount of votes I managed on a single post so far was 213 this was not aided by any bots nor did I buy any upvotes, but still in the end that post only made me $8.60.

Followers 👪👪👪👪

When it comes to followers.. sorry but the "Dead Followers" type of a tool that I used does not work anymore, I'am not sure why having such a thing seems to be so difficult.
I have now used like 4 different tools which have all had their own problems and eventually stopped fully working argh! So please if anybody knows of a tool that works let me know in the comments section below.

If you are still here and active don't forget to give me a upvote and let me know you are still alive in the comments section below, as you might be missing out on upvotes from myself because I might just check out your blog and upvote you back.

Speaking of followers we have the "2500 followers badge" which required me to gain 500 new followers, it was the hardest followers challenge so far but now the target is set to having 3750! Wowsers! And that means I need to gain another 1250 extra followers!
This as been made even more difficult due to many leaving Steemit due to much of the drama over the years.


To my active but also supportive followers I want to thank you all for your support so far, as of course remember that the more power and weight you can add for me with your upvotes the more I can give back to the community when I upvote you back, check out the wizard's badge for my curation level below, also your upvoted Steem power gets locked when you vote for me as I have "NEVER" powered down once since I started here on over 3 years ago!


The locked Steem Power of course helps the price of Steem rise up, but to also give you an idea on how much I have voted over the years I have done over 75,900 upvotes!
Which puts me in the TOP 500 of users who as voted on your posts.

So what are you waiting for? Vote now and lock-up some SP for a better Steem future.

I also want to thank you guys for helping me get to SteemFest2 and those who supported me for Steemfest3, I still owe abit of money back for the trips but I will get there eventually, well that is if Steem ever turns around.

Closing Last Notes

Please don't think your up-votes aren't worth anything or don't count because they really really do, with Hardfork21 there was fears that they might became completely useless but it still continues to add value to your reputation.

Another thing is please vote more on those who are actually active on, too often I see auto-votes on people who are rarely active, who don't vote on anybody else's post's, who rarely communicate's with others or those who are always powering down, yet many are feeding these accounts.....seriously it's a BIG cause for Steem's value to continue to go down yet many continue to upvote these accounts!? Why?

I believe we need a strong number of dolphins as there are too many in power who just vote for their own rich inner circles or who are not even actively voting, but yet I see many supporting them, if you want to support those with more SP no problem but give the dolphin's a helping hand as they are more likely to vote back and will shape the future for a far more fair share of the rewards pool.

Not enough whales are voting on the minnows or dolphins, creating a predictable rewards distribution, realise that we no longer have as many active whales voting.
Many whales sleep or have left, but their past sold Steem Power doesn't worry me as in the end Hardfork21/22 is dealing with such problems plus it gives others the opportunity to now buy-in.

When it comes to the changes of the hardfork21/22 many are naming a certain select group of individuals as the "Steem Nazi's" as while some have a pont others are definitely taking some cases a little too far which is why many want a non-free-downvoting system.
Maybe the SMT's or perhaps communities which are now out will be a solution for dealing with such a aftermatch.

Still the low price is a nice gain for those who want-in regardless of the change's coming into the future I still hope some people will create content on and get paid for it, hopefully earning something more than just a few cents for their efforts.

To make it clear I'm not having a dig at the whales, I'am saying we need more people who are actually active, locking away their Steem Power but also curating, vote on those who are supportive and have some decent power behind them like this Steem will actually grow, so vote now and help me make this happen.


Images By @simonjay

Our Ship Is Now Dolphin Powered


-Steem Price-

-Month 30 Of Steemit Monthly Reports-

-I Have Powered-Up To Dolphin!-

-Young And Now Disabled By Vaccine?-


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8500*.14= $1,190 / 4 years = $297 per year or less than a dollar a day.

Hopefully Steemit works. I am still optimistic.

Those are roughly correct numbers and it is discouraging earning less then a dollar a day, but this as not taken into account all the SBD's I have earned over the years which as paid for 2 Steemfest's and some other things, also if I continue to collect SP maybe the numbers will eventually look slightly better in future that is even if the price does not improve by much.
But I do think there is still a chance Steem could do better, I feel even if it just reaches $1.00 that would be great for holders.

Well done on getting the report out Simon, still a good boost on SP but this price sucks.

Indeed the price sucks and thank you glad it's out of the way.

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