Yeah thought I would give it a try, it's actually fun, thanks for the support.

Yea you seem like it hope see more game.

Yea it's been good fun, well if I had more time I would.

ok hope to see it more soon.

I have been putting some more gaming stuff up.

Yea it the old classics

I like the classics just as I like the new stuff.

of course some classics great but i like play new games with friends




What game is this diablo?

nah it lineage

Lineage!? Wow really doesn't look like Lineage.


I image this to be the inside of a Fzero car but I'm guessing a need for speed type of game?

i not think that but true it look like inside falco car but it not fzero game


This could be Red Dead or GTA?

i think it could be many game but you right with red dead


Ok this must be Yakuza.

it not yakuza game but close


This must definitely be the Division

yes correct it division game

This newer linage not online one you thinking about

I see but I feel the older Lineage games looked better.

I not remenber which liange game you mean?


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