The Discovered Prehistoric Sea Monster 11/4/2020

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Anybody ever heard of Michael Crichton's story? Yes you know the one when some old guy called John Hammond decided he is going to open up a wildlife park.
A thoughtful guy right?.. But this is no ordinary park of course, instead of containing the normal wildlife that one would come to expect this perhaps crazy entrepreneur as decided to instead fill his park-up with hungry cloned flesh eating dinosaurs.


That's right I'm referring to Jurassic park the movies or Jurassic World depending how old you are, anyway we know how shit normally hit's the fan in these kind of big Hollywood movies and so the island's security system goes offline because of some greedy coca-cola binge drinking fat guy who causes the creatures to escape and bring out.... well the typical chaos that one expects from a movie with intention of entertaining it's audience.

Anyway thanks to Spielberg audiences all over the world have enjoyed these films and all it's different merchandising.

And now many of us also have our favourite dinosaurs, just one of mine is actually from Jurassic World called the "Mosasaurus".
Yes that huge prehistoric sea monster in the film that eats sharks for breakfast, they probably slightly over-exaggerated the beast but it does look pretty awesome on screen, just imagine seeing such a creature for real.

Anyway a new prehistoric sea monster had been discovered in England and no it's not that sneaky Loch Ness monster, not yet, because hopefully he will remain doing he's job by scaring off the annoying tourist visiting Scotland for the locals to enjoy their piece.

But instead a discovery by a team at the University of Edinburgh discovered a new species of a prehistoric sea monster slightly related to the Mosasaurus that apparently populated their seas and presumably the rest of Europe's oceans around 163 million years ago.

But here is the crazy thing, the discovered creature called....get ready for this guys... Leldraan Melkshamensis was actually unearthed in 1875 and was thankfully stored in the Natural History Museum archives ever since.

So lets get this straight it seems although the fossil had been discovered by human hands for nearly 150 years it's only in recent times that the latest study shed light on the found fossil and actually discovering it being an entirely new species.

The found fossil was said to be completely enclosed in "super-hard rock" amazingly with it's veins of calcium carbonated running through.
And so with many hours over a period of weeks they discovered it was a 10-foot-long sea creature with distinctive features with powerful jaws and big serrated teeth, it was clearly concluded that it was feeding on large prey.

Sure it's no 50ft long Mosasaurus but the Shamensis are a evolution of ancient crocodiles, it was believed that the sub-family of prehistoric crocodiles known as Geosaurini originated late in the Jurassic period somewhere between 152 to 157 million years ago, but the thing is this study suggests that this is wrong and they actually arose millions of years earlier.

Which obviously makes one continue to question the accuracy of the information we have now on these amazing not so forgotten creatures.

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I liked the film and thought the sea monster was cool, good post.

Glad you enjoyed the post and the film.

I have seen all the movies and enjoyed them.

Cool the only one I haven't seen yet is the last one.

You should definitely watch it.

It's still on my list to watch, hope it's a good film.

It's still a good dinosaur movie, it's worth watching.

Good to know thanks, I will check it out.

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